Hit-and-run driver abandons car after killing pedestrian in Lagos

A hit-and-run driver abandoned his car, after killing a pedestrian in New Year morning around Aguda market, Surulere.

Hit-and-run driver abandons car after killing a pedestrian in New Year lailasnews

The hit-and-run driver who abandoned his SUV, initially refused to stop after knocking down the pedestrian around 5am, however after he was given a hot chase, the driver who approached Bakery bus stop but never knew there was a bend there, rammed the car into a popular eatery identified as “Little chef.”

The body of the deceased was covered with cardboard and surrounded with tyres, pending its evacuation, while the car documents and key was retrieved by a policewoman identified as Idowu who turned up at the scene of the incident.


  1. The driver ran for his dear life. Because If he was caught, he will be lynched my the angry mob

  2. This new year some drivers are still careless. Running away will not save you from been punished for killing another human being

  3. What is happening on our roads. Please as drivers and pedestrians, let’s obey traffic rules to avoid some of these occurrences.

  4. That’s really bad but I guess he is trying to save himself from angry mob… He should try and do the right thing

  5. This is really a sad one… After entering 2019.. may the soul of the pedestrian rest in peace.. well I hope the police trace the driver through the documents of the car.

  6. What a bad news. Since the car documents and key was retrieved by a police. I think is an easy way to get the driver.
    RIP to the victim

  7. So sad
    Not a good start at all.
    This is a new year
    I pray the pedestrian just got injured and not dead

  8. Oga, running isn’t the best option unless u did it voluntarily. No escape actually, our particulars has ur details

  9. The driver did what he is supposed to do, once someone is killed, the driver supposed to run to police station to report himself.too bad on this new year day.may her soul rest in peace Amen

  10. Nawaaa ooooo rest in peace
    But you better come out from where you are hiding before it will be too late for you

  11. They will surely catch him, nd wen they asked him why he ran, he will say na my village ppl de do me

  12. What’s actually happening in this country, why will he hit some one and run away?, God please save your people ooo.

  13. God help this guy because if they caught him they kill kill him but since he has ran away he should report to the police may the soul of the Departed soul rest im peace

  14. Why his he running when he has already killed innocent person, did he think that they will not catch him

  15. Are you sure this man is not one of those men who got drunk all in the name of new year eve celebration.

  16. Reckless driving this new year is not right and you ran away when you hit and kill your fellow human being is very wrong .

  17. I dont want to trow blame on anyone here cus no one can tell if he was drunk or not, but he would have waited not runing away. Anyway, may het soul rest in peace

  18. This is very bad. All this hit and run drivers feel that have it all but they will reap their wickedness.

  19. Hit and run is not the best for a situation like this, the Driver would have checked to know if the victim could have been hospitalized to safe his life first. He thought he could escaped but his sins would find him out even now when his car particulars are with the police. We should drive to safe ourselves and others.

  20. Why will he run if he had a good heart he can settle the issue correctly without further stress why running away…away he cant run for ever since the car was registered sure they will get the owner and get him also if he is not the car owner…

  21. Well he should have thought about them tracking him using his car papers, and am suspecting it might not even be his car. If he cant be traced the family of the woman should just be given the car to sell at least to bury her.

  22. God I’m grateful for my life and that of my family. Such a bad luck all because of the recklessness of others.

  23. what would it have caused him if he had stop. maybe he might have been able to save her that minute

  24. He can be tracked down through his driver’s license and vehicle papers unless he isn’t the owner of the vehicle

  25. This is not a good news this new year. God have mercy on us. May the soul of the departed rest in peace.

  26. In a country where hunger is predominant you seem to be hearing a lot of scandals I’m not surprised if it will take buhari 65 million to feed animals what do you expect

  27. Another death has occured, this is very bad and psinful. My heart is withnthe family of the deceased person

  28. this is too early for all this mysterious incident, God have mercy this year, let there be no sorrow , let there be peace this year.

  29. This is so bad.where does he think he’s running to? People should really be careful with the way they drive

  30. This is terrible! Our drivers need to be careful with the way they drive, may the soul of the deceased rest in perfect peace.

  31. The driver run because he don’t know what may happen to him at that moment………. I think what he did was right because he will surrender himself to the police……

  32. There’s nothing new in this year the only thing nee is the date same lawlessness keep happening we are still living in this same dangerous world

  33. Oh my God!!…..This is so sad & unfortunate, the culprit must ran for his life knowing they’re going to track down his vehicle.

  34. In this new year recording death already what a reckless driver and why must he run may the soul of the deceased rest in peace,this is so sad

  35. I hope the police could Trace him through the documents. May the soul of pedestrian rest in peace. My condolences to the family.

  36. I think he flee for his life because if he is been caught by the angry mob, they will surely kill him, let him just go and report the case to the police station.

  37. Too bad
    Beginning this year on such note
    But I believe he ran for his life because he might get fired up by angry mobs as that’s the major problems with people in the state

  38. Is easy to run from men but can one really run from God’s judgment. He should report to the nearby police station

  39. Running was not an option he should have gone to report himself to the police knowing that it was a murder case.

  40. Hitting a pedestrian is bad, hit and run is barbaric and wickedness, with vehicle’s particular retrieved he will be fished out and face justice.

  41. So these reckless drivers don’t want to start driving carefully. He would have stayed instead of running away. The police should use the car documents and find the driver.

  42. thank God that the driver ran for his life because the case maybe would have been a different story by now, may the soul of the deceased rest in peace.

  43. I trust the PPRO on this one,they will surely find him and bring him to justice, a murderer doesn’t go away with his crime in Nigeria

  44. This is terrible oooo..This man is very very wicked oo and heartless…may d soul of the departed one rest in peace

  45. He should have waited to rescue the person he hit, why the run, what if he can still rescue the the person by quickly rushing him to the hospital? Running is not the solution

  46. Oh may we never experience this evil in this new year. May God protect us and guide us. Maybe if they had rush the victim to hospital, he would have survived

  47. Well the man may think he is free but he is not since he left his car there ,his credentials must be there and he will be caught in due time, rest in peace,,, the dead

  48. Probably if he had stopped he would have been able to save the man’s life but he was also scared because of the mob.so sad

  49. Aah the victim is so unfortunate.

    What kind of bad luck is this… On new year day again..
    This is soul painfull
    May the soul of the deceased rest in peace

  50. Why do we drive so reclexly during faxtives season, drink and drive is not good, too bad a soul is now lost… RIP.

  51. He ran for his safety if not he would have been Lynch be angry mob…. Let the police do the investigation

  52. Then I simply wonder if there is any change in attitude because calendar was changed. Man are becoming more heartless and lawless which can only explain the accident

  53. This guy just started his new year with a bad omen. When others are starting theirs with happiness… Reckless drivers everywhere… Now where he was hurrying to he couldn’t get there anymore instead he killed someone. A miserable life that young man gonna have through out this year. Rip to the dead.

  54. He certainly ran away from jungle justice. The police will eventually get hold of him, what a pity.

  55. It could have been a mistake, he should have at least Waited to take the victim to hospital instead of running away .

  56. Since part of his documents have been gotten,then I guess that will show his details and he should be caught soon.

  57. They will be driving recklessly, after hitting the victim he’s now running away, God will deal with him

  58. My God why should you hit somebody and run away living your car its might not really your fault and if you really show remorse you might be forgiven

  59. They really need to trace the owner of the car. He need to be punished. My condolence to the family

  60. It’s a bad thing to hit someone and run, at least you can save that life by taking him/her to the hospital

  61. Reckless driving now he flee away from the accident spot i hope they can trace him with his car information, RIP fallen victim

  62. Its a pity he killed someone, but he did the eight thing by running for dear life,if not this mob could have lynched him.

  63. This is new year some drivers are still careless, Running away will not save you from being punished for killing another human being.

  64. There is no way he can escape from this seeing his car documents are now with the police. I hope they catch him. Imagine. On new year day!

  65. I think he should be traced with the particulars in his car. His ignorance and wickedness has cost another his life. May the deceased rest in peace, amen

  66. Fear made him to run just to safe his life which i won’t blame him that much but it would be good if he can go an report himself, I’m sure that was not done intentionally… That’s my kind advice

  67. All this lagosian drivers are really reckless and do you expect him to stand and watch… He doesn’t want to die

  68. You could have stay the law will understand its a mistake thàt lead to the accident may god protect us from this kind of incident

  69. Running away is not the best answer , he should have reported himself to the nearest police station

  70. This is good news,this is bad of the driver,people should be more careful, this is new year,this is good news

  71. If investigation should be carried out , I believe he will be among those that drano themselves to stupor for new year.

  72. Some people are so wicked and heartless running away after hitting someone he should be traced by the car registration and arrested.

  73. You got yourself into troubles because of the the drinking bout you all make of 31st December. It’s so sad the your victim lost his life but you also need to face the wrath of the law while people like you out there learn a lesson from this

  74. That’s totally bad, some one that’s blood is running in his vein as well, may God punish him without mercy.

  75. The man will be fished out with the details and document on the vehicle. Very unfortunate for the deceased, may the soul rest in peace

  76. From one teoubel to another. I guessed if they had caught him, he would have been roasted with tires

  77. Terrible news… If the driver had remained, he/she would be lynched by the angry mob. I can only hope he/she would surrender himself/herself later to the police.

  78. With the documents found in the car, the driver can be easily traced and apprehended by the nigeria police

  79. May God continue to protect and guide us, what a tragedy, the dead only see 1st of January, and he dies. May his soul rest in peace.

  80. You should have wait if you are not at fault, the NPF will trace the car and get you or your relative. No where you can go.

  81. So sad, this new year, why is he running when he knows his driver license is in the car that he abandoned, he will be caught soon and punish.

  82. I guess the driver was running away from the angry mob. They will soon track him down with the documents found in his car. Please all drivers to be careful and people should be careful while crossing roads. May the soul of the deceased rest on peace,Amen

  83. We have been warned several times to limits the way we overspeed when driving, I hope he’s apprehended soon.

  84. This country is very bad but I won’t blame killing and running because the crowd won’t take it easy on him

  85. What a pity? That man would have had plans for the year only for it to be cut short by untimely death. May his soul rest in peace.

  86. Bad people on the accident is an unplanned event but when it happened one need to take necessary step

  87. What a bad start for you Mr man it’s good you ran cos if those mob caught up with you Mehn you will be in flames but the best thing for you is to hand over yourself to the police jejely and nwayoly if not you just got yourself a second offence

  88. God have mercy on us all. Driving under intoxication is not advised especially during Yuletide when their is influx of pedestrian

  89. Running away will not save you from been punished for killing another human being.. it will come back to hunt you

  90. Most of this hit and run drivers find themselves in such act as a result of negligence to road safeties rules.

  91. Very funny ,why did the driver made the case worst by running away now his documents has been retrieved and would till be caught anyways with double charges.

  92. He would have stopped rather than running away at least even if it’s just to compensate the family of the deceased… We all know that nobody is above mistakes

  93. Running to nowhere because They will use the identity of the car to track the owner of the car. Maybe he ran away to report the incident.

  94. Some people are just so heartless, a driver who hits down a pedestrian can still do the person the good of rushing that person to the hospital for chances of survival rather than running away, may the lost rest in peace

  95. Government should work towards the driver license issues, while drivers should be undergo proper test before they given license, May God will protect us

  96. what a bad morning for the family of the deceased in the new year first day, the police will surely arrest the person that use the car to hit and go.

  97. That guy is heartless
    He should b killed to
    To the deceased: am sorry that you didn’t leave to see the end of this hear

  98. This is very unfortunate for this man and tragic for the one that was hit on the very first day of the new year.

  99. What a sad news this 1st day of the year, the driver needs to be dealt with.May the deceased soul rest in peace.

  100. The driver must have done that by accident,he shouldn’t have run away,may the souls of the dead people rest in peace

  101. He ran because he obviously was at fault. We should be more careful when we drive on the highway

  102. This is so disheartening and sad. Such a bad way to start a new year both the victim and the car owner. He shouldn’t have ran away but could have tried to take the victim to the hospital first and report to the police. The case is not so good for him now. Is an accident I think and should be investigated thoroughly without bias. My condolence to the family of the deceased.

  103. Bad beggening of the year for the driver I think drivers should be more careful especially in very popular area

  104. He didn’t want a New trouble on new year day, so he went on his heels. May the deceased soul rest in peace.

  105. May the soul of the pedestrian involved rest in peace the driver his really a wicked being

  106. All this hit and run drivers will never go unpurnished. They can runaway from man but they can’t runaway from God the Judge.

  107. My dear vum Ka MMA ka ria statement but you have to go and report your self to the police not the thing has come down

  108. It is so pathetic to hear a news like this 1st day of the year for a man to lost his life today being the new year. The driver that hit him must be arrested.

  109. What a bad omen…but while will he run? He acted as if he intentionally committed the offence..but they will still catch him with that documents.. May the so of the deceased rest in peace

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