Former Super Eagles star escapes jail term in Sweden

Former Super Eagles star, Dickson Etuhu has escaped a six year jail term in Sweden, after he was found not guilty of match fixing.

Super Eagles star escapes jail term in Sweden lailasnews

The midfielder was accused of attempting to fix the result of a 2017 league match between IFK Gothenburg and his former club, Stockholm giants AIK.

Etuhu was charged with trying to bribe his former AIK teammate, goalkeeper Kenny Stamatopoulos, to fix the result of the game.

The match, which was due to be played on May 18, 2017, was subsequently postponed when Stamatopoulos informed his club about the alleged approach from Etuhu and another man, according to the pre-trial documents.

Denying the charge, Etuhu insisted that his former teammate must have misunderstood the conversation, telling Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter:

“I respect everyone’s opinion, but the facts remain the same – it never happened … It’s unbelievable that an ordinary conversation with a friend can lead to something like this.”

Etuhu, 36, represented Nigeria at the 2010 World Cup and spent 14 years as a midfielder in England for Manchester City, Preston North End, Norwich, Sunderland, Fulham and Blackburn Rovers before moving to play in Sweden. On retirement, he embarked on a new career as a football agent.


  1. It’s fine to clear people from false accusations on what they’re not part of, as it makes live more difficult for them. At least he can now concentrate and go on with his business.

  2. Thank God it stopped at this. For those pointing fingers be careful before you actually kill an innocent soul

  3. You are kinda Lucky thank God for you if not it would have been another story now jail term is not a good something be careful over there bro

  4. Wow good citizen of Nigeria I know you won’t involve in such football scandal
    I’m happy for you

  5. Thank God he is not guilty of the proposed allegations, he would have been jail for no good reason, it’s important for we all to watch our communication with people so as not to get into trouble

  6. If thought Etuhu want to fixd a football game must be an agreement with both club managements I see it as implication because he alone can not fixd match

  7. Investigation should be properly carried out before taking someone to jail,thank God he is innocent.

  8. A conversation with a friend that would have sent you to jail…..that means your conversation was kind of related but was total misinterpreted by him…..we need to be in control of our lip and not the order way round….a lesson to him.

  9. Well, thank God for u and stay away from trouble. U would have landed in jail for nothing. U are lucky

  10. He’s highly favourd cos six years jail is not beans, the one that framed him should be made to face judgement

  11. Is not everybody you can discuss an important issues with ,there are some things you cannot discuss with some people. Anyway this is a lesson to learn from.

  12. Oooh thank God he was not found guilt … player should Try and adhere to the policy of football

  13. Match fixing is a serious crime like examination malpractice and FIFA frowns at it. Thank God he’s innocent.

  14. Is good to confirmed news before spreading it. There’s a say “look before you lip” is very important.

  15. The whites should not juat see nigerian as criminals it is all because of that that he was jailed at first without investigation…please things should be investigated before taking action….

  16. Lol
    Oyibo don’t take nonsense even when they do nonsense
    Etuhu should consider himself lucky and learn this time

  17. One person can never fix a match and is good that his exonerated from all charges because it could have been obstruction of justice. Is a lesson we should know who are our true friends are and don’t trust too much because some are out there to use what you say to destroy a lesson for him and us all. Thank God for him.

  18. fine to clear people from false accusations on what they’re not part of, as it makes live more difficult for them. At least he can now concentrate and go on with his business.

  19. This was a big setup from colleagues happy for you,, your God have saved you from this humiliation,, congratulations

  20. He’s a lucky man. He should be thankful he didn’t get indicted. This is a warning for everyone to be careful of what they say and not just assume everybody is their friend

  21. He should thank God that he escaped the jail term, he should be careful some other time and know what to discuss to people about

  22. wa o that is a confirm Nigerian son. they nor reach. thank God for your life brother but be wise and sharp o

  23. He should be glad that he escaped jail because it was misunderstanding of conversation between the two

  24. He must be very lucky that is why it is very good to investigate a matter before taking any actions.that is very good

  25. Everyone have different ways they interpret information but am happy that Dickson escaped the 6yrs jail term

  26. Be careful o, if you think racism is gone better think twice . Be careful , next time they will not even care it was just a conversation

  27. Why point evil fingers on something that he no thing about….if iam Dickson I will also charge them by acuresin me wrongly.

  28. Luck is on his side, maybe they didn’t see enough evidence to back up their claims, Niger and money we know the truth in that case

  29. This is why we should be careful who we discuss sensitive issues with. This is could have landed him in serious trouble. Congratulations on escaping the jail term.

  30. that is the result of a good legal system,if it were to be in nigeria, the case would drag on for ages.he should be careful of the kind of friends he has

  31. They should have investigated before pinning the blame on one man. It’s a good thing that the truth has come out

  32. Thank God he is not guilt of the alligation, it’s fine to clear people from false accusation on what they are not part of as it makes live very difficult for them.

  33. Thank God he escaped the jail term. Next time he has to be very careful of what he discuss with his friend because simple discussion with his friends almost landed him in trouble.

  34. I dont want to believe that this is a racism case.He might be in the midst of team players who do not like his face or achievements. Thank God he was freed and he should watch his utterances next time

  35. He so fortunate that the gavel was not hit to find him guilty of the match fixing. We would have start to count his coming out of jail in the next 6 years.

  36. That’s serious…thank God things were sorted out before someone will go to jail for what he didn’t do

  37. thank God at least he escape a jail term that would have ruined his career. He should just go thank his stars

  38. Proper investigation should be carried out before letting the public not to point finger on innocent person

  39. Thank God he is not guilty, but informations needs to be investigated properly so as not to punish the innocent soul

  40. Thank God he wasn’t jailed… He was indeed lucky… Imagine staying behind bars as a career person, no team will want to have u play with them when u have an arrest record on ur file

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