Georgina Onuoha criticizes fraudsters: “No matter how you sugarcoat it, you’re a thief

Former Nollywood actress Georgina Onuoha has criticize fraudsters on her social media page.

Onuha advised fraudsters to make legitimate money because there is dignity and respect in labor.

She added that those who engage in fraud are thieves, irrespective of how they try to twist the narrative and truth.

She wrote;
End of discussion. Hustle and earn with pride.
There is respect and dignity in labor that you built and worked for with honesty and truthfulness.

Stop worshiping criminals stealing money meant to build roads, hospitals, schools, clean water, electricity and basic infrastructure in your communities and country.

Remember that that slay Queen you are worshiping on social is eating money given to her by public office holders meant to pay your fathers retirement and pay doctors and teachers so they don’t go on strike in your community.

Until we begin to differentiate between ill gotten wealth and actual wealth built on integrity, we will continue to be our own worst nightmare.

Have a fabulous day/night my darling Ginafam.
Hustle with pride and integrity and may our creator bless the works of our hands.”


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