Help! My Penis Dosn’t Work at Home Anymore

Goodday Lady Laila, I have an issue that I would like to share. My marriage is 4 years old but something is not quite right. For over a year now, I find it very difficult to get my penis up during sex. Even if It stands, I need to be watching blue film to be able to maintain the erection. These days whenever we make love, i have to keep my blue film on.

My wife too has almost the same issue but her own started earlier than mine. after our wedding, i noticed that over time, she stopped getting wet for me. we always use saliva before my penis will enter.

I am worried because when i go out and meet other women, my erection comes back normal and I perform very well that the women sometimes see me as a sex God but at home, I feel so tired and my penis wont get up.

I am worried also because the women I meet outside all get wet for me and I dont have to use saliva but my wife is always dry and to my own little understanding, a woman who loves her husband will always get wet.

Please is my wife cheating and how do i handle this? Thank you and God bless



You have to ask your self this question. Are you the type that jump into intercourse without foreplay? If so, then there is no way your wife would get wet especially having lived with you for years. Try and be romantic, seduce her, talk into her ears, seduce her mind and watch her turn up the juice. I’d also advise you to stop watching porn as it has been proven to lead to visual stimulation dependency and can cause erectile issues in men. Stop seeing other women and focus on your wife


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