Givers go broke – Real Estate Mogullete Ololade

Real Estate Mogullete Ololade Abuta who addressed the ‘entitlement mentality’ syndrome in Nigeria, stated that givers go broke.

Givers go broke - Real Estate Mogullete Ololade lailasnews

This came after Nigerian social media influencer, Ibrahim Salawu wrote on Twitter;

One moment people are at conferences bragging and teaching people how they made it big, the moment you say “boss plis epp me” they start telling saying “Baba all na packaging o” “I never chop since 2014”

However reacting to this, the Real Estate Mogullete disclosed that when a successful person doesn’t help those that reach out to him, they should understand they are not the only ones that have access to him or her. She further maintained that when givers go broke, those who usually ‘hail’ them, stop calling them boss.

She wrote;

I want to address dis frm my own experience 😁 Wen u ask a successful person for help and he doesn't help U, U need to understand dat U are not d only person dat has access to dat person and as you hav requested for help over 100 people has requested for help frm d same person😁 it's in Nigeria I knw dat if you set 100 billion naira aside for charity,dat 100 billion will finish and still wouldn't go round 😜 most times d huge money I set aside for charity monthly don't even reach 1 quarter of d people requesting for help frm me 😃😃 dey say givers never lack but in Nigeria if you don't take eyes off some requests U will give till all UR investments will finish 😃😃 I knw alot of givers in Nigeria dat are broke today, and the moment you get broke, they stop hailing you and stop calling you boss 😁😃 may God help us

Givers go broke - Real Estate Mogullete Ololade lailasnews 1


  1. Ahahahahahah brokers club no be small be God bless the givers.., if u have enough to make someone happy do it

  2. I agree with that. People should understand that life is not a bed of rose. Sometimes things might not be smooth but some people will see it as a stingy person who doesn’t want to help

  3. amen,she actually saying the truth,someone has to be careful when it comes to doing charity..there are too much poor people in the country and few are rich,so is even affecting the economy

  4. Riches is not just about cash, even your health is wealth, so people shouldn’t stop been good to others, givers never lack

  5. I believe in givers never lack,for the fact that you approached a wealthy man and seeks for help and he couldn’t help at the moment does not mean he’s broke,.maybe you the writer is the broke one acting posh!

  6. Givers never lack depending on the motive you use in giving, give without expecting something in return.

  7. She’s right though.
    But if you don’t give them, they will say you are stingy, Then they start blasphemy you.

  8. I agree with you jare, Because you are successful does not mean you should throw money around if don’t take off your eyes from most request you will go broke

  9. I disagree with that, if you give with all your heart, you can’t be broke God will find Another to make you rich

  10. Yes you are right shaa…but givers never lack..the truth is that some of this money you people give out..its still the rich that gets it more…

  11. I agree on this. People misuse the chances given to them. Instead of working hard that go begging because it’s a celebrity.

  12. So true, people should understand that d rich are not indebted to them, if u ask someone for help and person reaches out to nd render d help no matter how small u should be grateful a d show appreciation, but if it doesn’t come move t nd hustle make ur own money nd help others too, not coming to social media to call people names because they didn’t render d help t wanted.

  13. Giving is good when you give wisely and from your heart with good motive . but giving foolishly is endangering your self.

  14. She is not correct, when you give your hand is open and then more things can enter that’s fact of life

  15. Givers wil never go broke, because givers never lack, when you give out to the poor God wil reward you for that , this life is not bed of roses were u get anything you want easily

  16. This woman has a point and giving has to be with understanding.. you can’t satisfy the insatiable desire of man. Most people don’t understand

  17. I agree with that. People should understand that life is not a bed of rose. Sometimes things might not be smooth but some people will see it as a stingy person who doesn’t want to help and things is not done like that.

  18. I disagree with you. When you give with the right motive without blowing trumpet ahead of you, you won’t lack

  19. I sence the truth anyway…when you have opportunity to help the poor one pls do n still do more..the reward is coming from unknown expectation.

  20. What she said is truth.she’s not saying we should stop giving but use your brain when giving because one person can’t eradicate poverty and hunger in the land.remember people hail you when you have but discards you when you don’t have anymore, be wise.

  21. It is more blessed to give than to receive. Wisdom is also needed when giving and directions on giving can also be important.

  22. No lies . She said the truth. Givers do go broke but people don’t want to hear that or believe . It’s all about give me give me . Some people takes it like entitlement already

  23. I concor with her, she even went further and addressed that when givers go broke, those who usually ‘hail’ them, stop calling them boss, which is true. This happens

  24. there are too much proverty in the country and few are rich,it much affecting the economy of this Nation

  25. This is very true …because of the economic situation of the country ….people are watchful about giving now

  26. Even the Bible says Givers never lack so she should be patient and wait for blessings to come

  27. Smile.. What you said is true.. But one thing is that in that kind of situation giver must be wise and know wat he or she is doing

  28. Givers never lack, it’s a spiritual principle. Your times of not having cannot be traced to the fact that you gave. The only way to consistent progress is giving.

  29. Givers they say never lack, but there are times things are not smooth with them, people that gain from them should understand

  30. Giving doesn’t make people go broke, lack of ideas and investment do, people must understand the principles of success

  31. Givers never lack sincerely but it depend on the type of giving you render, rending help and make it know to over millions of people is that one giving, u hv receive the reward publicly, give and never think ure giving, they it multiplies, even if the poverty of Nigeria is 90%, the way you give it out will reach them all.. May God bless all pocket that gives

  32. Giving is good when you give wisely and from your heart with good motive . but giving foolishly is endangering your self.
    Which implies there’s a way one should channel his givings .

  33. givers never lack
    but there are some rich people out there and they are not even ready to help the poor people and is Even if is one or two person the rich people help they will never lack but this Nigeria they are not ready oo

  34. Am in total agreement to this , when u loose your money, the people that kept calling you boss will stop calling

  35. Giving has it own limit nah nobody is asking you to give away all ur investment and stay empty, wisdom giving u know when you are to give and when to give. So please giver with wiseness doesn’t go broke.

  36. True talk. That’s why everyone must be smart. If you’re not careful you will go from giver to begged in no time

  37. What you said is just the abstract truth. You cannot please all. When you are giving out they are happy but the moment there is a sky in it, you become a talk of the moment, with awkward statement use in addressing you

  38. Life is all about ups and down,it’s when you have excess that is when you give out, with this hardship we are facing seriously everyone is currently broke.

  39. Funny but truth. If you help one person in Nigeria, 10 more will come to you on the same day seeking help

  40. This is only happening because the receivers of this charity do not give to others and so the cycle always stops abruptly.

  41. The truth be told you can’t reach out to everybody, but at the same time some rich people dont know how to give they are stingy, and givers never go broke, they don’t lack.

  42. I agree with ololade. In Nigeria, shine your eyes to give if not you will go broke. Some that you give will bewitch you of your money. One have to be wise in giving but for real, givers never lack.

  43. You cannot satisfy everyone but I believe that givers never lack the more you give the more you get reward.

  44. Yes I support her too, givers go broke. Going by one adage in Yoruba that says that “if you have just only one rich man in a family where you have 6 poor people, all of them are poor”. The reason is that his own wealth cannot take care of all the families needs

  45. It depends the angle the giver is giving to people. If he gives with the intention of them paying back, his reward is the accolades he receives.

  46. This is one of the reason why we do not progress,u have two hands two leg and u are also strong and healthy,why can’t you work and make money your self and stop depending on others

  47. Amen ooh. May God help us. I wander what beggers earn in their lives. Instead of asking a successful person how they will be successful too. They will be busy asking for what they will have for a mean time.

  48. I totally concur with her views on the subject matter. In Nigeria you have to give with sense, else those that you give to will later cause you

  49. She is absolutely right but unfortunately people do not realize this but would rather bad mouth the person once the giving stops

  50. With due regards, Ololade Abuta, I disagree with you on this. Yes, anyone can go broke including givers but it is not because you are a giver that you go broke.

  51. Lol
    If you want to dedicate yourself towards helping the broke
    You will soon join them in the begging club
    Even Bill gate self can’t help it cos many of them do not have the idea of creating wealth

  52. yes your right in some point but the fact is that blessed is the hand that giveth than the one dat taketh

  53. Absolutely true the pressure sometimes is just so much on them. The people who are helping are few that is why the pressure is too much in them. Some Nigerians are not helping matters, they have just made used their minds to beg.

  54. The simple truth still remains that one’s spending must be balanced to avoid spending more than you save or at the long run, you’ll go broke.

  55. I agree with her. U may have a rich uncle with loads of responsibility and when u ask him for money if he says no money u will think dat he is lying but he is not cos there are many bills he needs to sort

  56. That’s very true its not every request that one should grant, you must have enough to give out, not give out till you start lacking, cos once you go broke you become less important, so givers be wise.

  57. This is not far from the truth, some people feel is their right to collect collect collect because they are in need, it always doesn’t work that way. Some of this people will never appreciate you

  58. It’s only God that will help us in this Nigeria o but I still stand with God’s word givers never lack

  59. Very truth is your statement when you help one person many will come asking for you to help them too, but the truth remains you cannot help everyone at the same time, my opinion on this is to help the most needful or urgent needs at that particular time .

  60. blessed is the hand that give, but don’t kill yourself if you can not give and never be too ashamed to ask when you have need

  61. That is the characteristics of our beggars, some even take begging as their entire life business. Is God that will help us through.

  62. it is God that bless its children to bless other, the bible said give it shall be given to you, so we should obey God.

  63. True talk. The wide gap between the rich and poor in this country is alarming. So no matter how much set aside it can never go found except the gap is bridged

  64. You are right for the words but the truth remains that givers never lack though try not to be a foolish giver sha

  65. “Give and it shall be given unto you, good measures, pressed down, shaking together shall men giv unto you”.what is this person saying now?This person shld read the bible.

  66. This is very true and those who give should be careful and watch and know that their source of income isn’t blocked because if it does they will go broke

  67. Giving is not only financial I realize that when I give it seems like I don’t have for a while then the influx become humongous so if God said it I believe it so mongulette shift

  68. God would bless you for this, am I living witness of this,, after giving at the end you would be left with nothing even to feed well

  69. Yes o, tell them. Everyday is not Christmas. Not every time is able to give or assist. People shld understand and not give those who give the bad names because of that

  70. you are definitely right. Givers never Lack..Blessings always follows the person, but the most annoying thing is that truth some of this money that is given out to people, is the rich people that will channel with little to the poor.

  71. True to an extent. U should be able to give only what u set aside for giving else na hunger go finish u

  72. People should understand that life is not a bed of rose. Sometimes things might not be smooth but some people will see it as a stingy person who doesn’t want to help, nice writeup

  73. The hands that gives never runs dry unless you did it giving your selves the glory when you should give it to God for the opportunity to give.

  74. You must be talking from experience . This is a funny analysis . But i totally disagree unless you give the wrong way

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