Live maggot removed from Harrysong’s back on Uganda (video)

Nigerian singer, Harrysong has shared the testimony of how a live maggot was removed from his back when he went to Uganda to perform.

Harrysong: Live maggot removed from singer's back on Uganda (video)

According to Harrysong, he thought he had a boil when he noticed a swell on his back to which he took antibiotics hoping it will help clear it off.

However, the swell remained and came with pains which he couldn’t bear.

Read his narration below.

“This year my team & I are winning it all & no hater can stop us.
I fell ill as soon as I arrived Uganda to shoot #JourneyVideo, we thought it was a boil on my back & I was given antibiotics but it didn’t get better.
On the morning of my video shoot the pain became unbearable & the hotel had to call in a doctor while my manager @afriquechique started praying.
They performed a minor surgery on me that morning & they brought out a living maggot which had created a hole deep in my back. How did it get there Scroll to see full video



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