Garbage collector spotted with gun, arrested

A garbage collector spotted with gun and whose picture went viral across social media, has been arrested.

He was seen with the pistol at Nairobi’s Pipeline estate in Kenya.

Garbage collector spotted with gun, arrested lailasnews 2
Garbage collector spotted with gun, arrested

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, the ‘garbage collector’ was seized on Friday after the matter was brought to their attention by Kenyans on Twitter (KOT).

“A man who was photographed armed & the matter brought to our attention has been arrested & will be charged accordingly.

“We thank #KOT for bringing this matter to our attention & for additional information that we received through DMS. Let’s work together to keep our country safe,” DCI said on Twitter.

The post from the DCI however did not indicate the identity of the man or what he will be charged with.

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  1. What is his mission, why carrying gun, he need to be beaten seriously so he can speak out. Wonders shall never end

  2. In my country this man will still be working free. In fact my president will come out and tell u that he don’t know the kind of camera used to document the picture.

  3. Does he have license to hold weapon…… He should be charged with that if he doesn’t have the license……. Then u charge him for holding weapon without license

  4. He should tortured so as for him to reveals his mission what is he doing with a gun no place is save human being anymore

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