Give us a new Dubai in Nigeria – Citizens urge Gov Sanwo-Olu

A civil society group, Concerned And Patriotic Citizens’ (C&PAC) has tasked Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State to produce Africa’s “own Dubai” in the state.

Give us a new Dubai in Nigeria – Citizens urge Gov Sanwo-Olu

The group during a peaceful public rally held in Lagos also enjoined Lagosians to be patient and avoid choking the governor with external stress, unfounded curiosity, and unproductive criticisms.

In a statement signed by the national president of C&PAC, Jacob Oladayo, the group, since the inception of Nigeria’s democracy, Lagos state has enjoyed the leadership of great men.

Oladayo said these leaders – Bola Tinubu, Babatunde Fashola and now Babjide Sanwo-Olu – have always rekindled the hopes of a prosperous Lagos state and Nigeria in general.

He said Lagosians lack accurate words to describe these governors’ leadership since 1999 till date.

Oladayo said the C&PAC has observed that Sanwo-Olu’s first steps in less than 30 days are encouraging, very promising and, exciting in the direction of a leader who has focus, an agenda and a destination.

He said the Lagos state governor will be turning the state into the Dubai of Africa in just a few months.

“If we mellow on these distractions and psychological distortions on his leadership of the state to allow him to concentrate fully,” Oladayo said.

“And we loud this optimistically because we have quietly observed his sound beginning. And to echo that we have seen another state leader in the mold of the likes of Asiwaju Tinubu is tantamount to voicing the obvious.

We have seen that in the first month in office, Governor Sanwo-Olu is trying to unite the diverse and feuding interests in our state; some of whom are still immersed in indignation over the politics that brought a change of regime in the state. Is the Governor wrong? Shall we continue fighting even after elections at the expense of development and prosperity?” Oladayo queried.

He also noted that the Lagos state government has engaged all stakeholders from NPA to LASTMA; visited dumpsites around the vicinity, signed executive orders, and has reeled out the riot act to traffic offenders.

He said the governor personally and physically chased a traffic offender, an apt indication that, his administration intends to tackle the problem of artificial congestion of Lagos frontally.

“We are sure the governor is working behind the curtains, talking to stakeholders’ and relevant authorities into an understanding to respond to the popular consensus that would deliver a clean Lagos megacity to all of us.

“We once again appeal to every one of us to give our Governor some reasonable time to work before these assessments. As he said, if we want to see the transformation of Lagos into Africa’s Dubai after his four years, we got to free him of external stress, unfounded curiosity, and unproductive criticisms,” he said.

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