Heartbreaking video of a boy begging for mercy as he’s tied to a metal cross and shocked with electric wire


A heartbreaking video of a boy being tortured with an electronic wire while tied to a metal have gone viral on social media.

In the horrific video, the young boy was brutally tortured while he begged for mercy as foamed substances comes out of his mouth.

The boy was tied to a makeshift metal cross by a man who held a naked electric wire. The man then places the electric wire on the metal cross, causing the boy’s body to convulse.

The boy can be heard pleasing for mercy as he shakes violently from as electric shock he was receiving but the man continued.

Towards the end of the video, the boy is seen shaking violently as the his head finally falls forward toward his chest.

The location of the inhuman act is yet unclear. Meanwhile social media users are calling on authorities to help locate and rescue the boy.


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