Ghanaian teacher teach maths in a very practical way (video)

A video of a Ghanian teacher illustrating the difference between a proper and improper fraction has made its way online and has gone viral for the practicability of the teacher’s illustration.

Ghanaian teacher teach maths in a very practical way


In the video, the young man was seen carrying a student on his shoulders saying to them that is an example of a proper fraction, that is, when the smaller number is above and the bigger number below.

He went further to buttress his point by bringing down the pupil and placing the boy in between his legs, and the teacher instructed the little boy to carry him, he was heard asking the class ‘can he carry me?’ repeatedly.

According to the young teacher, that was an example of an improper fraction. The kids seemed to love the drama as they kept giggling.

Watch the video below:

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