Has Tradera forex MLM crashed?

Many social media users – especially Nigerians – have been seeking information has to if Tradera has crashed.

Tradera.org should not be confused with Tradera.com which is owned by PayPal.

Has Tradera forex MLM crashed_ lailasnews

There have been multiple reports on social media that the Forex MLM platform, Tradera has crashed, though LailasNews could not independently confirm how true the claims are.

Some social media users even went as far as claiming that the platform was owned and run by some students of Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA) and not Kody Sell and Eastan Harris as claimed on the website.

See some reactions by Nigerians on social media to the reported crash;


@gov_leee: Tradera don crash Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy

Y’all money pundits with zero financial education, look where oju kokoro has brought you.


Despite many social media users bugging those who invested in the MLM platform, some of the subscribers have come out to debunk the claims, stating that the platform is still up and running. See some comments below;

@elantracey: It’s more likely for someone to get sick than a website to crash, especially one like tradera that a lot of money have been invested in. And even if it crashes today, is the community going to crash too?

On the 21st of December 2020, fresh reports emerged on social media that Tradera had crashed. PageOne, wrote that they sighted an Email one of the platforms top vendor sent to confirm the crash. The report read;

In an email sent to some of the scheme’s major vendors, the runners of the forex trading and education platform claimed that Tradera had ceased operation.

Also,this morning, the most popular Tradera vendor restated Tradera’s crash on his Twitter account.

In his words “officially from this morning, I’m discontinuing registration on Tradera till further notice”

He also mentioned that he did not want to collect other affilaites’ money when he knew that they would not be getting paid back.
He also talked about refunding some people but mentioned that he didn’t have all the data of the concerned persons.

The runners of Tradera stated in an email to its major vendors that “all of our trading education content which was previously hosted exclusively for paying members is now hosted publicly for free via YouTube.”

However, the runners of Tradera promised to launch “a great substitute for Tradera that makes a lot more money.” Information about the workings of the promised susbstitute was not disclosed.

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