Girls who shave on 1st visitation to a guy’s house are not wife material – Man says

A Nigerian guy identified on Facebook as Chydo Lawrence has blasted ladies that shave their pubic regions on their 1st visitation to a man’s house. In his opinion, they are not wife material.

Girls that shave on 1st visitation to guys' house are not wife material - Man lailasnews 3
Girls that shave on 1st visitation to guys’ house are not wife material – Man

Lawrence made this known in a post he made on a Facebook group, YabaLeftOnline Ward.

He wrote;

Any girl who shaves her p#ssy hairs before visiting a guy for the first time is not a wife material.
It means she already have the mentality of s*x on her first visit.

Wife materials leave it bushy, a little bushy or shaved but won’t be newly shaved to prove It wasn’t shaved for that visiting purpose! They’re the real Queens, not fake Asss pretenders.

I didn’t say you should be dirty as a girl, But shaving few hours before visiting a guy for the first time have reduced the percentage of your wife materialism 👍👍👍

Don’t come and argue. Just learn!!.

Speaking for the guys ❤️


  1. There’s truth in what he said, it reflects the state of her mind, expecting sex on first visit. Trying to impress the man. We ladies should realize that, every relationship or a visit to a man’s house must not end on bed.

  2. that is from his own perception, I totally disagree with him…that is not a good measure to known a virtuous woman.

  3. That’s not a yardstick to know a wife material.why did the guy invite her to his house,if he has nothing in his mind.they are suppose to meet in a public place.

  4. This guy spoilt every thing by saying he’s speaking for the guys .That’s total rubbish. He should speak for himself because I don’t tow his line of belief at all.

  5. Is it that our parents are not doing their works so well again that people are no longer conversant with too morals, especially young girls and boys?

  6. You can’t say its all, some may be because the place is bushy so shaving it will be a way of taking care of it.
    Hence concluding it’s all is wrong.

  7. I wonder the kind of measuring tape men use to measure this material of a thing. That’s your opinion guy, try not to speak for other guys. And besides ,your measurement is lame

  8. What a perception, indeed every one is entitled to his or her opinion sha, but this post ahhhhhh its not educative @ all

  9. This is true somhow..she came prepared….see mindset…hahahaha…this guy is speaking from experience..

  10. You are correct, why should she want to shave,if she is visiting the guy, for the first time,her expectation is for him to have sex with her,she will be regarded as cheap and loose,the guy won’t have respect for her

  11. Na you sabi. Everyone have different definition of wife material.
    Any man who wanna have sex with a lady on their first visitation is not a husband material.

  12. I think the guy is right, for the girl to shave on her first visit to a guys house shows that she has the intention of sleeping with the guy but it is still not a criteria to know a wife material

  13. Don’t say so maybe it’s wasn’t because of you maybe she did it cause she wants or forgot to so she remember to that day

  14. Should you even visit at all to know whether its bushy or not. The bed remains undefiled till marriage, no apology.

  15. i dont know of the wife material part but he is definitely right. why should a girl shave before her first visit? just like he said, she already has it in mind that shit is going down during that first visit and an african queen wouldnt bring herself down to that level. thats absurd

  16. Stupidity! Every nicompoop has an opinion on SM and thank the internet even failures now have a voice, this thing too has an opinion about a woman, hiss stupidity indeed!

  17. I don’t really know about whether she is a wife material or not but all I know is that any girl that shaves has the intention of sex for the first time

  18. Bros u are not speaking for all guys o..u are speaking for ursef…we no work

    Dat means u sleep with every galthat visits u….if not how else wld u have known

    Don’t come and give us (guys) bad names Biko……

  19. If you are a husband material as well I don’t you will ask a girl for sex on the first visit,that shows that you too also have to learn don’t argue

  20. Really, expecting sex on first visit. Trying to impress the man. We ladies should realize that, every relationship or a visit to a man’s house must not end on bed

  21. He has a point there. because that shaving shows that she has sex in mind. Every body is a learner I have learn this now.

  22. You have your own point in what you said but is not every woman that shave on their first date for sex purpose

  23. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. You don’t know what it’s in her mind. She just shaved and that’s it.

  24. In my own candid opinion sir, you are partially right though it may not be real deal but been fake is not an option

  25. Well everyone has their choice but I don’t agree with this..and shaving dose not determine if someone is a good wife material or not

  26. I don’t think the guy is right . I think its all about choice and she can make a joint to shave or not . It’s cleanliness to me

  27. At The Point Of My View, Its Very Bad….
    This Is Insunating That The Girl Is Not Clean, She Shave Because She Knows She Can End Up Having Sex With The Man,

  28. That is a blatant lie bro.That does not make it a wife material at all. Individual differences .

  29. Stupidity of highest order, so she should be bushy, anyways having sex in mind also when a lady wanna come visit you, reduce your husband material, she might have a shave not even thinking of you, so think before you speaks

  30. Shave or no shave, sex or no sex, if the guy will marry later on, he will. But come o babes, how Una go dey tink of sex on the first day of visiting? Am just asking o

  31. You are stupid for sending such oh oh I think that’s the only shaving stick in your house that’s why you are panicking.

  32. I wanted to refute that statement but i think you’re right
    They are no more than fake ass pretenders

  33. Well, I agree to disagree with that. There are some elements if truth in the post. But that’s not a yardstick to know a wife material.why did the guy invite her to his house,if he has nothing in his mind.they are suppose to meet in a public place. It’s well with ladies sha.

  34. So it means that a lady that wants to have sex on her first visit is not a wife material, but a guy can do the same and still be a husband material, so ladies can’t decide that they like a guy and want to have sex with him. You are just a hypocrite.

  35. So shaving has nw attributed to wife material
    Funny tho.
    BT ladies pls before keeping DAT bushy armpit think of if u av an emergency .

  36. Instead of him to say that’s how he judges wife materials, dumb ass, you have not seen whores with bushy underneath, mumu.

  37. How will he even know that she shaved if not that she is loose and will sleep with the person on first date. Then she really is not a material

  38. I don’t support this point on this lot of ladies shave almost everyday without have any mission in mind depend on I dividuals

  39. That is a clear message to him you want him to hit third base. Don’t shave , go looking so unkempt and smelling so awful. Infact no brush or bath go. He won’t come near you. Lol

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