Gov. El-Rufai berates PDP over bad use of English

Governor of Kaduna state, Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai berated the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP over bad use of English in a Tweet.

Gov. El-Rufai berates PDP over bad use of English lailasnews

PDP had earlier taken to their Twitter account to hit out at El-Rufai over his statement that Peter Obi is an ethnic bigot.

While reacting to the Governors statement, the PDP made an error in the Tweet, and El-Rufai was quick to point that out, calling the party clueless.

See exchange below;

The PDP wrote;

On Our VP Candidate @PeterGregoryObi: We caution the Kaduna State Governor, @elrufai, over his unguarded comment, wherein he referred to our Vice Presidential candidate, Peter Obi, as a tribal bigot

Our Vice Presidential Candidate, @PeterGregoryObi Chief Peter Obi is well known for his nationalist disposition and cannot in anyway be associated with tribal bigotry.

We therefore advices @elrufai to face the myriad of problems he has caused in Kaduna state for which the people have resolved to vote him out and stop his attempt to further foul the nation’s political space by making comments capable of stoking religious and ethnic division

El Rufai then responded;

I never respond to cluelessness, compounded by bad English. There isn’t a single thinking brain left in PDP….sad, only Wendell Simlins and their sort……sigh! We will meet first on February 16, 2019 – my birthday by the way….. then March 2 in sha Allah – Goodbye…..- Nasir

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  1. That reply was savage…second to none…He killed the argument with his epic response. Meanwhile I dont care about all these politicians though, they are all thieves.

  2. Leave English people and English language. If we can’t speak good english, Do English people know how to speak yoruba, Hausa, or Ibo ?
    Say or suggest reasonable things El – Rufai that will better the economy and lives of the citizens.

  3. I hope all these our politicians should use the little time they have to do something good for the masses instead of using it to talk on social media

  4. How would you have presented atiku to battle Buhari when he couldn’t operation a digital and yet he is digital than Buhari . El Rufai is just too legit

  5. All this is Politics whether the English is bad or not all politicians are the same our money had developed wings into their pockets

  6. Politicians are so unbelievably why do they pick problem in almost every thing. English is not by force is even an adopted language.

  7. How well can you also speak English? Please leave English,for English people and let’s deal with our own issues. This is Nigeria not an English country

  8. Political war, party affiliation all in the name of politics it’s hightime we understand that no matter your party or believe Nigeria is still one.

  9. English no ne my mother language oooo I wonder why my country people just carry this English Mata for head..Abeg na who go fit go make Chinese man make him speak English when him the talk to him brothers or wife…but for my country now person Weh sabi speak English well na him no book pass lol so funny Mehn..but am a patriot of the country sha

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