Ghanaians cooking biggest pot of Jollof rice ever? (Video)

The rivalry between Nigeria and Ghana on which country prepares the best jollof rice is about to take a new turn as some Ghanaians were captured on video cooking the biggest pot of the special rice.

In the video, about 5 to 6 men were seen putting final touches to the sweet delicacy, which has caused several rancor between citizens of the two West African countries.

Ghanaians cooking biggest pot of Jollof rice ever (Video)

See the video:

There have been so many social media fights among Nigerians and Ghanaians on the jollof rice issue. Nigerians belief they make the best jollof while Ghanaians also claim the best is from their country.

But according to a certain school of thought, the best jollof rice is from Senegal, and it is quite interesting as citizens of the French-speaking country have never entered into any sort of contest on whether they make the best jollof – Well it could be as a result of the language barrier.

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