Heroic!!! Mechanical engineer hailed for helping stranded travelers in Osun

A Nigerian mechanical engineer has been hailed by many for taking the risk to help stranded travelers on the Osun express despite the security risks involved.

Due to the rise in violent crimes which includes kidnapping, robbery and assassinations’ on Nigerian roads, many travelers opt to focus on their journey and ignore other road users regardless of their predicament.

A Nigerian mechanical engineer was traveling when he drove past a faulty car, despite the security risks involved, he decided to stop and help them repair the automobile.

Not only that, he also escorted the travelers to the next interchange, so as to make sure their vehicle was in perfect condition.

Wanjohn D-Mecho took to social media to share his experience and he has been hailed by many users for his heroic act.

Sharing images of the faulty car and repair process, Wanjohn D-Mecho wrote;

On my way from Ibadan this evening, shortly after Ikire, I drove past a faulty car, I saw two ladies looking so disturbed with the bonnet opened, there was check point around so I pulled over and trekked back, they approached me as they saw me, so we got to the car they said..

..the car was overheating. It was a Chevrolet, the car model was not my area of specialization but omoo, I couldn’t leave those ladies in the middle of nowhere. There were no leakages from anywhere, fan was blowing well, radiator was fine, then I asked few questions and then I..

..was able to rectify the overheating problem, after that, the engine wouldn’t come up, the battery had gone flat because of the numerous times they attempted to start the engine. I went to turn and faced one way on the express so I could use my JumpStart cable to help them start

..the car. The engine wouldn’t come up, my boy who was with me is my rewire, we traced the fault to an electrical one, the fuel pump relay had spoilt, we didn’t have another one so we improvised and repaired it. Lo and behold, the engine came up. They were going to Ado Ekiti and

..it was getting late, so we got moving. I told them I would follow them to Gbongan interchange to make sure they were going to be fine. The car had no issues at all. They faced Ado Ekiti, we faced Osogbo. I hope they get home safely. I’m glad I could be of help. #DoroMecho.

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