Good brains are in APC, yet the country is not working – Peter Obi mocks El-rufai

PDP’s Vice Presidential candidate, Peter Obi who sat for an interview on ARISE News Television, reacted to a statement credited to Governor Nasir El-Rufai on no single thinking brain left in the PDP.

Good brains are in APC, yet the country is not working - Peter Obi mocks El-rufai lailasnews

Reacting to the statement, Peter Obi who disclosed that the country is collapsing, said;

“Well, all the good brains are in APC, but the country is not working. The good brains are in APC, yet the country is collapsing. That’s all I can say.  When APC came, this country was growing at six per cent, since they came, look at where we are! Everything has headed south, not one item is positive.”

On the face-off between the Labour congress and the Presidency, Peter Obi stated that there is need to sit down with labour, look at the income of the nation and the various states and determine the appropriate figure.

“Personally, I do not believe that somebody from Lagos should pay same thing with somebody from Ebonyi State. If you go all over the globe, there is no place where two states pay the same salary even America,” he said.

The former Governor of Anambra State also reacted to controversy surrounding the search of Atiku Abubakar, his plane and staff. According to Peter Obi, the Presidency is turning politics into a childish affair and what the PDP was concerned with now is to bring the country back to where it used to be.

The Presidential candidate further added that Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, would prioritize security, national unity, education and job creation, if elected president of Nigeria. According to him, the country is broken and another four years of the All Progressives Congress (APC) should be beyond contemplation of any right thinking Nigerian.


  1. There’s no topic of discussion that’s divides the citizens of any nation like politics. It’s not something I appreciate and don’t fancy any discussion regarding it.

  2. Our politicians are at it again. This is the season of abusing and antagonizing one another. Let there be love in the land.

  3. Politicians with their quarrelling with one another again. This is their season of antagonizing each other. When the dust has settled they will fine with one another once again.

  4. That’s true very true.if they got the best brain why are we suffering and why are we more and more indebted.why are we the poorest country now,why have we been taken behind among countries that attracts investment and why are herdsmen killing everyday,why can a finance Minister lie that she have Nysc certificate and even serve as a commissioner of a State,why is hardship on the rise,why is corruption one-sided,why are the South East marginalized,why is every consructive criticism met with intimidation and violence,why was osun election rigged….. There’s no ending to the why s.

  5. Yes there are good brain but they only use if for selfish interest that’s the problem with Nigeria politicians and that’s the reason why are we the poorest country now,why have we been taken behind among countries that attracts investment, because of corrupt mind that those politicians have foreign investors don’t longer come to invest in our country .

  6. Political war on point that’s how it is ,election around the corner by the time election is over that when you will start seeing mass defection of high political personnel reconciling themselves and start stealing the peoples money

  7. Yes good brains with bad intentions and corrupt minds. Their time has elapsed. Let us others the opportunity to steer the boat of the nation.

  8. My brother the shape of this country currently truely those not look as if anyone with brain is governing it at all. Apc is full of empty headed individual with the pretens of fighting corruption. Mr Peter obj you are very much right

  9. In my opinion,APC & PDP are like Siamese six & half a dozen.
    Two sides of d same coin.No difference.

  10. They shld stop pointing accusing fingers
    They are all the same

    What special thing did he do as governor of anambra

  11. When a party have brains and the brains didnt work the nation I think we need to change such a party because they have any thing to render for the nation.

  12. Our politicians have started again. This is just an abuse and its categorized as antagonizm of one another. Let there be unity in the land so that we can move forward.

  13. Even the Peoples Democratic Party cannot be trusted. Nigerians should look at the new parties ahead of 2019

  14. Hmmm politicals.yes oo agreed,polities is Brian Mehn with out brain no need to rule,it’s brain work oo so we all need that brain when ruling Facts..

  15. I would want to know who and who is obi referring as the good heads?
    In what aspect or capacity?
    Well they’re good heads at corruption, insensitivity, inhumane, lying and things more worse. I hate Nigerian politics

  16. Obi is right, I think this apc has failed the country, and we can’t continue like this, so we need a party that revive the situation of the country

  17. Don’t mind them they keep on claiming Mr/Mrs Know All yet nothing is happening in this country instead the country changed from bad to worst. May God help us.

  18. Maybe he just said the truth,we just have to accept IG,he has said his own opinion, let them look into it

  19. That’s truth, since Uk doctor declared our president a brain death, nothing is moving in this country but only killings

  20. Obi you are very funny. Nigeria is not practising true federalism like America…therefore all state.must pay same salary.

  21. Hahababababahahahah,,,this country sef,,, we are our problems, we no the right thing to do but we have refuse to do it

  22. Politics, a dangerous game. Where do we go from where? That’s what many Nigerians don’t know. To vote for APC or PDP. who will save Nigeria!!!!

  23. Same strategy APC used by condemning PDP is what is happening again. These old mongers have nothing to offer.

  24. Who is not who among them has he not held political post before he did, what can people point of adventures when he is in office, none.

  25. Everything has an expiring date, they were good heads but not anymore. Those are all old heads that need to be rested and allow young vibrant good head the chance in this country

  26. Our potential VP PETER OBI, pls tell them again and again. No brain in PDP but they had a well educated president that helped in sustaining the economy of Nigeria, which APC has succeeded in crumbling.

  27. You have spoke Jare good brain are in APC just that the brain get leakage it cant perform optimally now yeye people

  28. Our politicians have started again we all know all these na strategies by tomorrow another person will come out say his own

  29. The only thing left for these people to do is to fight dirty on the streets… We are not interested in whatsoever fight.

  30. If only both APC and PDP can stop all these political gimmicks to forge a way forward for our dear country instead of passing insults at each other!

  31. Not good brains, crook brains, they only know how steal and loot money in the name of fighting corruption.

  32. Politicians and their ways tire me. Wch kind Brain!! Maybe this is one of the strategies of APC to drag PDP to the mald

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