Guard arrested in Lagos for stealing boss wristwatches, dollars

A 35-year-old security guard, Opeyemi Badmus, has been arrested by the police in Lagos state, for stealing his boss wristwatches and dollars.

Guard arrested in Lagos for stealing boss wristwatches, dollars lailasnews

According to reports by Punchng, his boss, Soname Akinola, who recently returned to Nigeria from the United Kingdom, met the guard and a housemaid, who were employed by his wife while he was abroad.

Akinola alleged that he travelled to Ogbomoso, Oyo State, and when he returned home, five wristwatches and an undisclosed amount of pound sterling had been stolen.

The complainant told the police that when he quizzed the security guard and the housemaid about the missing items, they both denied taking them. He said

“I travelled on October 18, 2018, to Ogbomoso and returned two days later. Immediately I entered the house, I noticed the main entrance door was open. On getting to my room, I found out that five wristwatches valued at N600,000 and my dollars and pounds had been stolen.”

The guard and the housemaid were reportedly arrested and taken to a police station, where Badmus allegedly confessed to stealing the wristwatches, but denied taking the money.

He was arraigned before the Candide Johnson Magistrates’ Courthouse, Ikorodu, on one count of stealing.

The magistrate, Mrs F. Azeez, granted him bail in the sum of N250,000 with two sureties each in like sum.


  1. Imagining stealing from where you are making your monthly pay. How do some people even think or reason in the first play?

  2. Is this one hunger, don’t they pay him,,don’t he eat there? He can’t be working in a big man house like that and he says no food,he lives there so what caused it,too much generosity and insecurity from the man by living his room open,,that’s for them

  3. Gate men killing or stealing from their boss has become the order of the day. People should be careful who the employ as gate keeper

  4. He should be dealt with a security that is suppose to guild against stealing is now the one stealing ,

  5. The the courst was even merciful on him to have granted him bail , he should have been put in jail for like 2month so that next time he will not steal what is not his,

  6. If he had humbly asked for a watch it could have been given to him, why stealing from your employer, it doesn’t make sense. He has just ruined his opportunity in the house not only that but has also ruined his name.

  7. If Opeyemi actually stole from their boss, that’s too bad, they should be punished and properly interrogated, if the items will be recovered, even they are sold.

  8. Some matured people do things without reasoning when that devil was pushing him to do he did think of anything now it has put him into trouble stealing from your boss what do you expect him to get money for your salary

  9. Some people would not use their head to think,now look at the sum of money he was bailed,can the dollars and the wristwatch he stole transform the life of his entire generation? Instead he went to disgrace the generation

  10. I think they should start with investigating on how the boss treats him, but that’s not a yardstick for him to steal. He should be dealt with to teach others a lesson.

  11. I just imagined the way some persons behave. Stealing from your master? Don’t he think that his recommendation to other better job might come from his master?

  12. Can we just be doing due diligence on all this domestic servants, they are becoming more terrible this days. Look at the Togolese cook issue again.

  13. Why are people this senseless . Stealing from who gave you employment and pays your salaries . He is ungrateful

  14. oh, you never know how sincere or trustworthy your employee is till they are faced opportunity to make do with whatever they probably see as to cost a fortune and is portable enough to be whisked away. i bet the wife never saw this side of the guard she employed or probably hasnt noticed this part of him….maybe because she wouldnt believe he can take anything of value from her because he is a man, all previous blames of missing items belonging to the woman (if any) might be channeled to the housemaid, but i guess the even that played out involving the boss of the house must have vindicated the housemaid. only God can save us from whom we employ to work in our homes on any capacity

  15. The security guard should explain thy he committed that act. Actually that was wrong but the police should investigate this matter seriously

  16. Some people can be callus to bite the finger that’s feeding them. He couldn’t even take just one, whole lot of 3 plus dollar and pounds. Let him rot in cell for a while.

  17. The above act is like dog eating the bone he was ask to look after. is very wrong to even steal not to talk of stealing from your boss

  18. If the case is genuine, then the charge is worth it, else if the items stolen including the dollars aren’t recovered I think #250k is not worth the bail.

  19. Village demons are at work in badmus life oooooh. But how managed Na, were was your sense when you were talking those wristwatch fear no catch you Hmmmm. You get mind sha. I think your family members have to go for forty days Dry fasting and prayers for you because mature man like you stealing from your boss I mean your oga Hmmmmm. This one weak me sha.

  20. Can you imagine, stealing from the hand that is feeding you. You must face the consequences of stealing and besides that I know you have lost that job already?

  21. Guards and housemaids need to tread softly. Most of them just misbehave. They just steal anything in the house that has the rare misfortune of coming their way. They should change their attitudes and characters so people will stop having negative views about them.

  22. This is too bad and he should be punished seriously.and you don’t need to steal if you need something it better to ask than to steal

  23. All this guards and housemaids can kill to get hold of any property they see, they are no more senseless no matter how small they are

  24. He just closed the door of his livelihood. Stealing from where you work? Too bad. Nemesis has caught up with u.

  25. Some people would not use their head to think,now look at the sum of money he was bailed,can the dollars and the wristwatch he stole transform the life of his entire generation? Instead he went to disgrace the generation

  26. If a guard can steal from his boss who he is suppose to protect then where are we heading? Stealing distroy self respect

  27. Is it that they have brain problem or they can’t reason straight? The place of work now place to steal from…too bad..

  28. The guy is trying to use the slogan,”where you work na der you go chop”but nemesis caught him. Who now stole the money if he admitted stealing the wristwatches. I trust Nigeria police.

  29. As far as he is the one that stole the wristwatch, he must be the one that stole the money. A thief is a thief.

  30. Y wouldhe have to steal his boss wristwatchnow that he put himself in trouble how will he escape these bail

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