Guru Mahara Ji reveals winner of 2019 Presidential elections in Nigeria

Founder of One Love family, Satguru Maharaj Ji in his 2019 prophecies has revealed the winner of 2019 Presidential elections in Nigeria.

Maharaj Ji while addressing journalists at a press conference in his Maharaj Ji village in Ibadan, the Oyo state capital said he saw President Buhari winning the election with more votes than other candidates.

Guru Maharaji reveals winner of 2019 Presidential elections in Nigeria lailasnews 2

While revealing his vision for the general elections, message for Nigeria and by extension Africa and its leaders in 2019, he said that he did not see people like Atiku, Ezekwesili, Sowore and others winning the election because, more people will vote for Buhari.

He said there are many reasons unknown to many that will make Buhari defeat all other candidates jostling to unseat him in Aso Rock in February, saying that “what the other candidates can do is to support Buhari to take Nigeria to the promised land”.

He added that “Atiku, Ezekwesili, Sowore and others should support Buhari instead of aiming to face him in the Presidential election”.

He also advised that anyone that is not happy with his declaration for Buhari in 2019 should come and meet him.

He said:

“Elections are for human beings. This is the time to call a spade a spade. Buhari is there. He has another term in the office. I don’t see Atiku, Ezekwesili, Sowore and others as President. I believe, if they will listen to me, they should not be thinking of going to elections. They should support Buhari.

“Buhari is from the North, he has spent four years now by May, let him complete his second term as the tradition that a man from North will spend 8 years and South will spend 8 years. All of them, they should wait after he complete the second term in the office.


  1. Well thacts your prophecyno lets wait for the election to come and go then we would know who is our president

  2. Is his spending more 4years in the position as president more important than Nigeria that is falling as a country in his regime. Let us be real and pray that a good leader emerges as the president.

  3. We all have the candidate we are rooting for.. But Nigerians will elect their leader come 2019 once its free and fair

  4. It is hard time Nigerians should stop listening to all these acclaimed spiritualists/pastors/priests they are fighting for their stomach

  5. All this people with their fake prophecy. Well, let’s wait till then. I honestly think election should be banned in nigeria.

  6. Prophesy everywhere.. Only God has the final say, so Mr prophet let’s wait and see..OK, if its Gods will that buhari will win again den let his thy will be done

  7. Yes mahara even though you don’t propecies, we are suspect buhari to win the election amount them

  8. He he,so this man is still in business,anyways,you have said your own,let the election come and go then we will review this ya prophecy

  9. Only a blind man will vote Buhari,and who are this blind men?the rich who does not care about the poor,so they will not understand the chemistry of the poor

  10. I won’t be surprise if he wins, nobody in power always want to lose power. GEJ was just one of a kind for us and it gets too late before we realise who we want

  11. All these false prophets, God will not allow this to come to pass.Nigerians are saying No.You’ve just proven yourself to be a Buhari supporter

  12. please someone should tell these so call prophet to please stay away political issues as for Bulgari winning the election that should be next world to come

  13. Isaiah 7.7 It shall not happen, neither shall it come to pass. Anyway, you have been giving fake prophecies. This is one of them.

  14. All I wish for is for the right person to win and its never a 2 term its because of greed that is why they have turn it into 1&2 term.

  15. I really wish everything will get better soon in Nigeria so we can all enjoy life without fear.

  16. alot happen in this country how I wish we can see there plan of rules in this beloved country.

  17. I don’t have problem with whoever wins but they should make Nigeria a better place for his citizens.

  18. What’s this man saying, is he God? But me I did not pray for buhari to still remain in that sit

  19. I believe this
    Cos I’ve seen Buhari winning already
    And this time he’ll ridicule corruption

  20. Any one can be the president but let’s allow God to do things in His own way……the people will choose who will be their president and not by saying it as even we are the mind of our people

  21. Oga it’s not about revelation o because there are false prophets here and there now so let’s leave it for God to handle

  22. Why will you talk like God are you God, God is the only person that if you say yes nobody can say no

  23. U dont reveal to d massive whom is going to make things right in Nigeria ,u dy talk person wey go win election,taaa,me no dy for DAT 1 ooo,abi u too don chop for dem pocket ni

  24. To many people seeing the result of the election that has not been conducted yet, we will know by February

  25. The presidential election is just few weeks from now, let the votes from the people decide the winner

  26. I would like to meet you and is not like we had any good President before so stop that you no nonsense prophecy and if you are truly want some one to prove you send for me .am ready

  27. This is not a prophecy, he is just giving a kind of advice to Nigeria to allow him to finish his 8 years

  28. So many prophecies here and there. Becoming so confusing. But I know God’s will be done in this election year

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