Franck Ribery ‘slaps’ French reporter thrice after Bayern Munich defeat

Bayern Munich striker, Franck Ribery who got into a heated conversation with a French reporter reportedly slapped him thrice as confirmed by his club.

Franck Ribery 'slaps' French reporter thrice after Bayern Munich defeat lailasnews

The club have issued a statement declaring they’ll deal with the altercation internally, which they hope will resolve the ugly incident. Bayern’s sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic told ​Bild:

“Franck Ribery has informed us that he had an altercation with his compatriot Patrick Guillou, whom he has known well for many years.

“We agreed with Patrick Guillou that we would speak at a personal meeting, we will talk about how we can solve the matter, and Mr Guillou has already signaled that it is in his interest.”

It was gathered that Franck Ribery had met beIN Sports’ Patrick Guillou on his way to the team bus at Signal Iduna Park, and after the former player sought a statement from the Bayern striker regarding the game, the French player responding by insulting the journalist, before slapping him three times.

Ribery who has played 15 times for ​Bayern across competitions so far in 2018/19, but is yet to register a goal, collecting just one assist for his efforts, is thought to be provoked by Guillou’s intimation that he was at fault for two of the goals his side conceded against the league leaders.


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  1. There is no justification for slapping him… Frank Ribbery always too quick to Anger especially when he’S losing a match

  2. He was just unleashing his anger on the innocent reporter after the defeat. Reporters too, should try to be polite at times.

  3. After reading the story, I just want to conclude that he was in a bad mood and most often this reportsers ask regorious questions that you feel like amending them with a hot slap. But I believe he will be sued

  4. Ribery was upset, the journalist must have said something that provoked him, currently Bayern are in a difficult position in the league, and losing to their biggest rivals in recent years must have compounded the issue.

  5. Taming anger is very vital so as not to go beyond no matter what had happen slapping a matured person is an insult to that person and it’s embarrassing. This thing would have been solved amicably

  6. Frank ribery has always be a very high-temperd person he is grown he should know that and that he should know how to control himself when provoked, slapping a reporter thrice that too bad ,I hope he will be well disciplined for that

  7. Ribery shouldn’t hav act that way in the first instance no matter how heated the conversation might be. i hope its resolved soon.

  8. This is too matter how hard it was for you you have no right to slap the reporter and you should be punished for just lack of sef control

  9. Well he has always been known for his temper…..I dont sopot wat he did but sometimes dis journalists cross the line with their provocative behaviour

    They tend to forget dat these player are human first before every other thing and they have emotions too

  10. It is improper to put blames on people when it is clear that they are brooding, when you see someone agitated you don’t go ahead and provoke the person further you might just get more than you expected.

  11. When you accuse an hustler of not doing his job well, he gets pissed off. Footballers are working hard, nobody has the right to accuse them of not doing well. The man deserves more than three slaps.

  12. i’m not a fan of football not even a bit but when football gets violent, then someone is sure aggrieved and thats not sportsmanship in any way. but these journalists should know when to approach one for questions abeg…someone that probably has cry filled in his stomach and face already, meeting him for questioning all in the name of being a reporter. sorry to he or she that was slapped three times cos for sure, one out of the three must have landed on the ear…Lol

  13. That’s very bad! Why will he pour his anger and frustration on the reporter? People should learn how to control/manage their temper. Ribery needs to be called to order.

  14. That was transfer of aggression I guess…the reporter too shouldn’t have said he was to blame and that doesn’t justify his own actions too.

  15. Ribery needs to go for emotional intelligence class and needs to learn how to keep his anger in check.hoping this is settled amicably

  16. That is to aggressive and Franck Ribery is old enough we don’t expect him to be in that situation. he should try to control his hot temper.

  17. It is not a good show of sportsmanship no matter what might have transpired between the pair involved that warrants an altercation. It shows how pugnacious and irascible Ribery might just be.

  18. I see no point in all this narration, this unfair and insult to him, whatever happens football game can not always be on ones favour all the time.

  19. Due to the fact dat he doesn’t have any record of scoring a goal n also losing a match combined together had made him slap the reporter thrice not even once wat kind of anger is that?

  20. I think FIFA should not leave the matter for the club alone to handle because Franck Ribery has not shown the spirit of sportsmanship but open open frustration. If he’s tired of playing, he should retire.

  21. Why wil he slap him, wil the slap change the defeat , it was out of anger he did that and he should be penalized for doing such thing

  22. Riberry is just frustrated and due to he’s performance lately joined with the club’s poor performance. But that shouldn’t warrant him to be violent.. he’s a professional and should have gotten used to all this things

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