Former YBNL singer, Viktoh beaten by police – Report

Former YBNL signee, Viktoh beaten by police. This is according to reports gathered on social media.

Former YBNL singer, Viktoh beaten by police - Report lailasnews 3
Former YBNL singer, Viktoh beaten by police – Report

It was learnt that the incident which occurred, last night, at Alpha Beach Road Igbo Efon, Lekki, while on his way to the African shrine for rapper Zlatan’s concert left the singer badly injured and his face disfigured.

Though it is not yet clear what could have triggered the confrontation that led to the assault of the artiste. Nigerians have however trooped to the social media to condemn the officers of the police force for using brutal force on citizens of the country.


  1. In order country police officer protect their citizen but in our own country here Nigeria it’s to assault them and even steal thier belongings

  2. The assault by the Nigeria police is getting out of hands this days. The police force should be reformed. It’s really bad

  3. Hmmmmmmm e be like say those guys been don get am for mind for long……. so sorry bro, but i know our Nigerian celebrities , him don show himself .

  4. Police is supposed to be our friends but why would they brutalize a citizen like this? No matter what he did, it shouldn’t have resulted in this kind of harsh treatment

  5. Yes u are an officer,but that should not give u right to do anything u want u are to correct us besides u people said police is ur friend

  6. police is suppose to be protecting citizens and not otherwise. proper investigation into the matter be carried out to determine the root cause.

  7. Victoh been beaten by the police without an offence ,the matter should be looked into for more clearifications.

  8. I thought police were suppose to be our friends, what is this country turning into, those mean no one is safe again

  9. There is not evidence of beating by the stupid Nigeria Police here oooo, maybe they only slapped the guy and I assume that his face reacted to cream.

  10. Before I have to say I need to know what really happened but those policeman are really brutal

  11. This is bad, look how they disfigured his face
    They should stop beating people
    They should know the crime he committed first who knows he might not be guilty

  12. This is really bad. I personal do t like how police man handle people most times they do this cause they are in possession of gun

  13. This is so annoying anytime I read a similar story of police assaulting civilians. And that is the only thing they are good at. No guts to face the real crime but they can beat the innocent and harmless.

  14. That is too bad,, Naija Police will always be Naija Police if federal Government likes they should increase their salaries to millions, they will never stop harrasing innocent citizen.

  15. Everyday police keeps assaulting the citizens of this country nd nothing is been done about it.
    No matter what transpired between the two parties,they shouldn’t have taken laws into their hands, they should have taken him to the station.

  16. They really damaged his face,what did he do can police beat him like this,did he steal or even commit murder?

  17. Police! Police! Police! How many times did i call you?, why are you harrassing the good people of Nigeria. If its boko haram now, you will run for dear life.

  18. Look at what Nigeria police are doing for God sake, they did this to a popular person what of ordinary people

  19. But what could have been the causes of this brutality? This police self. And we asked them to come and face book haram they all pick race

  20. Under no circumstance must any policeman use brutal force on civilians. This brutal act is condemnable. Police should grow up

  21. Another report of police brutality, even celebs aren’t spared. There were lots of out cry on social media in 2018 about police brutality, which reduced a little later in the year. I think thses men in uniforms needs be reminded again.

  22. The police is turning into something else… This is so bad.. Let them be cautioned and purnished for this brutal act.. Its not fair na no matter what he has done

  23. He must have done something wrong that triggered the police officers to beat him up that way, maybe he disobeyed them

  24. This is not fair at all, I will really want to know what actually happened that warrant him such beaten

  25. Kia na wa ooooooo this one is so painful luk at hw the man was assulted for nothing police should be careful

  26. What did he do to deserve such assault..
    Why would Nigerian police use brutal force on citizens of the country..

  27. Is he an armed robber? I told you some Nigerian police are not psychologically tested before they are recruited.

  28. When will these people who are put in place to protect us stop harassing us???
    Cant wait to hear the full gist

  29. Really bad of the police even though he did anything they should atleast respect him base on Fame, nigeria police

  30. Sometimes police use to behave abnormally, why do they beat him like this, although the cause have not be revealed

  31. This is nit acceptable, police has no right to beat up any citizens that has not commit any crime

  32. To think that nigeria is getting better…some people dont just want nigeria to grow… how can we carry this kind of attitude into this year its not impressing at all

  33. Nigerian police will not do the job they asked them. But will be quick to oppress civilians. Shame on them

  34. I cant judge now because i was not there till i hear from both side the cause of the incident so i remain silent for now but the injury was too much though just close to the eyes…Thank God anyway it ended this way

  35. The case should be properly investigated to get to the root of the matter.Also, this is expected if people stay out so late because they can be mistaken for criminals

  36. This is quite unfortunate. But then, most of this celebrities always want to be given preference because they’re famous and they forget that Nigerians Police Force is full of thugs and uncivilized people

  37. This is not good for a country where the police image is constantly maligned. This is even coming during the period when the police has been accused of killing 2 guys in Benin. The police force must be check

  38. That is too bad, what nigeria police force did to dis man is too bad, and they must do the proper investigation about the matter

  39. The assault by the Nigeria police is getting out of hands this days. The police force should be reformed. It’s really bad

  40. Well I still think that no matter what a citizen does the police force should not not always resolve to using brutal forces on people… Its not right.

  41. The police force is turning into something else, assaulting young boys on the street. I think they should be called to other and be reminded of their job,which is to protect citizens not physically abusing them.

  42. The extent to which officers are brutalizing citizens has become unbearable
    The other day a boy of 20 lost his life for no cause
    This is appalling

  43. I don’t think we still have police in this country. They are all cheats, criminals and bullies. Sorry man. Recover quickly

  44. No matter what happened police have no right according to law to beat even a criminal that have not been justified by a competent judge to be a criminal. The law do not really exist in Nigeria that’s police men are just having a field day.

  45. What could be the caused of this assault by the police. When the police asked to GI and fight book haram they fled away now they are assaulting the citizens, nawa o

  46. It is neva proper for a police to do such without proper investigation or confirmation. That was an embarrassment as far as am concern


  48. Nugerian pokice are niw becimung like crimunal they brutalise peole like animal nigerian government must do something about the way the poluce are handling people in this country

  49. I have always said that the Nigerian police are now recruiting animals into the force, why would they treat a citizen of the country this way, it’s too bad

  50. That is very bad o,I wonder what might have caused this assault from the police.wht they did is wrong

  51. This would be the handiwork of SARs but why are they tormenting citizens anyhow are they not meant to protect us I tired for this policemen with their way of brutality on individuals

  52. What is happening to this country the police that supposed to protect it citizens is now the one beating them God save us

  53. Injustice of the highest order, police is not expected to beat anyhow the matter should be investigated and the law take its course.

  54. Well now is the best time to stage a protest for this kind of issue, police brutality should be frowned upon no matter what.

  55. If it’s Olamide now the police can’t beat him up like this it’s just because the guy hasn’t blown yet

  56. This is human assult the beating is too much.Nigerians police assulting human being in this country is much.government needs to do something about it

  57. This is human assult the beating is too much.Nigerians police assulting human being in this country is much.government needs to do something about it.

  58. Police Brutality, they have started again in 2019. Everyone is a criminal as far as Nigerian police is concerned.

  59. This is really bad of our Nigerian police… Anyways I won’t judge yet until the real story is been known to me

  60. Too bad! the officers should be brought to book,how will he perform lile this?.the Nigeria Police Force should learn how to relate to their citizens in a polite manner not harassing them.

  61. That’s so bad for him, what a mess on him, police should something apply wisdom in handling matters

  62. How can police did this to a star people that make it work, because I just wonder a world without music how it could’ve looked like.

  63. Nigeria police abusing innocent citizens anyhow and be going free with out any punishment, they are above the law.

  64. This Nigeria police self are disgrace to the country what could have happen that they cannot settle amicably

  65. Police brutality again.. This act must not be condone from our men in uniform who are suppose to be protecting us back not molesting us.. Viktoh report this case to the appropriate quarters so that legal action can be taken and the perpetrators of this maltreatment on you will be brought to book in order to serve as deterrent to others.. #Notopolicebrutality #EndSARS

  66. Let’s not put the blame on the police all the time, we read about what Small Doctor did, confronting a police with a gun. These artiste can go haha at times

  67. Nigerian police Sha Wat will dat person do and they will beat him like this this is really bad

  68. I have long given up on Nigeria police, this is too bad, we should keep reposting this until he gets justice.

  69. what actually is the caused of them beating him up like this I thought the police are meant to protect there citizens but y all this

  70. The truth is that Nigerian police can be so arrogant but at this case I won’t say due to nothing was stipulated

  71. Nigerian police should be addressed on how to treat innocent citizens of Nigeria. They assault people like animals this has to stop and something has to be done about it fast.

  72. That guy is not suppose to be beaten like that now his eyes could start developing problem that may affect him badly the forces need to learn how to treat a citizen because outside Nigerian even killers are not beaten like this

  73. This act of police brutalising celeb is getting worse by the day….they need to be call to some sense…to stop their nonsense act..

  74. Though police do harass people but I believe this guy has done something before he was beaten this way..

  75. Shuu! Na puff puff eye dem give am ooo. These police men will meet their match one day. Maybe the guy was resisting arrest so they had to use force.

  76. At a point, I just discovered that Nigerian police have become terror to it’s citizen than protecting it’s citizen. Sorry dear

  77. This is very bad and unfair, what has he done wrong to deserve this. Can any police treat the likes of davido, wizkid and Olamide like this when they know their status, useless police officers.

  78. Well we cant blame any body yet, because our superstars can be funny sometimes. We just wait to know the real source of the problem.

  79. Nigerian police cannot fight arm robbers when confronted but will intimidate and beat up or sometimes kill the innocent citizens they should be protecting

  80. He should filled a suite to the Nigeria police force for this assort. Police are ment to settle dispute and make peace amid complicit but, now reverse is the case.

  81. All these police assaults is becoming too much in the society. How would a policeman beat a person to pulp like this without a proper reason. It’s unfair and the force should call all these policemen to order.

  82. Proper investigation should be made concerning this. A police officer would not just beat him up for doing nothing hideous. ( speaking from a civilian’s perspective)

  83. I believed something might have come up between them before this is done to him but I wish to know it

  84. No matter what happened, this is very bad of the police officers who supposed to be protecting the citizens

  85. That was really bad to have done that to viktoh . I hope those police men would be found and dealt with according to law

  86. This is assault! How can people who are meant to protect us now kill us… I’ve said it times without number, our police men need to be re-oriented!

  87. Thus is really bad and I don’t know what he did, they ought to have stated Hus actions and behavior!!!

  88. That’s what happens when u employ ignorant people, give them guns without proper training and orientation. Without telling them what their jobs entail. Just imagine the brutality! And u say they are the people’s defence? Pls

  89. The Nigerian police force have lost it. They have no respect whatsoever for people’s right to live and move abt freely. Even if the artiste misbehaved, what happened to cuffing him and taking him to the station? Must it end in brutality?

  90. This police men are really doing more harm than protecting lives.I hope they punish whoever is behind this act

  91. Whatever be the reason, he shouldn’t have been treated in that manner. God help our police to do the job they are assigned to do.

  92. No matter what happened,the police has no right to beat him up. Instead they should hv arrested him and take to the station.

  93. And they call them friends of citizens our policecforce are useless and careless in this nation
    We don’t need them

  94. This guy has his rights as a citizen of this country
    The police should better come up with something credible

  95. It is only in Nigeria i see the police officers meant to be protecting the livew of the citizen are now the ones endangering the lives of the citizens . This has to stopped in this country

  96. What could make the police to treat him like a common criminal. The police brutality on the citizens of this country is alarming. The government should call them to order. This kinds of actbis getting out of hand. They keep molesting people anyhow and infringing on peoples rights. This has to stop now. This matter should be investigated thoroughly and if possible sue the people involved in this case. Is high time our judicial system stand for the innocent Nigerians and save us all from this kind of wicked acts from those expected to protect us. Another bad image for the police force.

  97. I wonder what he has done to derseve such beaten, but the Nigeria police should reduce the way they harass people on the way.

  98. This is Nigeria. Some people are not supposed to be in the police force. They just derive happiness in bullying people with their uniforms. No matter what the issue was the police should be able to put it under control. Sometimes I winder if they train them in these areas

  99. This is absurd! How can people who are meant to protect us now kill us… I’ve said it times without number, our police men are not performing their work diligently their are going beyond their power look at how they beat and embarrass this young man
    This not fair at all.

  100. For the police to beat him up to this level that means something serious transpired. But still on the path of the police, that was too much

  101. His face really look disfigured, instead of the police men saving people, they are now the one harassing people.

  102. Humm when you have been stop by officer greet them first because this people re humans too under the sun most when they stop this big boy the way they act it’s bad I have witness one before.

  103. No one knows what must have transpired between the officers and the victim. Until the truth is revealed no one should condemn the officers for assaulting this singer.

  104. I really hate when police show their toughness against innocent civilians, and run away from Boko haram camp. Nonsense

  105. no matter what he did, he doesn’t deserve this kind of beating.. He’s also a human like u (police)

  106. At times our police like to defame somebody even if the person is right as long as he has bn retained

  107. Hi this is serious what is the youngs man on first if here to he deserves it if not care to persecute the police the beating was too much

  108. I think the police was wrong on this,they would not have lost their cool like that.Do they want to kill him even if he was rude and wrong .

  109. They told us police is our friend, can a friend do like that,beating him doesn’t bring justice at all

  110. Its like police officers are really getting crazy these days, abi is it frustration from work?

  111. What was the main cause of this?
    Even if he was at fault the police shouldn’t have done that to him

  112. why on earth will police beat some one to this extent. this is very bad from our policemen. the police that did this should be fish out and face justice.

  113. This is against the law..even if he committed anything, he is not suppose to be treated like that

  114. I cant even understand anything here o he did not explain why he was beaten God bless help him to recover fast

  115. I don’t know what they feed those police but they’re now turning into beasts none of them have conscience

  116. No matter what he shouldn’t have been treated this bad, imagine what police could do to a citizen there should protect

  117. Our Nigerian police now are using their uniforms against civilians the ogas has to take serious punishment for them ooo

  118. The nothing to figure out here, police this days are using citizens like 10/11 spiner they are use to maltreating citizen.

  119. Very bad of those police officers. This issue of police harassing people is becoming rampard these days.

  120. The Nigerian police force are now too brutal. The way they embarrass and assault people is becoming too much. The inspector general police should please look into this high level of misbehaviour by the police.

  121. We need to know what happened before passing judgement here because he might actually be wrong but no matter what they ought not to have beaten him

  122. Untill the truth of the matter is out before judgement can take place. He should report the case if he is innocent

  123. Later they will say that police is your friend. The same police that will constantly harass citizens

  124. This is good news, viktoh is beating by police,it is clear that our Nigerian police usually beat up innocent citizens that’s why people on social media blame the police,and @PoliceNg don’t even try to correct their team,this is good news

  125. No what ever kind of offence the singer has committed his right has been infringed by the police and the police must be purnish

  126. This is a public asualt of the highest order on a celebrity of this calibre, what could he would have done to deserve this from a police man that re’ meant to protect the public.

  127. What kind of assult is this. Why will a police man beat someone and molest him to this extend. Is that how they were trained?

  128. Police brutality should really be put in check. Just recently they got drunk and killed people. God help us

  129. The matter must not die there we really want to know what must have trigger the police for there action.

  130. Nigerian police are something else, if has not committed a crime and isn’t making attempt to escape then this beating is uncalled for. It will be better we know what really went down.

  131. In order country police officer protect their citizen but in our own country here Nigeria it’s to assault them and even steal thier belongings it really funny when the say police is ur friend

  132. I believe this information is not complete cos the guy might have been rude to the policemen but no matter what could have happened they don’t have the right to beat him

  133. Nigerians have however trooped to the social media to condemn the officers of the police force for using brutal force on citizens of the country.

  134. Even if he was guilty of any offence he should have been arrested and not by beating him like a common thief

  135. This is unfair, he suppose to be arrested and given the proper punishment instead of beating him like this

  136. Nigerian police will always be involved in controversy, if they don’t collect bribe,they will detain you illegally, i can’t really understand them they are to protect us not to endanger our life.

  137. Police and their wahala. Only God knows what the young guy did to them. They should be punished. It is well

  138. Police brutality to their fellow country men is very bad. Who even know the real cause of this I’ll treatment.

  139. This is what ordinary Nigeria’s go through everyday in the hand of our security personal, take heart bro

  140. No matter what happen …the police officers don’t have right to beat someone like that…this is too much naw

  141. When will the Nigerian police learn to be friendly? For how long will these brutalities continue in a country that claims to have a law? The artist should press charges, please

  142. Police and assault when will it stop in this country, they really need to go and fight Boko Haram

  143. Well who knows what happened that led to the assault….. Buh the police should have take things easy… The injuries is too much

  144. No matter what happened,the police has no right to beat him up. Instead they should hv arrested him and take to the station.

  145. This is bad naw..buh before i comments we need full details cos atimes those celebrities ar annoying atimes

  146. Before conclusion we need to know what happened.. Anyway sorry for the bruised face

  147. All these police,they should warn them at times they behave as they send them I mean they gave them money to do evil why should they beat the man to that extent

  148. This is really bad of the police.. let there be investigation to really know what happened..And let the officers responsible for this be punished.

  149. You people cant use this muscle to fight book police only exercise this yeye muscle on we the civilians…I will love to know his crime tho

  150. Maybe the guy offended them in one way or another that’s why they did that to him but they shouldn’t have gone to this extend…this is way off line.

  151. This is very ridiculously to Nigeria police officer maltreated people like animal whatever it may be reason this is too much, they should have taken it accordingly to Law.

  152. We need to know the true story behind this brutality but meanwhile, the police a re to fast to misuse power

  153. That is police brutality and of human rights, that is too much government should put an end to this bully on it citizens.

  154. But y are police officers to inhuman like dis ,d more people complain about dem,d more dey do worse things,see how dey harrass a Nigeria citizen o,not a criminal o

  155. police are really stepping out of bounds.. He is not supposed to be beaten like this no matter what.

  156. This is unacceptable the way and manner our police bit the citizens they are ment to protect

  157. That policeman need to be deploy to Borno or Zamfara, his skills and power is highly needed in that region. Let us all just do the needful, let’s vote out this incompentent administration and let’s get Nigeria working again. Total reform in police department is needed asap

  158. The police must have there reason… Because all those people call themselves supper star…are too arrogant.enjoy ur swelling eye’s.

  159. Dis police matter has been a pain in d neck but thank God de are na been sent to borno state to face bokoharam

  160. All these celebrities should learn how to behave according to the law so they won’t be disgraced by the officials

  161. This is injustice to the common citizens and we need to voice our heart out. We can let security agents to keep on molesting and harassing us. Those officer need to be arrested. What nonsense.

  162. Shame on the part of the Nigeria police. Killing and harassing the Citizens they are meant to protect. Just imagine the mess this country is in

  163. Please this thread should be updated with what he actually Di’d…..many of us are furious to know but which ever way no case is worth this

  164. No matter what happened this beaten was to the extreme. Nigerian police should stop harrasing citizens.

  165. no matter his offence he shouldnt have been beaten like an animal,nigeria police can go too extreme sometimes

  166. This is another story about how the Nigerian police so called our friends treat people anyhow because they have some responsibility

  167. Haha! That is too bad. How could they do that to fellow human being. Police are supposed to protect and not brutalized.

  168. This is new hobby of policemen harassing and beating celebrities and artist is becoming something else

  169. Police are officer’s are to protect life’s and
    And Good’s of people, their is no any reason that allow them to beat suspect like that.

  170. These so called officers didn’t do well at all. How will they be treating people as if they are animals. These police men should be called to order.

  171. Police officer’s are to protect life’s and
    And Good’s of people, their is no any reason that allow them to beat suspect like that.

  172. Jesus is Lord. Look at his face. Those officers should be dealt with. The damages on his face is too much.

  173. Nigerian police officers should be called to order, there job is to protect the lives and properties of the citizen and not molest and intimidate them. Now they have taken the responsibilities of treating the masses anyhow they like, with jungle justice approach.

  174. Nigerian police are never a friend to anybody. So Citizen’s should be careful. Look at his eyes only God knows if he will be able to see with that eye again.

  175. Let’s really know what happened however this is a brutal beating .Nigerian Police should desist from this

  176. Bad reputation. The force should know how they recruit these men who thinks that they’re above the law.

  177. He must have done something that triggered the police to beat him mercilessly like that
    Let’s wait for the continuation of the story…

  178. What did this young man do to receive this beaten I really need clear up, his my favorite artist in Nigeria.

  179. We shouldn’t condemned the police yet, He might probably have done rude thing or use fool language unnecessarily. I wish quick recovery.

  180. It would have been better he was arrested and the issue settled later than this beating. This is out of place. The police should be oriented on protecting the lives of the citizens first before anything.

  181. Why are Nigerian police like this? Government should try and check the mental stability of those the recruit

  182. I believe the police will not just weak up and start beating someone… u know this so called artist they behavior as if they are above the law. this one will be a lesson to all of them

  183. This is Nigeria and anything can happen and nobody will give you an answer to your question. Police now assults citizens as though it’s a normal thing and a ybnl person for that matter. Just wait for olamide baba of the street he is coming for you people.

  184. The harassment from police is just too much and something should be done to stop it because is getting out of hands.

  185. Nigeria my country. Our policemen are only gallant where unarmed civilians are concerned. Deploy them to North East and they will flee.

  186. The police man responsible should be punished immediately. The issue of assaults against civilians is rampant.

  187. This is what the Nigerian police force of today is known for. This is becasue they recruit school cerrs and not reasonable graduates.

  188. why panic the report says it has not be clearly stated what might be the cause of the beaten. till then lets keep finger crossed and let the law speak.

  189. This is getting too much, how come our police men turning into thugs. Beaten someone up like this.

  190. Police again! Why do they keep harassing civilians like this, their superiors should do something about this, its really getting out of hand..

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