Governor Okorocha anoints worshipers during church service in Imo

Imo state governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha was the minister at the Victory Chapel at the government house, Owerri and the governor was seen anointing members of the chapel during the June 2018 anointing service.

Governor Okorocha anoints worshipers during church service in Imo lailasnews 4

The governor was joined by his wife Nneoma Nkechi Okorocha and other state functionaries.

Governor Okorocha anoints worshipers during church service in Imo lailasnews 2

The governor also announced the commencement of work and dualization of Egbu-Awaka-Mbaise and Orji-Ikeduru-Isiala Mbano-Okigwe roads.

The roads construction, the governor said,will begin with immediate effect.

In his words;

“This morning I drove myself round town and when I got to Shoprite junction where the dualization ends,I decided that,the road development should be extended.Therefore,by the grace of God,we shall resume,with immediate effect,the dualization of Egbu down to Mbaise road and Orji straight to Okigwe….I don’t know where the money will come from but by faith,we shall accomplish it”.

The Imo State Governor in his recent backlash against opposition party ‘All Progressives Grand Alliance” said the party should instaed of critising his government and struggling to stay relevant, they should either wind-up or fuse into the All Progressives Congress, APC

Deputy Speaker of Imo state House of Assembly resigns

Okorocha accused APGA of using his name to market their party but in a very wrong way. First, they came up with the ridiculous story of Okorocha wanting to return to APGA. And they never said anything that could convince anybody to believe them.


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  1. Fraudsters transforms themselves every minute, so pay no attention to this callous joke, all this is becos election time is near, so the silly season is here too manifested by this hypocritical behaviour from an Aba trader!

  2. Rocha’s Rocha’s, keep pushing ur luck so far. Just wished PDP will take over power at the centre so the likes of Rocha’s and Amaechi et ela will go to prison. At least buhari has shown the way. What goes around turns around

  3. I seriously don’t understand what is wrong with this man.the people allowing him to anoint them are even worse,how could you allow okorocha to start pouring oil on your head?even when you knew he is not a prophet of God.okorocha you really need to chill.

  4. Nawa this man as started again but I just de wonder why be say them allow okorohousa to be using oil on people’s head when he is not the chosen one and beside am surprised or maybe its because of the election time is coming

  5. Okorochs deserve nothing less than ignoring him, his type wouldn’t allow focused nigerian to sip a piece of water because of his crafty tactics. .

    Maybe he should resign from politics and join yahoo yahoo pastor team . That would work for him as a Nigerian.

  6. Sad. Transference of spirits. Are those people fools that they can’t differentiate a Pastor from a Politician? God cannot be mocked, whatever you sow you will reap. An end is coming to all these soon. God have mercy. Amen

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