“Her parents are using her to spread lies” – Social media users debunk claims that Success Adegor “dem go Flog me tire” was abandoned

Some social media users have stormed Twitter with ‘facts’ that refute the claims that Success Adegor, the little girl whose video “dem go flog me dem go tire” went viral was abandoned.

"All the money wey dem promise me na fake, daddy still dey ride okada" - Success "dem go Flog me tire cries out (Video)

In the video that went viral, Success was explaining how she was sent out of school due to unpaid tuition fees. She could be heard saying in the Nigerian Pidgin, “ dem go flog flog , dem go tire”.

After the video went viral, so many public figures made open promises and pledges to help the school girl who they claim is willing to go to school and they would help her dreams come true.

However, one year after the video went viral, Success has debunked claims that her family became rich after the incident. According to her, all the promises were mere promises as virtually all were not fulfilled.

In a new twist, some Twitter users have now claimed that her parents are simply using the young girl to spread lies, which they state is bad parenting.

See some reactions below;

@Tutsy22: It is quite sad that her parents are using her to spread lies!

l know of number of people that gave her money through my campaign.

Mazi was one of them. He came to my DM to ask about how to donate to her. I even told him to spread the payments. (Ask him)

This is bad parenting!

@PraiseBlossom1: Tutu she was enrolled in Our Savior Group of Schools, one of the best and most expensive schools around but her parents pulled her out so she will act movies and comedy to make money. They were cohabiting and after her fame did a wedding. Some people deserve poverty

@michaelfreesoul: This is evidence that the solution to poverty IS NOT to throw money at it alone. It is clear that the reason they’re poor isn’t a lack of money, it’s a lack of the capacity to make money. No matter how much you give them, they’ll come back for more

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