Former NEPA manager dies during marathon sex in Ebonyi hotel

A former NEPA Manager has reportedly died during a marathon sex with a nursing mother in a hotel in Abakaliki, capital of Ebonyi State.

The deceased, according to The Sunday Sun, died during marathon sex with his lover, one Mrs Uzoamaka (surname withheld), said to be a nursing mother who was recently delivered of a baby about a month ago.

Former NEPA manager dies during marathon sex in Ebonyi hotel lailasnews 2
Former NEPA manager dies during marathon sex in Ebonyi hotel

Efforts to get full details of what actually transpired from the Police Public Relations Officer in the state, ASP Loveth Odah, proved abortive as she declined to speak on the matter.

However, it was gathered that the incident took place in a hotel owned by the wife of an influential politician in the state located along Abakaliki/Enugu Expressway.

According to sources, wife of the deceased and his lover are both nursing their babies said to be about one month old each. The female lover, a hair stylist, was said to have had her last child 11 years ago before she took in again.

Before the incident, the deceased was said to have given Mrs Uzoamaka a ride from where they believably sealed a deal to head to the hotel to have sex.

She was said to have withdrawn some money from the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) of a commercial bank located along Ezza Road, Abakaliki before the deceased picked her in his car.


  1. The bad people that are destroying Nigeria are facing judgement, all evil doer can not hid forever

  2. Was it that the man was feeling sick or something , now that he is dead what now come of the nurse woman I believe she will find other other marathon man again soonest

  3. Hmm wonders shall not end.. What a bad way to start the new year.. He just due like flow. What a life..

  4. Hmm wonders shall not end.. What a bad way to start the new year.. He just due like flow. What a life.. Rip sir

  5. What is the man looking for in another woman,his wife is also nursing a baby,men can never change.May his soul rest in peace.

  6. what a shameful, reckless, useless and ungodly way to die? it’s for God to judge anyway. RIP. investigation be carried out properly to ascertain what led to the incident.

  7. He had sex with a nursing mother very bad and worst still she is not your wife well I blame the man for everything

  8. Now what will you say to your family you left them in a shameful way and you’ll go and meet God what’ll you say to him so shameful.

  9. Very good for him..let him go and continue in his next world. I wish things like this would be happening everyday.

  10. Well this is why cheating is not good. Especially sleeping with married men. Now he has died because he cant stay faithful.

  11. That is good for him, and wat happen to him we be inform of lession to other people’s that nomally engage them self in such kind of things

  12. Its such a shame that he had to die in fornication… may his soul rest in peace…if there was something like recarnation, i’m pretty sure when he come to this life again he would be a catholic priest

  13. What will he tell God? Am funicating and died? People have to be careful. What legacy did he drop to his kids? May God help us.

  14. But what do we take excess of all things, too much of everything is bad and now see the consequence he had to face.may his soul be at peace

  15. Wow unbelievable this new year its a pity…rest in peace and go explain to God what brought you to him…shikina…condolence to the friends and family

  16. Lols
    He enjoyed himself to death…
    If i was his wife ehhh… i will never forgive yu… look at the embarrassment he just caused her

  17. This is indeed a shocking news, what will he tell God when he meets Him?
    My condolences to the family of the bereaved.

  18. Very stupid man he even has his own family and he is sleeping around
    May his soul rest in peace

  19. I really feel bad for him, it’s sad his life ended that way. I can imagine how traumatised the deseased wife will feel.

  20. What a bad news we came from Him and we will surely go back to Him may his soul rest in perfect peace

  21. Pathetic incident, unfaithfulnes, shameful, is this the kind of examples we want our younger generation to imbibe? Sad….

  22. A very funny way to die.. May God save us from this type of death. And may his soul rest in peace.

  23. Shame on both of them…. What was he expecting at his age marathon sex God will help him…………. And who is sure if the womans husband did not put something on the wife…………………… Anti cheating medicine………………….

  24. God forbid evil…. I know that this man in question have wife self… And he is not ashamed of himself …i pity the woman Self..This pure disgrace.

  25. This is an amazing death, after he has rewarded with death, he will later reward hell when he gets to heaven.

  26. Is an advice to men, please don’t let go ur wife to catch fun another woman. Be careful, for many things are happening.

  27. This is really shameful for him, dying while committing adultery. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

  28. He got more than what he bargained . It’s not every time it’s the evil doers . It might be him himself suffering from a ailment

  29. This is sad news.only God knows why it happened or the kind of drugs he took before having sex with the lady.RIP

  30. Comment*that’s very bad of both of them that they both have families and still engaged in sex outside marriage

  31. Nursing mother!!! Seriously I don’t know why she wuld be nursing a baby and having sex with sumone else. As for d man dat serve him right

  32. People are dying on fornication act every day, yet they are not dettered until they will also meet their death.

  33. This is a very shameful death. The former NEPA manager is a very big disgrace to his family. Women don’t even have shame again, imagine a nursing mother having extramarital affairs. I don’t even know why people engage in marathon sex. This is a very bad way to die. Investigations should be carried out in order to determine if his nursing mother lover didn’t contribute to his death.

  34. This is a shameful death, sleeping with someone wife all because you have money to enticed them.

  35. On the judgment day , we all must give account of all our works. Still wonder why married men we keep have extramarital affairs, too bad.

  36. This is ridiculous o,sex witht a month old nursing mother, whereas his own wife is at home, see how he ended his life. Lord have mercy on us

  37. Men should stick to what works for them. The money you payed to the hotel management can atlest pay some of your extended families needs. Now you are dead same extended family will also deliberate on how to give you a befitting burial.. Total rubbish.

  38. This is what you get when you are not satisfy with your wife and when the women won’t leave married men alone just imagine the shame she has gotten her self into,don’t even know if I should tell him Rip or not.Rubbish

  39. The bad people that are destroying Nigeria are facing judgement, all evil doer can not stay hidden forever.

  40. The death of this young man is a lesson to learn from,for he has disobey his lord by engaging in fornication and I hope Nigerian and other viewers learnt their lesson as I have learned from this Post.

  41. The death of this young man is a lesson to learn from,for he has disobey his lord by engaging in fornication and I hope Nigerian and other viewers learnt their lesson as I have learned from this Post.

  42. My condolence to the nursing mother, baby and family he left behind. To the hair stylist nursing mother and lover what are you going to tell your kids and even you baby will be denied suckling your breast for the time you are being detained. All sins has its consequences.

  43. Marathon sex are meant for persons with healthy heart…
    All this men with unhealthy heart taking part in marathon sex..
    Sex consumes alot of energy …

    May his soul rest in peace

  44. Of all the thousand ways to die, it was through marathon sex. God have mercy. May your soul rest in peace

  45. The story ain’t complete and not interesting. Am sure we will get more details later. But the man sold his soul for a piece of rounds of sex. What a pity

  46. Hmmm stories that we hear. Does it mean the deceased is also responsible for the child of his lover?

  47. What will he tell them in heaven, rip to you, you take the same vehicle that transport you come to ear back to heaven

  48. A nursing mother for that matter arranging marathon sex with another married man in a hotel, what do women want in this life.. is that how much she loves sex or what.. and the man got what he asked for, they must have been doing it for a long time until they met their waterloo.. nonesense people

  49. Now what’s next for him? After indulging in furnication, where did it end him? This is a lesson for any man or woman that still partake in such acts, the consequences are there leaving ones new born baby to engage in sex rump. God forbid.

  50. Funny and twisted story. The NEPA officer has a nursing wife at home and went to have sex with another nursing mother at the hotel and died of the sex marathon. He seems to be unreasonable and foolish and died of his stupidity.

  51. What a shame!!! His wife just had a kid for him and he was having sex with another woman. Serves him right

  52. That’s very bad & uncalled for,
    What a stupid attitude not laying good examples ,may him rest in peace

  53. Imagine, this is a myth,its not something ordinary. His wife and the lover are nursing mothers,he might even be the father of the lovers baby.MEN !!!

  54. I’m sure this man didn’t know that he will die from that adventure.When they tell people to be upright in their ways.They will not hear.He left his wife to go and sleep with another woman. This should be a lesson to both men and women. Cheating is bad

  55. This sounds like a spell at work. Does it mean that was the first time they met? The woman has nowhere to go o. Pls investigate well.

  56. What a shameful way to die. I wonder what you will tell God when you get to the judgement throne. I only hope your wife will survive the humiliation and stigma.

  57. I think this is clear karma. His bad deeds are meeting up with him. He has a nursing wife at home and he had the guts to engage in a sex romp with another nursing mother. Nemesis!

  58. Shameless woman!
    Crazy man! Even in his death
    What’s all the rubbish with people and sex this days?

  59. What a tragic end
    To die on top of a woman
    It’s very shameful and i don’t pray for such.
    I think karma has taken its place

  60. Its a pity that this guy died this way, he has committed a sin and there’s no chance for him to repent. God is waiting for him

  61. Died in an hotel having sex with another woman that is not his, this is indeed absurd, what will he tell his creator?.

  62. Everyday for the thief one day for the owner. You get wife you still dey do away match outside… What a shame …. I call this a sinful death.

  63. Sex na by force dey force him? What a shameful way of ending his life.. Nursing mother of one month’s old. Hmmm

  64. The secret thing is now viral
    That serves him right
    No rest in peace from this angle but to hell with ur foolishness

  65. To all cheating husband be warned.. You never can tell what is coming. Keep to your vows. Leave all those distraction from the pit of hell. I feel for the family. It is indeed a shame to die with a strange woman..

  66. You know you can’t keep up with her, why don’t you stop for a while and continue again or you want to show that you are in charge. Let me tell you all this, women are always in charge when it comes to have sex because they never get tired easily not like we guys doing all the push in and push out exercise.

  67. This one weak me ooo….you go chop honey pot die on top sef….may God forgive you your sins oooo…

  68. This one weak me ooo….you go chop honey pot die on top sef….may God forgive you your sins oooo…when no be say u no get your wife…They see both in same condition oo

  69. What a lost!! Hmmmm I feel so sorry for the wife of the deceased may God give her the grace to bear the loss! Rest in peace sir

  70. Typically, these people are not shameful at all. That is where promiscuous act has led them both to. I pity only the wife of the deceased.

  71. May his souls rest in peace, the lady should have abstained from sex also since her baby is just one month old, some men are working corpse

  72. Nemesis has catch up with him, men that will not respect themselves and their families, what kind of shameful death is this, may devil recieve his soul.

  73. Imagine where he ended it. hope he is having marathon sex wherever he is now. This is where unfaithfulness has landed him

  74. I believe this man have wife and children at home,but no he not satisfied. The Bible says there is a way that seemeth right unto a man but the end there ofbis destruction.

  75. Many of us don’t know our health status. Regular check ups will let us know our activity limit to which our body can go based on our age. A very shameful way to die

  76. Let him to the land of the dead and continue his sex adventure, give light they will not na sex they sabi

  77. RIP FOR Dying untop sex this is a shame for all men . biko this man does not know what a womans pussy can do. nii. i cant kill my self if she likes she can scream the whole night .

  78. What a pity he didee having sex with a nursing mother… And dats a very big sin his surely on his way to hell

  79. Abomination! There is a path that seemeth right unto a man but the end thereof is shame, reproach. (Destruction).

  80. What will even be his answer to his creator about what killed him, some people just like facilitating their death, sex has now killed him, so bad for him, rip to him

  81. This is funny, marathon sex! And such person won’t go morethan a round with his wife and claim he’s tired.. I won’t say RIP, cos he doesn’t deserve it..

  82. That’s serious, first a mother of not up to two months baby had sex with another married man an the man died. How will they judge this case

  83. Nawa oo may his soul rest in perfect peace what sex is causing in this our country infact it terrible a whole marathon sex this is a lesson to all the men don’t do above your capacity to please your wife in terms of sex when you know it can damage your health.

  84. This is what fornication cause it brings forth death how can a married man involved in marathon sex with his concubine may his soul rest in perfect peace what a shame

  85. Oh-oooh!
    This is a stupidity and an adulterous act, I condemned this one, may God forgive the dead and let his soul rest in perfect peace.

  86. Wonder shall never seams to end. Moral devaluation have become other of the day, a nursing mother for that matter?

  87. This is an instant repercussion of adulterous life.. May the soul of the dead rest in the blossom of the lord.

  88. What a wasted life. Died during a marathon sex with another man’s wife. Hmmmmm, I don’t even know what to say to you. Make God bless your wife and baby

  89. Shameless woman, left her one month old baby and husband to go with another man to a hotel. She in for trouble

  90. One day every man will give account how he spend his or her life here on earth I guess it’s the time of this man

  91. Few minutes enjoyment has cost your life. What a pity. Rest in peace. My condolence to the family

  92. What a somewhat bad end, dying while having sex. Oh lord save us. may his soul rest in Peace.

  93. The man died as a result of sheer lust. Greed is a great disease and this man paid the Supreme price for his greed. The woman lover should be made to face the law

  94. She’s stupid, a marriage woman and a nursing mother having an affair with another man, how sure are am I that he’s not the Father of that kid. Go and face God’s judgement…

  95. What a life,that is what he bargain for,as for uzoamaka,her next generation will not forgive her,

  96. see trouble, when she is not your wife, may his soul rest in peace, men learn from this message.

  97. Why can’t he enjoy himself with his wife at home, so why hotel??? Assuming she’s her housewife, it will be in their house

  98. I’m sure its not with your rightful wife that is why u are marathon sex I guess you have taken your reward from there.

  99. Shameless act. A nursing mother who has no respect for herself and her new baby. You reap the resuls of your action

  100. Shameless act. A nursing mother who has no respect for herself and her new baby. You reap the result of your action

  101. This news sounds so pathetic I wonder where he solved well God have mercy on any person bring their realtor is reading this and still have such a mind

  102. Jesus Christ of Nazareth a woman WhOnis nursing would do this, what really happend, was she blackmailed into it

  103. Why do people think sex is fun, it’s hard work. Everyone has a limit don’t test it. Left his wife to end it on another woman, greed

  104. Look at what adultery landed him …….both his wife and lover are nursing children so what’s the need going out to sex another woman now?

  105. This is absurd as to making wonder if ladies are actually stronger when it comes to sex bout.

  106. Unfaithfulness lead to his death. The wages of sin is death. The husband of the woman concerned should please take it lightly with her.

  107. Life of a adulterer will always be like this can you imagine the side chick and the home chick gave birth almost together so what is the thing he is looking for again.

  108. That’s a terrible way to die, and the woman should be ashamed of herself for such while having a baby she’s nursing. He died a terrible death

  109. Marathon sex are meant for persons with healthy heart,
    All this men with unhealthy heart taking part in marathon sex..
    Sex consumes a lot of energy …
    May his soul rest peaceful

  110. The evil that men do shall live with them. He that commits adultery shall die in adultery. Serves them right

  111. What a painful death. I can’t believe one can die during sex. Something must be fishing Sha. Rip.

  112. Talk of paying for your deeds at the scene. It’s really crazy. Their spouses will be ashamed by now

  113. This very shameful. Can the family of the diseases make any public appearance without people recalling the story that follows their fathers death. We live a better life knowing that we have people looking up to us.

  114. This is very good . God has disgrace them . What a pity that they an dead. And a nursing mother after one month of delivery!

  115. I don’t just the way men think. What will another woman give that your wife cannot give. If she can’t do it, teach her… Now see what he has done to himself

  116. Na who send this man message o. he left his family i guess, and now he is dead. How would his family even face the world with this type of news. It is well

  117. May his soul rest in peace, maybe he was hypertensive, anxiety might have led to his death. Only God knows why men don’t get satisfied with one woman. May God help our men.

  118. The wages of sin is death. Adultery is a sin. It’s so sad that some of our men can’t resist the lust of the flesh. May God help us all.

  119. This is very bad, having sex with a nursing mother that just deliver a month ago who is not his legal wife. What a shameful death

  120. Hmm what a shameful death what is a married man doing with someone else wife
    It’s left for our merciful God to judge

  121. Please people should stop involving their selves on such a dirty life for Christ sake, just imagine having sex with a one month nursing mother, something you can’t even do with your wife on a normal grounds.

  122. This is a complicated matter. I believe there’s an hidden truth to this incident. May God for their sins.

  123. The bad people that are destroying Nigeria are facing judgement, all evil doer can not hid forever

  124. This a tragic reward of infidelity, and in this case, Devil struck and disgraced the adulterous couple.

  125. The man die a shàmeful death, its a pity for the wife especially the children when people are talking about how their father died it will bring shame to them

  126. What an abominable act, sleeping with a nursing mother and you also have a nursing wife at home why won’t you die

  127. The reward of sin is dead and now he is no more and he has left the shame for the wife and children to Bear

  128. So finally light has gone off on him to face perpetual darkness. What a shameful death. Wonder what he will tell his creator

  129. This is very shameful. A married with children sleeping with a nursing mother. Just maybe he deserved what he got.

  130. That former NEPA manager did not do well. His wife is alive , he should have had sex with her instead of killing himself outside yet with a nursing mother same as his wife. Intact its a lesson to married men and women.

  131. Cheating on his wife and involved in marathon sex and died in the process. Is disgrace to die this way because is express way to hell.

  132. Chai… Wages of sin is death, don’t know why someone will die from sex
    Maybe he has breathing problem

  133. Why will the Nepa manager die from having sex , nothing someone will not see in this life, only God knows the cause of his death. Rest in peace to the dead.

  134. He succeeded in killing himself because what he did was wrong, to have cheated on his wife, and nemesis catch up with him.

  135. Married men please married men respect and love your wife and forsake other women for you to have long life

  136. What a shameful act..may the good lord forgive him and have mercy on in peace

  137. Is it that the deceased just picked her up after her withdrawal from the ATM and head straight to the hotel
    Or they’ve been lovers before and having sex this report seems to have lots of essential information missing
    Waiting for more findings

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