Girlfriend finds out online her boyfriend had married someone else hours after they spoke on FaceTime, PiggyVest co-founder Odun Ewniyi narrates

Odun Eweniyi, the co-founder of PiggyVest, has narrated how a girlfriend found out online that her boyfriend had gotten married.

According to Eweniyi, the girl who was dating a Yoruba guy did not know that her boyfriend was getting married.

She also revealed that the girl FaceTimed her boyfriend few hours but didn’t know he was getting married that same day.

Eweniyi said that the marriage took place on Saturday but the lady found out about the wedding yesterday after she saw the wedding pictures.

Eweniyi took to Twitter to narrate the incident. She tweeted: “Someone I know facetimed her boyfriend last Saturday morning.

“He got married that Saturday afternoon. But not to her. She saw the photos yesterday. “And yes, he’s Yoruba.”


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