He is my brother not me – Kunle Afolayan distances himself from Aremu Afolayan’s viral rant

Ace Nigerian film maker, Kunle Afolayan who seems to be getting the heat for his brother, Aremu Afolayan’s viral rant has distanced himself from the controversy it has sparked.

He is my brother not me - Kunle Afolayan distances himself from Aremu Afolayan's viral rant  lailasnews

Recall that Aremu Afolayan had called out President Buhari and Governor Ambode after his sister’s French passport was tagged fake, even when it could easily be verified by immigration officers. Kunle Afolayan who distanced himself from Aremu Afolayan’s viral rant, wrote;

Good morning all,

I have been receiving a lot of calls and comments from people who are mistaken me for Aremu Afolayan in regards to this video.

I would like to officially state that this is not Kunle Afolayan, he is my brother not me.

There is frustration in the land but hey!

Thank you.


However after he was slammed by social media users for not having his brother’s back, he edited his post and further stated that it was imperative to clear the air. He wrote;

For clarity purpose. I think it is imperative I clear the air.
Aremu Afolayan is the one in this video and not Kunle Afolayan.

People have been responding to the video and tagging my handles as I have also received some calls.
Oloun a so’lu dero.

He is my brother not me - Kunle Afolayan distances himself from Aremu Afolayan's viral rant  lailasnews 1 He is my brother not me - Kunle Afolayan distances himself from Aremu Afolayan's viral rant  lailasnews 2


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  1. They look alike..if you have seen Kunle 1 on 1 you will know, there is difference…not much though.is good he cleared the air about what’s goin on.

  2. From his comment it looks as though he’s trying to dissociate himself from what his brother said in the video. He is protecting his interest

  3. Hahahaha case of mistaken identity but the two really look alike, it’s good he clarified himself on time. But people should be sure of something before publishing it, imagine saying it’s Kunle whereas it’s his brother.

  4. They look much alike ,anyway it good you clear the air and I don’t really get ,while should he be questioned about not defending his brother, is the general public not seeing it ,the situation in Nigeria

  5. My brother you are right by clearing the air before something else starts treading. The gospel truth is that my brother cannot be me.

  6. Nothing has happened and you are afraid.Aremu was bold to say the fact and to identify with him show great character.Running away from him show weekness and poor character to speak the truth.

  7. I don’t blame the people calling and questioning Kunle Afolayan, because they are like identical twins. But it’s also good that he has cleared the air.

  8. Its fair you let them know you are not the one but your brother is right. Our politicians takes people for granted which is very wrong.

  9. Identity is really a confusing thing especially when they are unidentical,,good thing he cleared the air and removed himself from the trouble that would have waited him

  10. At least The Great Afolayan’s name is involved. Afolayan’s name had been preserved with reputation over the years. Aremu should be careful not to drag this name in the mire.

  11. there is frustration no be small. i dont blame aremu at all. he is saying his mind and anyone who doesnt like it should come at him as usual like the woman he went for him for talking to buhari and co the way he (aremu) did. people should understand that things arent moving well and many people have a lot to say. kunle sharperly had to distance himself abeg, make person no pour sand for him garri for the sake of his lookalike brother…Lol. i understand the struggle man

  12. You too look alike with just a slight difference his darker than you are but I don’t see what your brother did as a bad thing he was only pointing out their lapses. Anyways its good you had to let the public know you too are different people

  13. There is some resemblance but didn’t they see the name of your brother before disturbing you? Or they just being the normal busy body that they are known for.

  14. Still, you can take his place according to the Nigerian common sense!
    You know, it’s only in Nigeria that the police can arrest a family member for another family member’s crime.

  15. People are so funny…They take him for his brother and blasts him and now he’s making some clarity, they are attacking him still that he didn’t support his brother…what can you just do to please people of the world.

  16. There is no 100 percent Resemblance on them I wonder why they find it difficult to identify who is who well is good he was able to clarify himself.

  17. What happened to having your brother’s back?
    The shot you are receiving is expected, if you don’t want such again, caution your brother

  18. Even though the clarity was timely Aremu should have used a better avenue to press home his grievance.Hoping his sister is sorted amicably

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