Former house-help appreciates ex-boss who sponsored his education

A former house-help turned educationist has taken to social media to appreciate his ex-boss who sponsored his education.

Former house-help appreciates ex-boss who sponsored his education lailasnews

The Nigerian man, Zion Oshiobugie, took to his Facebook page to thank his former boss who took him in as a houseboy 14 years ago and ensured he got the education his biological children got as well.

Zion also revealed that education unlocked his mind and broke the chain of poverty in his life. Read what he wrote on Facebook below;

14 years ago, December 2004 to be precise I came to warri, Delta State to be the house boy (Domestic help) of @ndonyeka (Engr Nnamdi Onyeka & Dr Mrs Stephanie Onyeka).

D8 iffie estate, refinery road by Mega Hilton hotel was the house I stayed for 4 years. Engr Nnamdi never saw me as a second class citizen and as such he sent me to school instead of paying my parents for my service. I obtained OND from the petroleum training institute, Effurun while in his house as a domestic help. He payed my way through school. I stayed as his domestic help for 4 years 2004-2008.

Education unlocked my mind and broke the chains of poverty from my life hence my resolve to provide quality education for 20 million underprivileged children and orphans in my life time.

Long story short it’s 14 years down the line and I still remian grateful for all you did for me sir. Help say a word of appreciation to him.

I end with a quote from mother Theresa. ‘ Love is not patronizing and charity isn’t about pity, it is about love. Charity and love are the same — with charity you give love, so don’t just give money but reach out your hand instead’.

Former house-help appreciates ex-boss who sponsored his education lailasnews 1

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  1. The story is really inspiring. God bless the engineer that sponsored your education. God bless you too for being grateful

  2. This are the kind of people we did, is good to help people around you because one good turn deserves another please sir keep it up

  3. That’s the way life should be. A drop of water creates a lot of ripples. As you’ve been given a bright future, it’s thoughtful of you to give back to others. By so doing, we create a chain of love.

  4. Wow I wish life is always like this. God Will surely bless your boss and his household for what he as done in your life.

  5. this is an inspired story. the ex-boss is really a wonderful man to sponsor his house boy education. this is a lesson to other bosses out there to add value to househelps life so that they too can be remembered.

  6. Thank you sir we appreciate your effort for the life of your house boy whom you took in as your own and sponsored his way through to school he will forever remains greatful to you.

  7. Well done Mr Nnamdi. We needs people like you in Nigeria. God will continue to bless u.and your family

  8. Its a good thing you did….appreciation is lacked in our world today. May God help us is showing love to our fellow human beings

  9. Sir Weldon for removing poverty from his lineage see him through education bring lights on to his generation God bless you sir.

  10. We as a society, often neglect the impact of gratitude on a benefactor. I’m sure his boss would be inspired to do more of such and definitely would be proud of him too.

  11. I thank God for your life Zion. Also thank God for using your boss to change your life. God will bless him all the days of his life, God bless his family and God bless you for choosing to give back to the less privileged around us.

  12. Good to remember who do all it take to make things right for you , may God continue to enrich that man for his benevolence.

  13. This is is the kinda stories I wish to be hearing in this country everyday of my life…Remain ever blessed Sir Engineer Onyeka.

  14. May God reward him for that good work, if we have many other peoples like that, Nigeria will be a better place. Thank God for somebody like you who can also remember the good work someone did to you. Do to others as he did to you, May God continue to bless you all in Jesus name

  15. I don’t may God bless him in abondance it really hartful tnx u sir may God reward u and ur family

  16. May God reward him for that good work, if we have many other peoples like that, Nigeria will be a better place. Thank God for somebody like you who can also remember the good work someone did to you. Do to others as he did to you, May God continue to bless you all in Jesus name amen

  17. It is always good to remember those who have helped you
    So that will encourage more people to help others

  18. Being appreciative is a plus, not many shown favor to are appreciative, what he needs to do as he promise is to reciprocate this goodness to other less privileged in the society.

  19. The story is inspiring.. One good turn really deserves another…
    Been helpful to the society is a nice sacrifice

  20. Kindness always goes a long way
    Some pple treat their house help like trash forgetting that no one knows tomorrow

  21. How nice. These days all you hear about house helps is that they are raped or mistreated. This is a welcome change from the norm. It’s good that there are still decent people around

  22. That’s so good of him, how I wish everybody boss could do what he did.
    The rate of uneducated won’t be much

  23. very brave one, one have too learn too appreciate what one has done, after 14years the memory still flash him back, is a very great one., may God blesse him for you and keep him save from all evil plans, Amen.

  24. Thanks that was great boss you have there nice hearted people like him are hard to see on planet earth recent times…Boss God bless you more abundantly

  25. Woow,this is very nice of your boss, I which every oga and madam should inmiate this kind boss. god will bless him for changing your life.

  26. Ibidient is the answer if you want to get anything from someone. He knows what he wants and he did everything possible to get it

  27. Helps like this are only sent from God, I believe it was God that used Mr. Nnamdi to elevate the house help, God bless your family in more folds sir

  28. Thank God people like that still exist on this planet and you also for showing appreciation to your helper and not repaying them with evil.

  29. what a good and inspiring story, may God continue to bless him, and to you more grace to reach the greater hight IJNM.

  30. Wow, it’s really hard to find such men like that and it’s also rare to find such obedient and down to earth houseboys. The story is really inspiring

  31. That’s the way life should be once you have the opportunity try to help other to become good in life.

  32. It is good to show appreciation.Thank God for your life for not been an ingrate.Don’t forget to reach out to needy around you too

  33. Keep up the good work and you will surly reap abundantly… This world will be a better place for people to inhabit

  34. This man need to be appreciated for the good work he did for this young man he made this young man realized his dream. Kudos

  35. Kudos to you man, for what you have done to dis guy, I pray dat almight god we continue to bless you more and more thanks sir

  36. God bless him for his kindness not everybody can do it but God use him to bless you.
    That how life suppose to be showing love to those that are in need.

  37. Wooow…this is very touching. This sums the proverbial saying that the hen does not forget the person that tended to its feathers during the rainy season.

  38. It is good to be good. When you are kind to people God would reward you always. At least this guy appreciates something good. May God bless him

  39. God will reward you immensely for your kind deeds and many more people like you who support the less privileged in our society

  40. Wow o, this Is a great honour man, only few human beings has such kind of feeling. More blessings sir and continue to help others.

  41. This is why its good to treat people equally in life, now if that mans kids ever need anything that he can help with ,they will get it because their father helped someone.

  42. That’s a very good one. May God bless Mr and Mrs Onyeka for their efforts in your life and may you continue to shine in your endeavour

  43. may God bless him and enlarge his purse, its very difficult to find such persons in Nigeria…. Congratulations to you for your achievements.

  44. You are one in a million boss sir, if other rich men out there can emulate your jesture the level of poverty in this county will reduce, the high rate of children hawking on the street because there parent can not provide money for there education will also reduce.

  45. Wow that’s a man with a godly heart, if only we have mejority of people like this in our present world the world will be a better place to live in.

  46. This is the type of person we need as a leader, this guy will surely be forever grateful to him and may God continue to bless you man, that’s very kind of you

  47. Waoow, what a kind hearted man with an accommodating family. The lord will bless him more and protect him and all his in Jesus mighty name.

  48. Fantastic, that’s a heart of gratitude to his helper, it’s a good thing he acknowledged him publicly, God bless you sir for educating and giving him a chance to live a better live

  49. You are one in a million. God bless you. I appreciate you for all uve done for him and u ll never lack help from above and man.

  50. Waooo,this is really nice,may God continue to bless the boss endlessly, if we have 10 of this in this country, I promise you Nigeria will definitely be a better place.

  51. It takes only few people to do what he did and it also takes just few to remember and also appreciate it. God bless the man and God bless the him to for remembering what his boss did for him

  52. That very good of him, how I wish people like that boss still exist in this country, and the guy should make sure he do the same thing too

  53. Nice one my brother, for the fact that you did not forget to acknowledge the man who did good to you years back. Your appreciation speaks volumes and will go a long way to encourage others who intends to treat their domestic help same way they treat their own wards, and discourage those ones that treat their domestic help as animal.

  54. May God reward him. Some people have the mind of doing same, but at the end, house help will betray them. Although have the money, but even the flies in their house won’t benefit from it

  55. the ex-boss is really a wonderful man to sponsor his house boy education. this is a lesson to other bosses out there to add value to househelps life so that they too can be remembered

  56. It is good to appreciate those who help us in one way or the other. It is also noble to be of help to those in need. You never can tell what the future holds.

  57. God bless you sir. This is what people should do to their househelps not mistreating them and turning them to slaves. Mr Zion I love your dream of assisting millions of children, this is what everyone should do. Let’s assist the less privilege ones.

  58. It takes real thinking to appreciate. Whether great or small, ingratitude is equal to robbery.
    That’s a good one,

  59. It will be a good thing if other wealthy people in our society can encourage less previledge like dis.more grease to your elbow

  60. What a kind man, may God bless you for helping a soul. So people like you still exist. May God continue to bless you and your households.

  61. This is why it is good to be good. This man has made his former house help to be useful and educated, he should be appreciated for that.

  62. Nice quote, may God richly bless you Mr nmadi for kind gesture towards the life of this young man, not all those other persons who will maltreat their house help as if they are not human being.

  63. We still have some good boss with good heart God bless him this is indeed great what a nice man its good he shows appreciation and acknowledged him more blessings sir

  64. This is inspiring story, God bless engineer for taking you as his own child and bless you for reaching out to the less privilege

  65. This is so inspiring and I can’t believe people like eng onyeka still exist in this country. Thank you sir for your candid help.

  66. Wow the man is very nice
    He has human sympathy
    Is type is rare
    May God continue to shower is choicest blessings upon you sir, keep excelling in all ramifications sir

  67. As the saying goes it is good to be good …its a nice thing to know that they are still selfless mater’s and employers out there ….the ex-house help has also proven to be a loyal and respectful guy

  68. The help you Render to people will always grow into gratitude in the future. Don’t draw back if you can help someone

  69. A grateful heart who has extended the love and charity to the less privileged around him. A great lesson for us all.

  70. So sweet, is always to help people to achieved their dreams in life,no matter who they are,this man would have been nothing today,because his boss was so kind to him,he is,what he is today,he did not made to be a slave to him,he empowered him to be useful to himself and the society at large. Kudos to you boss,people should emulate his kind gesture

  71. So sweet. Love and charity are the same, wonderful. Am sure this appreciation post is more than money. He will be happy.

  72. For appreciating the man that see you through your education, God bless you richly, such a man is hardly to come by

  73. Lovely and very encouraging.. With people like that boss in this country Nigeria will be a better place to live.. Show true love to one another that Is the ultimate

  74. I know we still have good people in this our country Nigeria
    People who see each other as brothers
    Nice one sir
    I appreciate the kind gesture

  75. Whao. God bless the man. Others should emulate this attitude of helping people. Stop discriminating between your children and house helps

  76. Only few can do such.but just been thanking God and the man for your sponsor,and also be one that gives assistant also

  77. Is always good to be good,as u always appreciate his goodness to ur life,so shall heaven be happy with him and be blessing him all the days of his life.
    God bless him..

  78. Only few can do such.but just been thanking God and the man for your sponsor,and also be of help to anyone that comes to you for assistance

  79. woow, those are people with heart of gold, its not everybody that do sumtin like that. may God really bless them much

  80. That is how everybody should be, if all of them are caring for their followers like your Boss we will all be wealth and bless in this our Nigeria. Your Boss is rare thanks God for you.

  81. It is good to be good.
    Always appreciate the good deed someone did for you and always forgive and forget the bad ones.

  82. This is great.thats very kind of you Engr. Not everybody will do the charity work you did for that house boy.

  83. Wow a big thanks to him, if we keep having more men like him in our society we won’t be having many nuisance in our street

  84. That’s a kind gesture, people should emulate him and assist the needy to achieve their desire

  85. This is the type of story I like. Engr Nnamdi is a very nice man, I don’t think we still have such people in this world. I’m happy that you remembered to appreciate him and I know that you are also a good person. May God bless Engr Nnamdi and family, they shall never lack.

  86. Continue with your good works sir because ur reward is in heaven and probably on earth too. God bless you.

  87. That is a very good one coming from Zion. May the Almighty God bless engineer Onyeka and his wife for not treating Zion as a house help rather they treated him as their son. I believed this worth emulation for those who are treating house helps as a second citizen. May God bless them and their children abundantly

  88. Awww.. Engr Nnamdi and his wife Dr Stephanie are truly wonderful people.. May God bless you both for reaching out and been a blessing to Zion.. Your kinds are rare..

  89. Thanks to Engr Nnamdi Onyeka & Dr Mrs Stephanie Onyeka.
    This is a heart of appreciation to the hands that brought him up from the level of house help to a level of been an educationalist.
    Am glad that he have resolve to provide quality education for 20 million underprivileged children and orphans in his life time.

  90. He is actually a God sent man to help you because in this Nigeria only few people treat their house-help as human being they do all sort of bad things to them all because they are house-help

  91. It’s good to have an appreciative heart. Not everyone remember the past and say thank you! Weldone bro.

  92. This Man need to be recognized and celebrated for this great achievement he did in the life of this former house help… let the society praise those doing good so that others will emulate.

  93. This is the type of news I need in my country. Congratulations. Good boss with a good heart. House help your days shall be long

  94. Wow! This is kind of people we want in the community.
    This is a good deeds, May God continue to bless the BOSS,
    i love to hear more good news like this..

  95. It takes only one with the heart of love to do this. May God bless Engr Nnamdi Onyeka & Dr Mrs Stephanie Onyeka.

  96. Wow thank God for men like u sir may the Lord bless u immensely and may u eat the fruits of your labour

  97. That is a very good thing you did. Showing gratitude is an important thing people should not neglect

  98. This are the kind of people we need in our society who appreciates the poors effort and loyalty to them.good man

  99. It takes a large heart to help and it also takes a dogged mind to appreciate. And giving back to the society is very important.

  100. Wow! May God bless your ex boss for his kind gesture…May God bless you too for volunteering to help others in need..

  101. What a nice man he is, may God reward him bountifully, God bless zion and may God increase him in all areas.

  102. For remembering that someone was a stepping stone and not a stumbling block to you will make God open more ways for you.

  103. He has succeeded in writing his name in your history for that singular act of his, may our leaders learn from him by following suit

  104. That’s what life is all about, help one another and that help comes back in folds. Give and you’ll get. That’s the law of nature and karma.

  105. Such a good man, we still have good people in Nigeria though they are few, may God bless and keep enriching his pocket in Jesus name.

  106. Wow only a great person will do these. May God see him through his life endeavors and increase in our community this kind of hearts.

  107. This is so interesting to hear such a beautiful story. May God bless you sir. Thank you for providing to our generation that good people still exist. You are a father indeed.

  108. What a kindhearted man. May Gid bless you specially in Jesus name. You will know no poverty in Jesus name.

  109. This is the kind of people our society needs. Bless someone and the person will bless others. May God replenish the pocket that giveth

  110. Woaw. This is incredible. This guy Is such a grateful soul. Most don’t look back to those tyat helped them

  111. So lovely, thanks boss.
    This is what is expected of everybody do good to someone today and you shall surly obtain mercy tomorrow.

  112. Mr Onyeka knows that to do good pays that is why he was able to do so, more grease to your elbows as you do more sir. Is good to be good.

  113. Thank you engineer Onyeka for making Zion a better person and Zion thank you for being grateful and a better person to the society

  114. You are indeed a blessing to him. May you and your family find favour where ever you go. Congratulations to you for serving in a house where you were loved

  115. Wow!!!!! This is the kind of people we need here in Nigeria
    Xo this kind of people still exist ? Am so happy
    May God continue to bless you sir

  116. If they are more people like this who want to help others and those who are appreciative the world will be a better place.

  117. Such man needs to be highly appreciated because many are richer and educated more than him but could not train their own relatives that wants to be educated. He is a good man

  118. This are the kind of things we expect our people to be doing not just some wickedness, this man can never forget the help of those people in his life… Engr Nnamdi Onyeka & Dr Mrs Stephanie Onyeka thank you for the good work may God continue to bless your household

  119. What a generous and very kind heart. This boss of yours thought you how to fish instead of giving you fish. May God bless him 1000 times more in Jesus name.

  120. Wow that’s cool ur boss really tried for you not everone will appreciate you like this may God bless nd protect him amen bigger him I pray.

  121. More than a boss, this is what i called blood and family, pure heart full of diamond more blessing to you.

  122. Appreciation is application for more. Only those with good heart appreciates. Thanks to the Ex-boss for the training. Now he is a role model to many young people through his career and talent.

  123. This man tried for him to have made him go through school because this days bosses like this will always scold you and not have time to help you

  124. that’s the beauty of life, house help now an educationist, thanks to a man who understands that we are all human regardless of social or financial status

  125. Keeping a good name, records and legacy, wil always speak good of you. God wil continue to bless u for this particular act.

  126. Such good heart
    God bless him.
    Such gems are rare
    And coming back to appreciate him is a good thinthere are persons that wouldn’t mind still

  127. A good story.. I also appreciate your master for giving you sound education, may God continue to help him

  128. Wow. That’s a great testimony for the year ending 2018. Weldone to the ex boss. Congratulations to the boy.

  129. it’s really rare to see such good bosses… But there r still some good ones out there… Sir may God bless u for blessing this young man

  130. People like his former boss are very few. So rich people have poor people in their family but just don’t want assist them.

  131. Who doesn’t thank for little will not thank for much, perhaps few people know the value of this , Nice one

  132. O want to appreciate the man that trained him because he is a good man and also know God and how is wish other will learn from him and also to the guy that did not forget thean that sends him to school

  133. Thanks to the man for that kind gestures because it is only few people that can do that in Nigeria. May God continued to help and protect your family

  134. Such person still exist on earth
    God will not forget your character in his life and your blessings will not be delays.

  135. Wow that’s good.. You are very lucky
    men like him are rear to find
    Congratulations to you bro
    God did it for you

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