Gay Nigerian man narrates horrific ‘kito’ experience

A Nigerian gay man has taken to social media to narrate his horrific ‘kito’ experience, as other shared their experiences.

Kito is an internet slang that explains when a person pretends they are queer on social media and dating apps just to build an online rapport with a queer person with the aim of extorting them or causing physical harm to them when they finally meet on a date.

Gay Nigerian man narrates horrific 'kito' experience

A particular Kito victim took to Twitter to recount his experience and this led other gay people to speak up too. See what he wrote below;

My kito experience was in April 2017,on a beautiful Sunday evening. Dude kept calling me, begging to see me briefly.

I went to see him at Ama Wire MCC, I know the bus stop cuz I’ve lived around there, little did I know that it’s now a kito den.

I can’t even explain how I got

…the strength to fight off eight guys. During the fight, one of them rushed to a nearby shop, grabbed a bottle and smashed it on my head. They took my phone, power bank, charger, a wallet containing 26k.

It was a horrible experience that I can’t even wish on

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