Forceful collection of people’s items rampant on campus – Student alleges

A student of the University of Lagos, UNILAG, identified by his moniker Pwins on a popular Nigerian online forum, Nairaland, has made an allegation on the new culture on his campus, which is forceful collection of people’s items by other students on campus.

Forceful collection of people's items rampant in UNILAG - Student alleges lailasnews 2

According to the student, it is now widely reported on campus on how some persons go around to obtain other students and rip them of their belongings.

Read his post below:

“Obtaining” is a popular word used by most students on campus. If you’re just hearing that, don’t worry, I’ll explain it to you. “To obtain” means to forcefully collect one’s property either by using armed instruments (e.g knife, gun) or using some strange or scary voice..(can I call this “robbery “�) I don’t know any other way to explain this but as you read through, you’ll surely understand what I’m talking about. Permit me, cos I’m gonna be making use of the word “obtain”.

“Obtaining” as become a culture in the university of Lagos (no offence. I’m also a student there�) and a lot of people have kept quiet about this, maybe because of the pressure or the response they get after reporting to the security officers or maybe to their friends and you know how friends do behave, especially guys. They’ll just laugh over it or call you names like “ode” (meaning “fool”wink.

I was once in the midst of my friends when a guy came in and was talking about this same issue. He shared his experience with us, how some notorious guys went away with his belongings (his phones, laptop and the little cash with him) after threatening to kill him if he shouts or make any silly move.

He said,

“I was on my way home after we had an evening class in my faculty (revising for my forthcoming exams). I usually pass this road and something like this has never happened to me but I’ve heard of it a lot. It was 7:45pm when I left my faculty and was heading towards the second gate when I heard someone calling.

At first, I pretended to be deaf not until two guys walked past and stopped me. The first guy was like ” where u dey go?” and I replied him immediately that I was on my way home. At that point I noticed everywhere was so quiet and there was hardly anyone passing through that route. It was only the three of us there.

Then I knew that I’ve entered into the lion’s den�. The first thing I thought of was the laptop with me. It was given to me by my friend to make use of, for a quick revision. At that point I knew everything was just gonna disappear. I gave up.

The second guy told me to bring everything I have on me. At first, I tried to prove stubborn by not giving them anything not until the other guy showed me a gun� just below his belly. Well, I’ve watched lots of Nigerian movies where they make use of toy guns to rob, but I can’t risk my life at that moment, besides, that was the first time someone’s gonna show me a gun. Immediately, I gave them my 2 phones (with the charger�), laptop and my wallet (containing about 7k). I was just praying to God to come rescue me�.

As soon as they collected everything, they disappeared into the thin air. I was speechless. I didn’t even know when I shouted and some guys came and I narrated everything that happened to them. All they told me was to be careful next time, that incidents like this do happen, even on campus. Well, I’m a fresher. Maybe this is the way Unilag wants to welcome me.

After the guy narrated the whole story, my friends just bursted in laughter. “Sheybi u go dey form jagaban for campus. Why u no fight them na”, said Uche, one funny guy in my dept.

But, truth be told, incidents like this are happening everyday and I know one of you reading this has been into such situation, one way or the other, or you know someone who has. Students are no longer safe in the campus environment and some have made a decision, never to step out of their hostel once it 7:00pm. Some have even decided never to stay on campus till they finish their education, due to incidents like this.

Yes, we know a university is a place where we meet different kind of people from different part of the country but if we all make up our mind to curb this social act by students (yes…students are the ones involved), working alongside with the management of the university, then we can for sure alleviate this mess.

I just hope this article gets approved so that people can be aware of what’s happening in the University of Lagos. And the management of the university can do something about it or do more (if they’re working on it). We’re tired of this. Come to our rescue.


Prince N. (UnilagPwins)
Instagram: @unilagpwins

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