Grazing camels take over Primary school in Plateau

A Facebook user has taken to the platform to lament about the use of a Government Primary School in Gwong area of Plateau State being used as grazing yard for camels due to nationwide lockdown of schools by the Federal Government in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Grazing camels take over Primary school in Plateau

According to the man, it is saddening to see the school has become a grazing ground for not just the animals, but hoodlums who are likely to use the deserted space as hiding ground to commit their crimes.

In his words

My primary school United Native Authority, GSS Gwong on a tour to the environ today and I discovered the school is now a greasing land not for cows but for camels and a breeding ground for possible hoodlums. God savage and save our dear Plateau, Nigeria. Amen

Reactions to the post:

*** I think the concern about hoodlums staying there is the real issue. Ya awaki (sheep market) is not far from there. It is raining season and so going to graze on the overgrowing grass that would rather be a harbour for other harmful creatures to thrive is not a big deal.

As for me, the concern should have been the real state of the school. The fact that the structures are dilapidated n fences re only a few feet high.

You should know that the state of the nation is the reason things are this way. Forgive me but I think a bit of sentiment came into your rather good observation.

*** If he really cares about the state of the school, why not narrowed his attention towards the poor state of the buildings rather than the camels? All his pictures directly captured the camels. He was just been sentimental because the camels were meant for Eid celebration!

Those camels were only grazing, I don’t see them destroying anything! Please let us remember that this group is to unite and show people outside plateau how peaceful, loving and caring its citizens are. I am not from this state, a friend of mine invited me to this group.

*** They may have been using the School as another Rural “Grazing Area” RUGA. But who owns the camels? from where? Hmm!, May God salvage the land..

*** God savage and save our plateau” just because camels are grazing in school compound I don’t know why some useless people are interested in fueling fire that will consume them, or if you are interested in meal you should have quietly joint.


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