Government can afford to pay 100K minimum wage – Tunde T Dot, ex Styl Plus

Ex-Styl Plus crew member,  Tunde T Dot, has reacted to Chairman of Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF) and Governor of Zamfara state, Alhaji Abdul’aziz Yari’s comment of downsizing of the workforce across the country if the proposed N30,000 minimum wage would be paid.

Government can afford to pay 100K minimum wage – Tunde T Dot, ex Styl Plus lailasnews

Recall that for some time now, there has been a debate on what the new minimum wage should be, as Labour Unions are demanding that the minimum wage be increased from N18,000 to N30,000 and also threatened strike action.

Tunde T Dot who reacted to Alhaji Abdul’aziz Yari’s comment, said;

“The current N18,000 is already too low. To make matters worse, workers are not even paid regularly.

“When citizens become so aggressive, hurt each other, and attempt suicide, it is the same government that will prosecute the people for trying to take their own lives and those of others.

“For me, I think N100,000 is ideal minimum wage for workers and I think we can afford it because we have crude oil which, to me, is even a bonus.

“Most importantly, we have enough human capital to make our nation productive, develop, and prosperous.”

This is coming after the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC ) reacted to threat by the Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF), to sack workers if the new national minimum wage of N30,000 is implemented. However, reacting, Wabba said the threat to sack workers was not new.

He said, “Therefore, the current one by the governor of Zamfara cannot be used to intimidate labour.

“The consequences of workers retrenchment are too grievous for any political office holder truly elected by the people to contemplate.

“Few political office holders are bent on enslaving Nigerian workers with peanuts mislabeled as salaries.

“We urge such elected public officials to subject their humongous salaries and allowances, reputed to be among the highest in the world to public perusal.

“Pro rata with the minimum wage they want to force down the throats of Nigerian workers,” NAN quoted him as saying.


  1. You are right, Iam solidly with you. Trying to dodge from ₦30,000 minimum wage cannot help. Citizens are suffering already

  2. Stinginess and wickedness won’t let them pay.thats is why there will always be corruption, kidnapping and ritual killing happening around in our society.may God touch their heart to do what is right.

  3. government should do something about this wage increase, it’s getting late now, people are suffering.

  4. I believed they can pay 100k, so I am surprise with the governor that they can’t pay 30k ,they never wish the masses well

  5. Yoooooooooh that’s how to do it!!! She humiliated the useless man, if she went ahead with the wedding she would have suffered. Girl you got it

  6. This is 100% true just that this government is so mean to the citizens but I pray things will change for good someday.

  7. He is absolutely right. The Governors are against the 30k increase because it will reduce the amount they will steal. Nigerians should be wise during the next election. The PVC is the only way out of this mess

  8. Hummmm nice speech am really touched and impress we need people like who can stand and speak for the sake of others Nigeria is no longer young given the fact that we are the giant of Africa blessed and reached in resources why can’t we pay 100k not like the money is too big just that our government is the worst

  9. I agreed with you sir, Few political office holders are bent on enslaving Nigerian workers with peanuts mislabeled as salaries rather increase their own salaries and allowances

  10. We don’t have humans who has people’s feelings at heart. People in the helms of affairs are not doing great at all.

  11. Tunde T Dot is right. The governors and other politicians should cut down on their excessive pending

  12. Na rubbish this one Dey talk o . He is probably looking for a way to get noticed . Nigeria is still a developing country

  13. May God help us, I believed they can pay 100k, so I am surprise with the governor that they can’t pay 30k ,they never wish the masses well

  14. Well said Tunde buh 100k minimum wage means kill as many as you can to sit in that position. Human would lack more conscience.

  15. That is true… If the politicians can be receiving salary in millions for doing nothing, then they can not pay something tangible to those people that are doing the real work. Ask them how much they spend in their houses everyday… If it’s 30 thousand naira.

  16. yes my brother, but corruption will not allow the Leaders to see it as possibility… 30000 will stand nothing will change it

  17. I believe government can do it it just depends on the right mindset …stingy politicians only want their pockets alone

  18. Very true, but their greedy life won’t even make them concur to a chicken #30k. Who 30k help in the current economic downturn of this country, yet they find it difficult because seeing the masses suffer.

  19. It’s true but let’s watch inflammation.if paying money was the solution,Saudi will have been the best economy.

  20. Nigeria can afford the 100k suggested by Tunde T dot. This same politicians steal Nigerian money in millions of dollars yet threatening to retrench workers for 30k minimum wage.

  21. They can afford even more than that . our Nigerian system is corrupt filled with stingy leaders and looters .

  22. Government kwa?! When d Greedy and self-centered governors claimed they can’t afford to pay 30k. Last last, Na God go Punish dem

  23. If government cannot afford to pay 30,000.00 minimum wage, how then can they afford to pay workers severance benefits and entitlement when they are sacked?

  24. Truth is, if not for the greediness of all this our leaders, 100k and more will be paid to workers without stress.

  25. Yes they can pay only that some people in government do things for their own selfish gain and not considering other

  26. No mind our over fed poliiticians that always like to eat alone, am in supports is wickedness that is making them not to increase their pay.

  27. Nice speech I don’t know they are still debating on this issue since how many months now they should trying and do something people are suffering the poor are getting poorer.

  28. Sir Tunde T Dot God bless you, we need man like you, a man of the people that will help eradicate poverty in this country.

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