Having a boyfriend is pointless if you’re not marrying soon – Lady says

A Nigerian female Twitter user with the handle @ereluchocolate has said it is pointless having a boyfriend if you guys are not marrying anytime soonest.

Having a boyfriend is pointless if you’re not marrying soon – Lady says

Her assertion on the social media platform has however gotten a lot of reactions as many users questioned the source of her wisdom – Most people seem to agree with her on her stance on dating and marriage.

” Boyfriend is very unnecessary if you’re not getting married soon and dating is an extremely unnecessary sport that no one should be pressured into.”


Although while reacting, some other people claimed they have read her post over and over and they have not made any single sense out of it.

This user had written:

I have always known that not all relationships end in marriages and dating someone does not necessarily mean marriage so I cannot readily comprehend her. She might have to come again

And then another person believes dating is necessary to have a successful marriage:

Well it’s not totally unnecessary. Dating teaches you alot about life, human behaviour, interaction etc. With enough experience from dating you could then choose a suitable partner

Then this person has something different to say:

Trust me platonic relationship is world apart from real relationship. I was in various platonic relationship for about 10 years but the moment I decided to date one of them, I realized there is a difference between ludo and chess.

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