Heartbroken lady gets drunk after her shop was allegedly demolished by Anambra State government

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The world of a heartbroken lady who is said to be the breadwinner of her family has been turned upside down, after her shop reportedly got demolished by the Anambra State government.

Heartbroken lady gets drunk after her shop was allegedly demolished by Anambra State government lailasnews

According to online sources, the lady who rolled on the ground while crying and cursing the state governor after her shop was demolished by Anambra State Government task force in Nnewi, said she prefers death than being alive after her only means of livelihood was destroyed.

Facebook user King Promxy Jonathan who shared photos of the lady who drank to stupor following the incident, wrote;

“AFTER GOV WILLIE OBIANO demolished her shop at Nnewi and this woman were crying and rolling cursing Willie obiano that God will see her family feel the same humiliation she face and that peace will never be in gov Willie obiano family and when I try to ask her some questions , the lady was crying bitterly and I couldn’t hold my tears seen her hard earn shop demolished .

Gov willie please try and reach out to this lady because heaven will remember this lady tears on that faithful day and remember they never voted for you to cause pain rather you were voted to govern well. Chidimma Tonia who is governor aide should see wat his principle did to this lady. She is the bread winner of her family and now this family has lost a big tin. After power judgement follows. My heart is still in deep pain .”

Heartbroken lady gets drunk after her shop was allegedly demolished by Anambra State government lailasnews 1

Heartbroken lady gets drunk after her shop was allegedly demolished by Anambra State government lailasnews 2

Heartbroken lady gets drunk after her shop was allegedly demolished by Anambra State government lailasnews 3

Heartbroken lady gets drunk after her shop was allegedly demolished by Anambra State government lailasnews 4

There was also cries and wailing at the popular Nnamdi Azikiwe Uni­versity (UNIZIK) Temporary site in Awka, the state capital in the early hours of Thursday as the Anambra state government also demolished shops in the area.

It was gathered that more than 70 shops/stalls along St. Joseph Workers Cath­olic Church, Oby Okoli Avenue/ Okpuno Road, TRACAS Park/ Pedestrian Bridge and others with the exception of a cooking gas store which was probably spared to avoid explosion, were demolished.

The campaign against illegal structures had started at Onit­sha and environs some weeks ago, with the state government claiming to have informed peo­ple around Awka and other parts of the state to stop sell­ing on roads or building illegal structures.

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  1. So painful!!!! I doubt there wasn’t any compensation if not she won’t had cried as she did. Obiano shouldn’t walk this same line Okoroawusa walked and today he is reaping the outcome. He better look for this woman and do the needful.

    • My sister you talk like a child you don’t know what is takes to lost something that feeds you did you see what they wrote? The breads winner of the family just like a women who loss his child

    • Peculiar and co, you guys are the ones talking rubbish, when that happens to you go and disgrace yourself ontop of what happened.

      Tell me now whether such behavior will bring the shop back?

      If it can’t then you all are the childish ones reasoning with your asses.

      And that childish mindset couldn’t allow any of you to know the different between Valentine and Valentina, yeye people.

    • Even if she isn’t the only one, do u know how painful it is? The hard work, the sweat, the money, everything all in vain. If u have ever been in her shoes, u won’t use ur stupid fingers to type what u just typed and I pray you don’t experience what this woman is going through. Do you realise how hard things are for some people in this life, rather than pray to God and thank him for the little or much u have, u came to showcase ur stupidity online

    • Someone’s shop got destroyed and she went and got drunk, why not ask her to smoke weed as well then go naked so we can know she’s pained.

    • Nelson, I noticed you, are you done jumping from one bed to another in search of makeup token?

      Please face your ashawo work okay.

    • Same way he will make you lose yours so you can get drunk and smoke weed as a woman so people can know how sad you feel.

      Since all of you have decided to be acting like immature people we will be arguing it here. None wants to know the part I’m angry but keeps attacking, keep it coming am here.

      Do go and tell her to add codeine and weed to what she took.

    • U guys shouldn’t blame him, wat do u expect from an underage child who depends on his parents for everything including boxers .child go n sleep cos dis is bigger dan u @valentine

    • Valentine Nwankwo . After talking rubbish on Facebook, you will go home and be asking for food . Mama where is my food, , kids like you needs to be banned from commenting on Facebook with borrowed laptops

    • Philip you are a grown nincompoop, you got no understanding and that’s the reason you want women to be cheering you up inside Facebook, continue fooling around.

      Come back and comment your age lets see who’s older between the two of us.

      All of you who can’t fault someone’s opinion without insult are fools, complete fools, you are showcasing your immaturity on Facebook and claiming to be smart. I can pay you dude for a whole year, go get a life.

      Like I said go get the woman codeine and weed to add to what she took. She bought drinks with her money, help her get weeds, enough weed.

    • She lost hope, carried her money and bought drinks as a woman, then took it to this extent.

      She lost what she cherished, that’s sad but her kind of reaction is out of it. She’s alive and and God is still on the thrown. You never can tell what God’s plan for her is, and there are kind of actions that makes God leave you to your fate since you can’t becon on him. I’m not happy she lost her shop, I have been in such situation yet I scaled through. It’s just sad that many idiots are bent on attacking me without knowing my point and known of them wants to think wide than circling their thoughts like fools.

      It’s sickening how some people can be stupid yet claiming to be old and smart.
      Ike ufodu ndi ebe a agwula m.

      • I totally agree with you. what happened to rolling and crying in church and believing in God to come to her aid. so the little she had she used it to drink herself to stupor? or were the drinks on credit? if yes why on earth did she compound her issues more by owing? i still don’t get it.. All i know is that God is still God and he has not stopped helping his own…Simple!!!

    • My dear I have said a lot already. I hate insults, especially when it’s coming from educated illiterates. Nobody wants to reason differently so I was ready for them.

      Have a good night rest.

    • Valentine Nwankwo . I’m sure you still lives in your parents house eating mama thank you, papa thank have no experience about what life is all about…by the way, are you in SS1 or SS2? Excuse me!!, Did I hear you say you can pay someone for a week? Hahahaha, please don’t make me laugh,,,I will advise that you go watch a cartoon network

    • I guess,you are the type that still feeds on mummy thank ma,living under your father or mothers wealth that is why you don’t know what that woman is passing through, fool.

  2. By this time next year now
    Some broke bloggers will start to update same picture with horrible caption.
    Well.. I pray God almighty put smile on her face

  3. No need for d quarrel above. Its touching, right, but they were given notice (I think on more dn one occassion) b4 d action. D government is not callous, some pple just like to blackmail others.

  4. This is not what we expect from Anambra state government it’s very very bad it’s APC that do such tin. God please hear her cry and help her.

  5. when the alcoholic influence is off her senses she will realize that she has made a fool of herself and that the shop is still gone.
    drinking alcohol is not the solution.

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