Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim looks stunning in a new photo

Juliet Ibrahim, a Ghanaian actress, film producer, singer and humanitarian took it to her instagram page to share very beautiful photo of hers and also showcasing her new phone saying all the things she likes about it.

She wrote:

I am super excited using the new iland genesys mobile phone. I needed a new inexpensive phone that takes good quality pictures and all I have been doing is waving my hand at the phone

screen to snap photos especially with my busy life style; there’s no time to enter passcode! When I am texting someone and I decide to

just call them instead; all I have to do is place the phone to my ear without pressing anything and it dials automatically!

Juliet Ibrahim

Just some days ago Juliet Ibrahim, actress and model, says she decided to take her relationship off social media to “focus on my life and career”.

The Ghanaian superstar said her private life will not be featured on her social media henceforth, saying, “it is all about my day job going forward”.Ibrahim said she felt the need to release a statement to the effect to counter a false “trending story” about her.

In a statement published on Instagram, she said: “Months ago I decided it was time to face my day job and thus took off aspects of my private life offmy social media handles.

Usually, I follow trending stories about me and have a good laugh but not today.“The only story here is that I decided to take any form of relationship I have off my social media and focus on my life and my career while juggling 2 countries

.“This move has sent the media crazy with insinuations about my private life. Please note that it is all about my day job on my social media handles going forward.

If I need to let the world know about what’s going on in my private life, be rest assured that you will be the first to know.“Until then, please disregard all fakes quotes allegedly coming from me and alleged interviews which never happened.God bless you all. Thank you for your love and support.”


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