Gulder Ultimate Search contestant narrates his experience on the show

Bobby, a Gulder Ultimate Search contestant has taken to Twitter to narrate his experience on the show which left him with many tales to tell his children.

Gulder Ultimate Search contestant narrates his experience on the show

In his narration, Bobby revealed that if given the chance to go for the show again, he wont take it up.

He tweeted:

Gulder Ultimate Search. I remember when in 2013 I told people close to me that I wanted to try out for the show while I wait for Law school. My boss then, fell off his chair laughing, my aunt said what do u need it for, my colleagues said I won’t even make it past audition.

Only my mum had any sort of belief in me. She said, can you cope? They don’t eat o and I don’t think u can quit half way. I said “mummy let me try, after all what’s there to lose”. I usually run, so the auditions weren’t difficult.

The interviews were quite easy! I studied like I was writing a law exam. I knew the shareholding of NB PLC, all the data about Gulder and GUS. But these things didn’t matter, cos d interview was just about courage and u representing the brand. I spoke confidently & intelligently. My boss called me every step of the way. He will ask, did you lose today’s audition? I’ll say ‘sir I passed’. He kept asking until I was chosen to enter the jungle. I just wanted to enter the jungle and get evicted so I can take 1M.
Loool! I was there for 28 days. Who knew I could last till the finals. I hated the fact that I was pretty good at stuff!! So this meant I stayed. There was starvation, terrible cold, dangerous animals(snakes), I had to build a tent, rain beat me and I slept through it. If I’m asked to go again!! I will never do it ever!!! I actually thought people will be taken away from d jungle at night!! Loool! I was shocked when I had to make bed from Bamboo!! Me?? Ha!! That was only the beginning. Anyway, I have this story to tell my grandkids.

Worst part about sleeping on bamboo is that the bamboo is uneven. So ur back feels like sound waves – up, down, up, down. Ugh!! U’re so cold, u cover urself in a blanket, with the hurricane lamp inside to warm u & a little opening for smoke to leave the blanket.

One time I was warming my boot by the firewood and it burnt. Clothes were wet, aargh!! I hated every day! But I refused to quit!! I’m not a quitter & there was the possibility of actually winning. Sadly, on the last day I fell! I have friends who used my eviction image as my caller wallpaper on their phone. Boys are wicked!! Nothing hurt me more than that day I fell! I was so close to winning but I fell. Like a stupid log of wood!

I remember when parents were brought to see the final four! I saw my mum, hugged her, I smelt freshness & it was like Jss2 boarding school, my first visiting day experience. I just wanted to go home. I cried! I wanted mum to take me home! GUS was frigging hard! God I cried! I wasn’t even embarrassed! I wanted to go home! That shit was hard!!! I don’t eat goat meat. On one of the 3 days no food in camp, baby goat was given to us! I starved again! The starvation was the hardest part! I licked red oil and salt. While imagining a buffet
I told myself, mind over matter. Just imagine you’re dinning at Le Meridien Uyo . Lick that red oil! I started plucking palm and roasting by the fire! “How did this happen to me”. I remember when I saw a snake at the stream! Or when I saw a shedded snake skin by the tent!! What was I thinking! GUS! Was hard o! These days, I have a different sort of respect for people on TV.

Everyday you adjust bamboo and palm made tent, and almost every day rain will still beat you. Got to a point, we learnt how to sleep despite the rain beating us. It all had to do with imagining you were somewhere else. Far removed from your current reality – rain is just water.

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