Heartbreaking photos of young boy abandoned by his parents

A young boy was abandoned by his parents after being accused of witchcraft in Delta state, leaving the young lad to fend for himself.

Heartbreaking photos of young boy abandoned by his parents lailasnews

According to reports, the boy who is believed to less than eight years old was sent away from his home after his parents accused him of witchcraft, saying he’s the cause of their problems.

Heartbreaking photos of young boy abandoned by his parents lailasnews 1

Help recently came the way of the boy who has been sleeping in the street and fending for himself since December.

The boy was rescued from the street and taken to the police station by a well meaning Nigerian who was touched by his pathetic condition.

Heartbreaking photos of young boy abandoned by his parents lailasnews 2

He was later taken to the hospital and cleaned up before being transferred to an orphanage home where he currently is.


  1. Some parents are heartless and wicked, in this era of kidnappers and ritualist, what if he was not taken to police custody ❓

  2. Thank God his been rescued. Some mother’s are funny, how can you carry a child in your womb for 9months and suddenly wake-up to call him a witch? May God forgive you

  3. Why are women so heartless, am not sure if she is really his real mum. Thank God for his rescue

  4. Very bad
    Some couples out there are looking for kids and this kid is being dumped by his own parents
    Lord have mercy

  5. Some parent don’t deserve to have children
    Even the so called mother left her son
    Thanks to those God used for the boy

  6. They will give birth to children they can’t fend for.now blaiming the innocent boy for their lack of proper planning. ThankGod he is safe in the organage .

  7. Some parents can be funny, how can you accept that your child is a witch when you are not one yourself… Parents should rise to thier responsibility…

  8. This world is full of wickedness ,a mother abound a child she bear after 9months suffering,is unbelievable

  9. Some couple out there are looking for kids and this kid is being dumped by his own parents
    Lord have mercy

  10. Does sending him away now break their fortune,HW can parents do that to their own child..i pray the child should be a responsible man in future

  11. This is wickedness of high repute. We shall all give Account of God gifts to us. Thanks to the well meaning Nigerians who came to his resque.

  12. This is so pathetic. In this 21st century, some people still believe this stuff? Thank God for the rescue of this poor child

  13. What witch craft, how did they know and what isnthe quarantee it is not a mistake, even ifnhe was to be that will he leave them alone when they abandon him

  14. Can’t believe that a mother will abandon her own child, just by a mere accusation. They should have taken him for deliverance

  15. Thankfully the boy was rescued. The parents shouldn’t have sent the boy to the street. Even if the boy has witchcraft they shouldn’t have sent the boy away

  16. This is a very pathetic story, why should a woman give birth to a child and throw the child away in the name of being possessed. May God have mercy

  17. What a wicket world why should his parent abandon him in such a trrrible and terrific condition. So pity.

  18. Ignorance and wickedness at its peak..may God bless the good Samaritan that came to the boy’s rescue. The parent should be detained for child abuse.

  19. Even if the child is a witch, negligence is not the solution,,they should have taken him to church for deliverance instead of neglecting him

  20. Thank God he is alive. His parent has been brain washed. I pray they get to their senses before its too late.

  21. Doing that to a young lad of his age? His destiny is already being fulfilled by his creator even at the expense of his parent

  22. God bless that good Samaritan and may his life never see mess. The boy Parents should have looked for a way to help sort their child problem but not to abandon him.

  23. kudos to the kind hearted man..
    The parent could have just done their best to safe the situation if actually their accusation is true.

  24. Let see whether the boy so called witch Craft will make things difficult for the orphanage. Evils of superstition

  25. It’s so sad. So parents really do this kinds of things to their kids in the south, all in the name of witchcraft. Such primeval way of thinking. Thank God for his life.

  26. Those patents are evil
    And their suffering shall indeed knowno bound
    God bless the Angel in man’s clothing that rescued him

  27. Boy your parents with answer for you on the last day of reckoning.The Lord Almighty will see you true.

  28. So there are no more prayer house that can deliver the boy from the witchcraft if truely he has,what kind of wicked parent are they? This is so disheartening,thanks to the good Samaritan that took him to the police

  29. Wicked parents how can you call your own child a witch and the cause of your problem did he beg you guys to bring him to the world..

  30. So pathetic….what kind of parents are they, they abandoned their child to fend for himself is not right thing to do,God bless the man that rescue the boy.

  31. God bless the person that recused the boy, and to the parents that was not the best way to take care of the situation.

  32. Wicked parents even the mother too join after all the labour through the pregnancy and birth. But thank God his recovery

  33. God have mercy! Such a little child who cannot fend for himself being abandoned by his parents
    God please provide for all parents, if not much, just enough to feed and keep them alive and Happy.

  34. Imagine the parents thinkng their child is the cause of all problems that. And sent him away from the house. That is unfair treatment

  35. People and their way of thinking and believe. How they say the small boy has witch craft. Thank God he was rescued

  36. Nigerians with witchcraft accusations, take your problem to God. Stop accusing innocent kids. The other day someone gave all his 3 kids sniper, because he felt they were witches

  37. The parents are suppose to face the law, This is total nonsense o. May God bless the good citizen that assisted the poor boy

  38. Wow so touching,you can’t even fear God,you just abandon him like that,do you know what he might become in future, please parent let this stop

  39. God knows how best to take care of his children. But this is really heartbreaking sincerely… Sending him does it solve the problems you have been going through? Foolishness! Your own way child God have mercy. All thanks to the person that picked this boy, God bless you

  40. i pray his parents lives to regret their decision by making the boy very successful and rich. Glad he has been rescued and God’s guidance and favour.

  41. Look at what parents did to a pure boy.Some parents don’t fear God I swear.If he survives it will he forgive his parents?Never…

  42. Why will a parent dump her son for what if same know that she can’t take care of her baby why bringing him to this world

  43. What kind of parent will live their son to the street to sufferGod will forgive you cos you dnt know what you are doing

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