FUTA Assault: Obalola allegedly has pending disciplinary case

The male student of the Federal University of Technology, Akure, FUTA, Obalola who assaulted a female student, allegedly has a pending disciplinary case with the management of the institution.

According to a social media report, Obalola is to be served a suspension letter after the semester examination over an undisclosed case.

FUTA Assault: Obalola allegedly has pending disciplinary case

It now looks like his sentencing will be a very long one.

Make I burst una head small.The guy, Obalola (300L, IDD), that led the FUTA beating squad, has a pending disciplinary case with @FUTAkure. He was to be issued a Letter of Suspension after exams. Now he has added to his disciplinary workload. He is a well known trouble maker!

The video of the students assaulting the victim had gone viral yesterday and it sparked online outrage.

According to reports, one of the students had notified her school father of an alleged false reports by the victim – she had alleged that the victim was telling people she and her friends were sleeping around for the iPhone.

In the video, the school father could be seen assaulting the female students by beating her repeatedly. He was joined by the other students in the room, and the entire incident was captured on camera.



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