Four killed after huge explosion in Paris

Four people have been killed (including two firefighters) while 36 others were left injured after a huge explosion occurred at a Paris bakery this morning.

The blast happened in the city’s 9th arrondissement at 9am local time.

Four killed after huge explosion in Paris lailasnews

The firefighters were said to be investigating a suspected gas leak when the explosion occurred, shattering windows and destroying nearby cars on the corner of the streets Saint-Cecile and Rue de Trevise.

Authorities in Paris confirmed several people were injured while two firefighters and two civilians died

Confirming the deaths, France’s Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said:

‘At 8.37 in the morning, the emergency services went to 6 Rue Trevise to investigate a gas leak.

‘When they were there, a massive explosion happened. One of the firefighters remained under the rubble for two and half hours.

‘There are other very serious casualties. The area has been secured as the fires are put out.’

Mr Castaner said a ‘pocket of gas’ had built up in the building.


  1. So sad! May their soul rest in the perfect bosom of the Lord.
    We have to be careful and make sure we switch off electric appliance when not in use

  2. Gas leaks could cause fire explosive outbreaks if not properly managed. May their souls rest in peace.

  3. Could this a terrorist act? Proper investigation should be done to ascertain the true cause of the explosion so as to tackle this issue properly.

  4. God please have mercy. These days people are dying mysteriously, either explosion, accidents, rituals etc. May their souls rest in peace. Amen

  5. How prepared are we for gas explosion like this❓
    Firefighters were there even before the explosion, yet they have 2 dead and many injured, w are just getting into using gas as means of cooking domestically in Nigeria,

  6. Sad and horrifying news from Paris. May the souls of the four who died tragically rest in peace in Jesus Name.

  7. What a sad and terrible news, my heart felt condolences to bereaved families may their souls rest in peace.

  8. This is sad,awareness on the use of gas should be made often,because it has taken more lives,RIP TO THE VICTIMS

  9. Even in Paris too? Oh God please save your people o! Rest in peace to them and Quick recovery to the injured ones

  10. I mourn with the families of the fire outbreak especially the fire fighters who died on active service while trying to people.

  11. I just hate death by fire
    It pains d heart. For me I think it’s d worst type of death. May the soul rest in peace

  12. This is so brutal and sad. May the dead rest in peace and those in hospital will recover quickly in Jesus name. They wanted to help but met their death along the way…sad

  13. Caution should be taken in the use of gas, whether at home or industries. Thank God the fire was finally put off even though lives were lost

  14. A very sad incident. I pray there won’t be more casualties and the injured ones recovers fast.

  15. It is a pity. These gallant officers and innocent civilians to be cut down in active duty. May they rest in peace

  16. What a loss! My condolence to their families. May their soul rest in peace. I hope proper investigation is carried to know the cause of the explosion.

  17. Chai! What a loss. So sorry for the dead may their souls rest in peace and those injured ones, I wish them a quick recovery

  18. This is another sad news to hear today, what a lost this is, let pray and hope we don’t have to many casualties

  19. This is bad God please have mercy on your children and may there souls rest in peace, please people should be careful with fire especially where they have highly in filamable stuff’s around

  20. May their souls rest in peace. And the matter should be investigated so as to know the cause of the explosion

  21. God help us in the bad things because it happen every day and we pray God save us all RIP to the people that die in the situation

  22. This is so disheartening and painful. Such a tragedy and I hope the authorities investigate what happened or caused the leakages to avoid such happening in the future. My condolence to the deceased families. May there souls rest in peace.

  23. Oh God have mercy, the fire is too high from the look of things, even those who came to secure fire was also involved. My their soul rest in peace,

  24. Very sad news, may their gentle soul rest in perfect peace, God knows better we don’t need to question him.

  25. Thanks for the update we need more from you because they are always vital keep it up they must do something to stop the exploding off all times

  26. Hmm talk less of Nigerian where we are preparing to start using gas my friend up there how ready are we Nigerians we don’t have good firefighters God help us

  27. May their soul rest in the perfect bosom of the Lord.
    We have to be careful and make sure we switch off electric appliance when not in use

  28. This fire outbreak everywhere nawaoo……may thier soul rest in peace and for those who are injure I pray they recovered quick.

  29. Wow this is very unfortunate, this is a very painful death indeed, I sympathize with the Victims and their families, may God grant their souls eternal rest.

  30. That is why I don’t like gas and always advise people to be careful when using it.RIP to them and those that were injured, may God grant them quick recovery.

  31. So sad! Why must there always be explosions ,it’s high time we start doing something about it

  32. What a tragedy, how could that explosion had happened,it must be find out to avoid future re-occurrence , so bad for them, i wish the injured quick recovery and may the lost rest in peace

  33. Gas is really dangerous no respecter of persons, they should have been more careful with the inspection,rest in peace

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