Gokada Fahim Saleh death: See his last video on Instagram

Fahim Saleh, the CEO of Gokada, was yesterday found dead and dismembered in New York, and here is his last video on Instagram.

Gokada Fahim Saleh death_ See his last video on Instagram lailasnews

Saleh’s body was found headless and dismembered inside his luxury Lower East Side apartment which he bought for $2.2 million in 2019.

The body of the 33-year-old was discovered by his sister who became worried after not hearing from him in a day.

She visited and found him headless while his body had been cut up and sorted into different plastic bags. A power saw which was still plugged in was also found in the apartment.

In his last Instagram video which is now going viral on social media, Fahim Salem delivered a passionate speech following the ban of motorcycles and tricycles in certain parts of Lagos.

He said he’s been quiet regarding recent events because he’s trying to “process it” and decide on how to react to it.

He went on to speak about the Gokada vision, why he started the company and how much money has gone into it. He also spoke about efforts made to train drivers extensively, how they were provided with materials to work better and how they monitored riders to eliminate the bad ones immediately so as to reduce bike accidents on the road.

He added that their efforts resulted in an accident rate of less than 0.1%.

Watch video below;

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