H&M store vandalized in South Africa over ‘Racist Hoodie’

A boycott protest at an H&M outlet in Sandton, South Africa over a ‘racist hoodie’ with a “coolest monkey in the jungle” inscription modeled by a little black boy, took a negative twist as the Swedish retail clothing company’s outlet was vandalized.

H&M store vandalized in S. Africa over 'Racist Hoodie' lailasnews 5

It was gathered that the violence which spilled over in at least four malls as the latest race row to engulf the Swedish brand escalated, left Riot police firing rubber bullets at protesters as they vandalized a string of H&M’s stores in South Africa after ordering the Swedish brand to stop trading.

H&M store vandalized in S. Africa over 'Racist Hoodie' lailasnews 2

Sun Uk reports that Mannequins and rails of clothes were sent flying and trampled on by activists, as they stormed shops across Johannesburg and demanded the retailer shut its doors or face ‘indefinite’ action.

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H&M store vandalized in S. Africa over 'Racist Hoodie' lailasnews 1

Innocent shoppers and bystanders were forced to flee as chanting gangs wearing uniforms of the country’s radical opposition party swept through H&M stores across the city, including Africa’s flagship store in the upmarket suburb of Sandton.

Floyd Shivambu, spokesman for the Economic Freedom Fighters party, praised the action, saying the retailer was ‘now facing the consequences for its racism’.

H&M store vandalized in S. Africa over 'Racist Hoodie' lailasnews 3

Recall that earlier this week, H&M was forced to apologize and order a mass withdrawal of stock after publishing an advert depicting a black boy wearing a green hoodie emblazoned with ‘coolest monkey in the jungle’ that triggered outrage.

“We are deeply sorry that the picture was taken, and we also regret the actual print. Therefore, we have not only removed the image from our channels, but also the garment from our product offering,” the firm said.

H&M store vandalized in S. Africa over 'Racist Hoodie' lailasnews 4

Terry Mango, the 5-year-old boy’s mother, a Kenyan national living in Stockholm, Sweden, later spoke out claiming she did not understand the outrage.

“I’m the mum and this is one of hundreds of outfits my son has modelled… Stop crying Wolf all the time, unnecessary issue here… Get over it,” wrote Terry Mango in a social media post which has now been deleted.

In another message, she added:

“That’s my son…. av been to all photoshoots and this was not an exception, everyone is entitled to their opinion about this.

“I really don’t understand but not coz am choosing not to but because it’s not my way of thinking, sorry.”


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  1. I don’t understand what south Africans are protesting,this were thesame south Africans that were killing other Africans in their country sometime ago.they only just used this as a pretext to steal.

    • No sir that’s were you are wrong we are the free country and we are United as one we cannot tolarate racism and the killing of other Africans you are talking about its not everyone that kills Other Africans only those warmongers who have no manners who killed. We love our fellow Africans To Much so stop talking trash

    • If you were a free country,you wouldn’t be killing other African migrants in your country.let me educate you a little,there are 2 countries in africa where foreigners feel like they are in their own country, Nigeria and Ghana. These are the two most hospitable people in Africa.i have had the opportunity to travel most of the African countries so I know what am saying…so Mr south Africa you can make your point without insulting people,ok.

    • Let me give you this little token those African you are claiming that we are killing are the ones that importing drugs in our country the reason why my country men are killing those pathetic Africans it’s because they are angry and that’s not all they are killing our young girls and rape them they are distroying our young people due to their drug dealing that is the reason why people get mad and beat them its not because we hate them it’s because they are distroying our country

    • You don’t hate people and you kill them.what would you have done if you had a hated them?in your first comment you said it’s not all south Africans that kills other Africans in your country and you said it was the Warmongers(let me borrow ur word’s)and those without manners that does that.and in your second comment you defended the killings by saying the black African migrants you killed in your country were the once dealing on drugs, raping and killing your Women.you even agreed you were one of those warmongers killing other African migrants in your country.if I may ask, don’t you have police in south Africa?it is the duty of the police to arrest drug dealers and anybody that violate the laws of the land and not the warmongers as you call them.

    • It’s clear that you miss interpreted my statement I’m talking about the communities that got angry and when they get angry they are uncontrollable and note that I’m not defending them and I’m not anywhere near this kind of act and it takes time for the police to arrive in the crime scene so when the people take the law in their hands mark my words they can distroy you in just a few minutes. .. I meant it when I said not everyone is involved in those killing of other people

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