How candle fire killed a baby in Lagos

It was a gory sight for residents of No. 6, Soyinka Street, Bariga in Shomolu Local Government Area of Lagos State yesterday when three children, including a five-month old baby were trapped in a fire outbreak. The baby however died in the inferno that engulfed their home.

The fire, which begun at about 11:20p.m. on Tuesday night was reportedly caused by a candlelight, which had been lit by one of the tenants in the one-storey apartment. The mother of the baby had gone to ease herself in the toilet when the candle, which had exhausted its wax, melted on an inflammable material, leading to the fire engulfing the whole room.

How candle fire killed a baby in Lagos Lailasnews 2

Spreading like a wildfire, the inferno escalated to other parts of the building, which alerted neighbours, who quickly mobilized to salvage the situation. They were able to rescue two children who were trapped in the building, but could do nothing to prevent the fire from burning the five-month old baby to death.

It was a sad moment for the mother of the infant as she was seen wailing all over the place and effort to calm her proved abortive.

According to another tenant who pleaded for anonymity, she said the fire could have resulted in more casualties if not for the quick intervention of neighbours.

“I was outside when the fire started. It was the joint effort of we the tenants and the residents that enabled us to quench the fire. It was a tough battle that lasted for almost four hours all through the night. However, we were able to rescue two children, but unfortunately, a baby was killed in the fire.”

However, there was a mild dram in the vicinity when the fire fighter arrived after the damage had been done. Youth in the area were spotted throwing stones at the firefighters bus and even broke the glasses of their vehicles. Some of the their officers were almost injured in the violence. The fire fighters immediately beat a retreat to avoid the violent scene before the situation got worse.



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