Gunman, officer and 2 others dead at Chicago Hospital shooting

A Chicago hospital shooting has left the gunman, police officer, a doctor and a pharmaceutical dead after the gunman stormed Mercy Hospital.

The gunman, who was in a relationship with the one of the victims, reportedly lost his life, but it is not certain if he died from police gunfire or a self-inflicted gunshot wound, Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie T. Johnson said.
Gunman, officer and 2 others dead at Chicago Hospital shooting lailasnews 2
Gunman, officer and 2 others dead at Chicago Hospital shooting

Chicago Police identified the deceased officer as Samuel Jimenez, a father of three. He joined the force in February 2017 and recently completed probationary training, becoming a full-fledged officer, Johnson said. A procession was held for him Monday night.
“What I would ask is that you keep all the victims of today’s horrific incident in your thoughts and prayers,” Johnson said.

How the shooting unfolded

Around 3:30 p.m., the gunman approached one of the female victims — a hospital employee — in the parking lot, Johnson said.
As they started arguing, a friend of the woman attempted to intervene.
The gunman lifted his shirt and revealed a handgun, prompting the friend to flee. Two 911 calls in rapid succession reported an assault and then gunshots, Johnson said.
When officers responded to the scene, the gunman opened fire on them before they could exit their vehicle. Officers followed him into the hospital and exchanged gunfire with him, Johnson said.
During the shootout, Officer Jimenez was fatally wounded along with a hospital employee as she exited an elevator.
The officers
“saved a lot of lives because we just don’t know how much damage he was prepared to do,” Johnson said of the gunman.


  1. And what is the real instigator or real reason why he choose to act this way when he knows that he will surely be apprehended

  2. this world is seriously becoming unsafe due to this kind of terrorist act
    Rip to the victims that lost their lives

  3. Eyah, this is truly touching and also a great loss, the officer joing only 2017 and now is gone, may all their souls rest in peace, what a fatal incident, gunmen coming to hospitals hmmmmm that’s such a bad one

  4. May they rest in peace, thank God for the timely intervention of the police, who knows what the story would have been.

  5. I sure he had done mental issue because he would not just go into the hospital and try to injure people that can’t even help themselves. To those that had lost their lives rest in peace

  6. He would have really done a lot of damage if not for the timely intervention of the officers. Condolences to the families of the deceased and I wish the injured hospital worker quick recovery.

  7. This so sad.I think thorough investigation shud be done to ascertain d reason behind his action to guard against future occurrence.

  8. This is crazy, how can a sane human just come into a public place like hospital and start shooting sporadically? If not for the early intervention of the officers more damages would have been done. May the people who lost their lives in the incident rest in peace Amen.

  9. I think the government have to put in a law that controls guns in Chicago . This not the first time something of such has happened. May their souls Rest In Peace

  10. How do this kind of person wants to face God after wasting people’s life. His dead is not something to sobber for. May the police man, doctor and pharmacy soul rest in perfect peace.

  11. Crime everywhere. What is his gain now he is dead and left other innocent people dead too. God will help us.

  12. What a loss people seem not to value life these days taking people life and that of theirs seems nothing to them

  13. Quick recovery to the victims and eternal rest for the souls of the deceased. The hospital employee was just in the wrong place at the wrong time

  14. People dying at their line of sad and may the rest in peace.This shooting has been rampant since president Trump assume office.

  15. This is not good, why such violence in the hospital, how did the gun man even made his way in without been noticed, security personnel are needed even in hospital these days

  16. Gun control has always been an issue is the US, sometime ago the bill was passed but the majority still wants the gun to remain. They should be checkmating the mental health of a person before he or she is given a license to a gun. Someone will wake up one morning and decide to just kill people. Is hightime US revisit that bill again , this is too much . May soul of those that died , may they rest in peace , Amen

  17. It is clear the man is not mentally stable. Sad one again to the families of those who loss their lives. The U.S. government should look into how to control weapons

  18. The police team would have tried to sort out the issue in a more polite way rather than burst into a gun fight.

  19. In the western world,people uses gun toy settle scores, the government should try and restrict the use of gun,is just like a toy to themthey have to stop this incessant killings of their fellow human brings

  20. What a sad screen, but what’s all this gun processions in foreign lands? Their government should do something about it and fast!

  21. whether the police gun killed him or not is not of concern to me the most important thing is that the gunman is dead,who. knows how he planned it, ,,may the souls of the victims rest in peace amen

  22. What’s wrong with that gunman he should had surrender to the police officers, my their souls rest in peace.

  23. My condolences to the deased families. Gun men in the hospital???? Wounder shall never cease. Just look at this one that just joined 2017 how he lost his life. Too bad. Rest in peace to the dead

  24. This is so bad, may their souls rest in peace. Why will someone take delight in doing what is bad, and my condolences goes out to their families

  25. Impolite acts, And what is the real instigator or real reason why he choose to act this way when he knows that he will surely be apprehended

  26. if this should happen in Nigeria, many people will be abusing our security, may there soul rest in peace

  27. Shooting in the hospital…. That means even the people on the sick bed need to run for their lives…. The world is coming to an end

  28. I Really Wonder what could have caused the fight….
    anyway i cant blame anyone because there are poor security in nigeria

  29. Chai what a pity ….he wanted to save life but lost his own life. How can someone be shooting in the hospital?

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