His pregnant wife beats him, locks him up in the house – Please help

A Nigerian lady has taken to Twitter to narrate on how a close friend of hers, gets beaten by his pregnant wife who also locks him up in the house.

His pregnant wife beats him, locks him up in the house – Please help

According to the lady identified as Ify on the platform, the woman sometimes seizes his phones and it is getting out of hand already.

She however cried out for help on how to save the man

She wrote:

Hi people,someone dear to me is in an abusive marriage, his wife locks him up in the house, takes possession of his phones and sometimes uses a belt on him, his wife is pregnant but its becoming alarming. What do i do?

See reactions:

*** He should vacate the house for now cos he might loss his temper one day and try to retaliate. If this goes wrong he can get her killed in the process of retaliation.. pls let him leave now

*** Leave his house and go back to his parents house? Or his friends house? Why? I think the best thing to do is to first take her for counselling to either a psychologist or spiritual father whicheva works.Then invite either her mum or urs to come stay with u guys until she delivers

*** Marriage isn’t by force …..he should leave and find peace of mind cause she might just kill him one day.

*** Ask your friend to get a lawyer and commence proceedings to separate from the wife while things are still redeemable.

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