Granny Breaks Bauble Guinness World Record With 1,760 Christmas Baubles

Grandma breaks world record for largest Christmas bauble collection.

A granny from Swansea has set a new world record for the greatest collection of Christmas baubles.

Sylvia Pope, known as Nana Baubles, owns 1,760 festive ornaments.

Guinness World Records recognizes the figure, but she intends to achieve 2,000 before the new year.

Mrs. Pope, who will celebrate her 79th birthday on Boxing Day, spends months each year, beginning in September, hanging the decorations to ensure the house is ready for the holiday season.

From memorable travels to Harrods in London, Macy’s in New York, and her local shops in Swansea, the collection contains ornaments from all over the world.

A lobster, hamburger, Big Ben, Disney characters, and sentimental baubles made by her family and friends are among her favorites.

Her most valued ornament, however, is a Royal Doulton Royal Jubilee celebration edition, which she wears to show her ‘love’ for the Queen.

She said; ‘It is exciting to see all the different types you can buy.’

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