GTBank Market Cap bigger than 10 smallest Nigerian banks

On pure market cap on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), GTBank remains the most dominant financial institution in Nigeria. From Cable data, closing on Dec 31 2018, you can see that GTBank can trade the ten “smallest” banks, based on market cap, with its market cap [sure, deals include premiums; this is pure academic here].

GTBank Market Cap bigger than 10 smallest Nigerian banks lailasnews

We have 15 banks trading on NSE; GTBank commands 26% of the total bank value, by market cap. GTBank is worth one trillion naira; the smallest bank, Unity Bank, is worth 12.5 billion naira.

GTBank Market Cap bigger than 10 smallest Nigerian banks lailasnews 1

Written by Ndubuisi Ekekwe

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  1. That’s means that guarantee trust bank is the most viable and durable bank in the Nigerian banking sector be that.

  2. A lot of efforts have been put in to make GT Bank come this far. I hope they consolidate on these performance.

  3. The bank is seriously maintaining what it’s name is. I love the bank finally in terms of efficiency and otherwise.

  4. The bank is actually maintaining what the name is. A big CONGRATULATIONS on the achievement

  5. Right from the very on set, I knew that guarantee trust bank is the most reliable and durable banking sector

  6. Congratulations to them, I pray the continue there good work to promote and grow bigger this year and beyond

  7. I always knew dat Gtbank is one of d leading banks in Nigeria, but i neva thought it would have a bigger market cap dan zenith bank, i always tink dat zenith bank is d first

  8. I think they are the best in Nigeria especially to the new generation and students. Congratulations to GTBANK

  9. Kudos to the management of GTBank. They are really trying and its for now the bank that has rendered the best services.

  10. Truth be told that bank it’s really Working according to it’s name, very reliable. Kudus to you all

  11. Its a lovely bank to save your money in. They can be trusted. Congratulations, keep satisfying your customers

  12. GT is doing really well and I can see Ecobank above First bank that is good to know. Good luck to them

  13. Wow what a great achievement! congratulations to GTB and kudos to all its workers and management…

  14. This not a new news, it’s already certain that GTB is the most reliable bank and durable bank Congratulations to the management

  15. GTBank has been leading other banks for a while now. Best bank for me and other students too

  16. those that have account in those smaller banks should widraw their money incase the smaller banks folds

  17. Gt bank ..the number one bank when it comes to digital banking….

    Congratulations to the …
    They should keep the standard high

  18. That’s a good one from you guys
    You have made a lot of positive effort towards the labour market..
    Congratulations to gtb bank
    Greater height you go

  19. Gtbank has been the king of all banks so far… and everybody is willing to bank with them… I love Gtbank

  20. Wow!!!! Small but mighty, see where my uba bank landed oo..congratulations to gtbank ..uba you people should buckle up oo

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