Girl commits suicide after father caught her having sex on his bed

A 16-year-old girl has committed suicide after her father caught her making love to her boyfriend in her father’s bedroom.
The incident is reported to have happened in Kasenge, Kyengera town council in Uganda. Kiraka Mugisha, the father of the deceased, is reported to have returned home one afternoon and found his daughter Kemigisha having sex with her boyfriend on his bed.
Girl commits suicide after father caught her having sex on his bed lailasnews 3
Girl commits suicide after father caught her having sex on his bed

Shocked by what he had witnessed, the father reported the case to the Police, accusing his daughter’s boyfriend Kelvin Yunus Kaddu of defilement.
The Police subsequently decided to detain Kaddu who is 18 and released Kemigisha who was described as a minor since she was under age. However, the following day, the girl surprisingly took her own life by hanging herself in her father’s bedroom.
According to a report by the, Mr. Mugisha was left distraught by what he witnessed and shouted to draw the attention of neighbours.
“What Satan has invaded my home? What have I done to God to deserve this? What kind of curse is this? I am finished,” he is quoted as lamenting.
Meanwhile, the Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire, has confirmed the crime, saying investigations into the whole incident had commenced.
He further stated that preliminary medical examinations conducted had earlier proved that Kemigisha was actually defiled.
“Her father said he spent the night at his shop perhaps, he was annoyed by the daughter’s alleged action. He visited his home in the morning and was shocked to find his daughter hanging dead on a rope in his bedroom,” Mr Owoyesigyire explained.


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  1. Everday sucide, who knows what could be the causes of all this sucide.
    Imagine this year my school mate just commited sucide for no reason, and now he is forgotten and life continues.
    God please help us.

  2. Hanging herself is not the solution at all. She has left her dad in sorrow and the other guy in trouble. However, after the investigation by the Police the case should be treat with Justice. May her soul rest in peace.

  3. The cause of the sucide might be because her boy friend was detained and in her own mentality she will think he will not come out again or that she is sceard to face the father

  4. The father didn’t handle it well,he would have taken her for counseling.she was depressed because her father was angry with her and her boyfriend was arrested.

  5. Chai she is disappointed with herself,she felt so sorry by doing that,that means what she did wasn’t from her mind,she couldn’t stand the shame

  6. And what the hell was that sinxebyou did not commit it with your father though he might scold you but not to the extent of taking the law into your hands rip

  7. Maybe she thought her father was going to beat or at worse kill her, so she chose the easy way or probably the girl has some problems she couldn’t disclose to her father.

  8. I think there’s more to why she committed suicide. This is just an addition to the pain the was already suffering. Poor man, take heart, she chose to go that way. No amount of lament will reverse the situation.

  9. The poor girl lacked orientation, she taught she’s entirely finished, knowing what she has done. Now the bf didn’t do well atal to come to the girls house to have sex her dad’s bedroom

  10. My goodness. Using her father’s room is a typical disgrace to her. Now she’s killed herself, just like that. Shame on her.

  11. Killing herself is very wrong naa… That’s a very wrong approach… I think not every body can leave with that guilt anyways

  12. The truth is that no one can question the dead because for her to take her life i believe something might have happened to her. Probably she did asked the father to forgive her and her boyfriend or she was too scared and ashamed to face her father. Which ever one it is may her soul rest in peace.

  13. Suicide mission wasn’t the best option she woul have apologize to the father maybe he would have listened, Although it was very wrong for her to make love with her boyfriend in her father’s room

  14. What is this life turning to? Is suicide anyway a solution to whatever happened? I am sure she will be regretting her action wherever she is right now.

  15. Maybe it was out of fear,,,,she thought the father would kill her so she decided to kill herself ,,because she couldn’t face the disgrace,,,anyway parents should learn to draw their children close no matter the offence ,,,although she committed and aborminable act,but that shouldn’t make parents so harsh

  16. Haaaa she went too far maybe because she can’t face his father and the public, where will she go now from sex to killing herself? So sad

  17. This world is finishedChildren having sex at a very young age..They’re also committing suicide too??? I’m really speechless

  18. What is this world turning in2.
    The father made a mistake by saying the bf defiled the daughter. The both wanna enjoy what adults enjoy.

  19. This is what is called foolishness in the highest order, killing yourself is really bad, you just wasted your life all because you are depressed, it is free will you had sex, it was not rape now, so rest in peace.

  20. I think this is a lesson to parents to guide their children well expecially female children once they are in puberty stage they always think they are action and behaviors are the best. May her soul rest in peace sha but this not the best way

  21. This world is finished, children having sex at a very young age..They’re also committing suicide too??? I’m really speechless….

  22. I feel so disappointed with this little girl like if having a boyfriend at a young age isn’t enough she now had to commit suicide what for

  23. The stigma of rembering that her father knows that she is no more a virgin and she might be downgraded by this act, increases her taught to commit suicide.

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