Ganduje cannot be substituted, cash received not bribe – APC

The All Progressive Congress, APC has mentioned that the Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje cannot be substituted for in the 2019 election over his bribery allegation.

Also, a high-ranking member of the state chapter of the party claims the dollar bribes were donations made for political campaigns in the state, Premium Times reports.

We won’t substitute Ganduje over allegation, cash received not bribe - APC lailasnews 3

An online newspaper, Daily Nigerian, had a month ago, released video footages captured with a spy camera showing Governor Ganduje allegedly receiving $5 million bribe from a contractor.

On whether the embattled governor will eventually be dropped as APC’s Kano gubernatorial candidate in view of published video clips, the party’s National Publicity Secretary, Lanre Issa-Onilu, told PRNigeria that Mr Ganduje remains the standard bearer of APC in next year’s governorship election.

Mr Issa-Onilu, who clearly pointed out that the party lacks the power to change or arbitrarily substitute a bonafide candidate, added:

‘’The INEC guidelines on the selection or replacement of candidates are explicit. It doesn’t confer power on political parties to whimsically, arbitrarily or recklessly just substitute a candidate on frivolous grounds.

“It is only when a candidate dies, voluntarily withdraws from contesting an election, or a court pronouncement that a candidate can then be substituted or replaced, if you like. So as things stand, Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, regardless of the unfortunate development is and still remains APC’s Kano guber candidate. Don’t forget that the governor has sued the publisher of the online media for defamation of character,’’ he concluded

Meanwhile, a top party stalwart in Kano State who pleaded anonymity told PRNigeria that political parties in Nigeria collect donations and commissions from individuals and groups to fund electoral campaigns and mobilisation of members for political rallies.

The politician, who claimed to be actively involved in APC fund mobilisation in the state, said:

“There were agreements reached as early as 2016 on preparation for likely bye-elections and re-elections in 2019 where suggestions were made to accept donations and commissions from patrons and contractors in the state who are beneficiaries of government’s gesture.

“These donations are not for Ganduje, but for the party. They are to be deployed into funding the party’s activities and campaigns for the re-election bid of Mr President, the Governor and other APC aspirants for 2019 general elections.

“Political donations and payment of commission are common and legitimate means of appreciation and reward for patronage. Even in media organizations, generous discounts and commissions are provided up to 30 to 40%. Ganduje has therefore done nothing dishonourable and scandalous as other state governors are also beneficiaries of financial gifts, rewards and donations from people who can afford to give.”

Another insider in the party and top-functionary in Kano State Government, who equally spoke to PRNigeria in confidence, said though Mr Ganduje may have been caught receiving bribes, he has delivered beyond expectations as Kano governor and remains the most credible flagbearer of the party to guarantee a landslide victory in the next year’s governorship election.

“The governor has executed several beneficial projects across the states. If at all he hasn’t performed excellently, will President Buhari have applauded him in Paris? Nothing can be more significant than Mr President assuredly commending Ganduje on a diplomatic trip.”

Mohammed Garba, the Kano State Information Commissioner, was however asked by PRNigeria to verify the claim of the governor’s supporters and aides that he only collected donations and not bribes.

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But the commissioner declined to speak on the matter, saying it will amount to court contempt as the issue is already a litigation case.


  1. The truth will come out somday .they should continue playing politics there…corruption is too much in Nigeria politics..

  2. APC will never agree that ganduje or whatever his name is collected bribe. never seen people lie this much even when the evidence is there. what they’re trying to say is no member of apc can sin, they’re all saints in the making and living saints. until apc is removed from power, this country will never be great again

  3. Well they can say all they should one thing is that the truth will for sure be out now or in the future, all this politics I tire o

  4. APC is really run by cabals…. How can they say the bribery is a donation for political campaigns. No wonder they are where they are.

  5. This one is drunk…so u are saying Nigeriansare fools……we don’t know bribe and donations again when we see one…..this is just pathetic

  6. This country is a joke
    Where wierd things happen
    Snakes swallow money
    Nysc certificate can create a scene
    Projects r executed on paper
    Bribes become donations

  7. The truth is already out just that you people will not want to say the truth is very clear that this is bribery but our politics will not want the truth to be uncover

  8. never seen people lie this much even when the evidence is there. what they’re trying to say is no member of apc can sin.

  9. Bribery and corruption is no longer a News as long as Nigerian politics is concerned. If you remove him and places a new person, he or she will continue from where he stopped.

  10. Fools who are they trying to deceive we all know them they are big time criminals they go unpunished because of their ranks and positions

  11. If the cash received wasn’t bribe . Then they should tell us what it is then ? It was so obvious and glaring

  12. When will Nigerians ever have good governance free from bribery and corruption, governors should lead by example

  13. Let politics be genuine, that’s the only way our nation will progress, governors should imbide discipline

  14. $5million dollars bribe from a contractor is now changed to dollars bribe for political campaign for the state. Where do we go from here Nigerian. #corruptcountrylikethis

  15. Even if he accepted the bribe or not, they do not have the right to substitute him. After all, a lot of politicians has been stealing and they are still being re-elected to continue stealing.

  16. Politics one of the most ugly society ever seen. Since court have not condemns Ganduje as the APC Kano governor candidate it means he is still one the contestant.

  17. Even if he was caught red handed collecting the bribe, he will still refute the alegation. Politicians are just like that in Nigeria. But God dey !

  18. They are only concerned about themselves. After everything they won’t remember we voted for them.

  19. Lol lol they are fighting corruption and this kind of thing is happening in this country and they are all dumb.

  20. So the money is now donation for election campaign, let them be twisting the story.It will affect their result if they still use him.

  21. That is politics for you, if that he belongs to pdp they would have termed it bribery and say he is corrupt but because he’s in apc immunity has covered him

  22. If the money was bribe he would never admit it so he should be allowed to contest, he might be the peoples choice

  23. I trust Apc never to accept any corruption charges…. Ganduje is irreplaceable since he’s an Apc chieftain

  24. APC has always known how to manipulate and figure out in all the action to the fellow aspirants…..wisdom is being canter with the same……

  25. I can’t believe it, bride become donation for campaign…. this can only happen in this administration.

  26. Yes naa because it is APC it is not bribe naa it is dollar donation, nonsense assuming it was PDP in power now EFCC will know their job

  27. Nigerian politician’s are all thief’s they should continue with their evil deeds, I don’t care if the cash given is was a bribe to hell with them father’s of corruption.

  28. APC is leading and they know how to manoeuvre. This political party is really run by cabals…. How can they say the bribery is a donation for political campaigns. No wonder they are where they are. Watch out for next year’s election

  29. Can you see this under buhari administration and even in same party and he his fighting corruption so with all the videos we saw this man is innocent you people should continue God will judge you all according to your deeds

  30. Corruption is too much in this country. D truth will come out someday. Politics a dangerous and dubious game

  31. Comment*Indeed donations.With the kind of drama that unfold daily in this county it shows that these guys are just businessmen. It is high time for INEC to amend their guidelines.

  32. The truth will come out somday .they should continue playing politics there…corruption is too much in Nigeria politics..

  33. I know they would always find a way to defence themselves corruption has eaten deep our political system, corruption is even worst under this APC

  34. Is he trying to claim that he’s a cheerful giver by giving out$5 million dollars which he claimed it’s not a bribe?

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