Girl plans to auction her virginity to pay her parents’ mortgage

A teenage girl is auctioning off her virginity to pay her parents’ mortgage and also sponsor herself through university.

The 18-year-old from Sydney set up the website using the pseudonym Siena Payton shortly after birthday last month. She hopes to raise close to $100,000 to offset the bill.

So far she has received two bids, one for £570 ($1,000 AUS) and one for £5,709 ($10,000 AUS), but she hopes to raise more, The Sun UK reports.

She said:

“That’s not my goal amount. I’m hoping for $100,000.”

Payton said she got the idea after seeing news stories online about supposed “virginity auctions” where some young women claimed to have made millions of dollars.

She said:

“I’ve been thinking about it for a long time and I thought I would give it a go.

“I thought it’s best to do it now, later on I might meet someone and I don’t want to have to wait for my first time because I’m still waiting to sell my virginity.”

Payton, who hopes to study IT at the University of Technology Sydney, said it wasn’t a big deal to her and she sees it as an opportunity to get financial help.

She said:

“I just need some quick financial help and I think it’ll give me a good boost to help pay for uni fees, I know you have to buy a lot of textbooks.

“Also a car, and I can help my parents pay off their mortgage and pay bills.”

She said she had applied on the website but the process was “very tedious and long” so she pulled out, which she now realised was a “good decision as something could’ve gone wrong”.

She reached out to another woman for advice, a 22-year-old student from Brazil who told media in August she was auctioning her virginity for £740,000 ($1.3million AUS).

Payton said she didn’t want to ask her parents, who are originally from South America, for any financial help and would “probably” never tell them.


  1. This is crazy…what is this world turning into? May God send her helper to stop this nonsense she is about doing.

  2. What a world….
    Pleae dont do that, no amount of money you get will ever equate the price of your virginity…so please just be patient with God..he will send you helper

  3. Why can’t you think of a better way to raise the money than selling your virginity,you are not been fair to yourself and to your future husband

  4. She has a good reason but who care about virginity. In the world today 80% of guys doesn’t appreciate virginity again

  5. Selling virginity!! Gosh, what is world turning into?. Waiting for this useless thing since? You are not serious. What if the person that has the $100,000 has HIV AIDS? God save your life.

  6. Oh my God!!! This made me shed tears right now, she wants to sacrifice her virginity just to ease her parents from debts and see herself through school. I pray God will send a helper to her because what she’s trying to do is not easy.

  7. Autioning your virginity is not the solution to you and your family’s financial problems, what if After you succeed with your plans, what happens to your conscience? Its not acceptable at all.

  8. She wants to hang her hand in a place that her hand won’t reach, she wants a car, school fees, mortgaged debt of her parents, verginity for sell

  9. Well, whether you sell it or not, God will surely make a way for you in a way that you will have enough to take of your parents needs and yours.

  10. This is not good so you won’t regret this act of yours in the nearest future you have to think twice about this,may God raise a helper for you ijn

  11. doing that is the wrong thing . is better for you to work and get the money for them . than giving your body out.

  12. So now that you are online, your parent never still know abi? You’re not serious at all, in everything, all you can think of to raise money is to sell your VJ. Isokay continu

  13. I pray she gets help before she sells it off. At this point I don’t blame her. I believe her family has gotten to that point where there is no hope again and in her little Way she has to use what she has to help everyone in that home

  14. Wat in God’s name is wrong with this girl,how can you auction your virginity to pay off mortgage that your parents are owing.dats a dumb excuse to get into prostitution and not for financial help(educationally)

  15. Don’t you ever try that, just pray hard for God to send someone to come to your rescue instead of selling your virginity

  16. This is a total madness, for me to dis flower you with such amount of money, there is something mystery behind it

  17. Girl, there is what is called dignity and pride and you want to sell your own dignity just for money? There are other ways you can raise money but not like this please.

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