Fleeing robbers push out injured member from moving vehicle

A suspected armed robber identified as Yusuf Nasiru, has sold out his other members for betraying him after an operation. According to reports he was thrown out of a moving vehicle by his gang members after sustaining injury during an operation, NAN reports.

Nasiru was said to be among a gang of robbers who burgled a shop on Ijebu-Ode Road, Ikorodu, Lagos, around 2am on November 15.

Fleeing robbers push out injured member from moving vehicle lailasnews 3
File Photo: Fleeing robbers push out injured member from moving vehicle

According to the Police, the hoodlums arrived the scene in a Mazda bus with Lagos number plate KRD 783 XW, and started breaking the shop.

Their operation was reportedly aborted midway when policemen on pin-down duty near the scene alerted the Divisional Police Officer in charge of Shagamu Road Police Station, CSP Adekunle Omisakin, who arrived the scene with a team of anti-crime policemen and engaged the robbers in a shootout.

“When the robbers could take no more of the fire exchange, they jumped into their car and drove off as quickly as they could.

“The Police team chased them. Along the way, the robbers pushed one of their colleagues with bullet injuries whom they thought was dead, out of their vehicle.

“The team recovered the man, revived him and he gave his name as Yusuf Nasiru, aged 34. He was searched and a knife and some charms were recovered from him.

“He was thereafter taken to an undisclosed hospital for medical care.

“Meanwhile, the suspect, miffed by what his gang members did to him, is cooperating with the Police by giving useful information,” the Police spokesperson, CSP Chike Oti, said in a statement on the incident.

He said the state Commissioner of Police, Edgal Imohimi, assured residents of the state of peaceful -ember months, adding that the crime-preventing strategies of the command were working.


  1. Those robbers also didn’t show there fellow robber mercy, that shows that evil company and bad gangs can never profit a man, now the robbers must pay for there crimes

  2. Their day of reckoning was here that was why things went wrong, everyday for the thieves, one day for the owner.

  3. Very funny so he is actually feeling betrayed by his co robbers! This act of his is to the benefit of the Police to enable them nab the other gang robbers

  4. Their day of reckoning was here that was why things went wrong, everyday for the thieves, one day for the owner.d police has done a great job.

  5. That is Nigeria police for you. Always
    want to show that they are working so
    they will rush to the media to make
    report. And the media as well will always
    want to put their nose into issues of high
    security profile, Hope the Police is not jeopardizing the
    chance of arresting the fleeing members
    with this press statement?

  6. some Nigerian youths should look for something doing, instead of robbing people of their hard earn money

  7. It wasn’t their intention to drop him off but that’s how thing wanted to play out so that they can be caught.

  8. The police should do everything within their power to track down the other guys with the information gotten from their friend

  9. Is just that there time is up,if not they successful entry their car even with the one that was injured but decided to dump him.

  10. Good for the police. He will make their work easier as useful information will be elicited from him about the whereabout of his remaining gang members.

  11. The thieves have on their own put themselves into trouble. The police have done a very good job and they should be rewarded greatly.

  12. The thieves were stupid enough to throw him out, their shallow mind didn’t tell them that it’s possible for the man not to die as a result of the bullet and that could put an end to their criminal activities. Thank God for exposing them

  13. I guess dey didn’t think twice before pushing him coz if dey did dey wld qv known DAT he will be an access to d police

  14. That’s a good one police, you guys should retrieve every useful information from him and still bring he to court so as to face the law

  15. Trying to escape though caused them to act as such. But why go into robbery? That’s good for him, instead of one to fine a reasonable job you choose robbery as your occupation. The police should check and extend their radar very well.

  16. Imagine so the rubbers could not even care for their own member, don’t’t worry he will expose you all.

  17. Instead for them to take care of their member they were forcing him to die. That’s good for them let them be ready to face the consequence of their criminal act

  18. Since he his giving the police information they we nab them easily and regret will later follow afterwards how can they do that to their fellow member

  19. These robbery attacks is now the order of the day . But the good thing is that they are always caught, i hope the guy would help the police fish out his partners

  20. Now they are all going to be fished out one by one. Betrayed their own, even though he cooperates he should still be punished

  21. All day is for the thief, one day is for the owner so they say,nemesis go catch with anyone who perpetrates in evil no matter how long it takes

  22. Imagine this is even their member and they did this to him. Not to talk of someone outside the box then it will be something else at least the abandoned robber has realized that all they did, did not worth it I pray they catch them soon

  23. There time was up,that is why things went wrong including the resources person which they thot he was dead

  24. People don’t really know the danger ahead of the for doing all this rubbish now you are caught go face the law my friend, if you are speared please repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand.

  25. Even if he’s dead, they are not suppose to throw him out of the car. It’s good that say their time is up that made them do that.

  26. This is the way God wants all of them to be caught because the member that was thrown out of the moving vehicle will not be happy about what his fellow gangs did to him so he won’t take all the punishments he will expose them.

  27. That’s the extent of what people are ready to do just to make money ,they didn’t even cared about their fellow robber

  28. That’s good, they pushed him away because they taught he was dead but I believe that’s how God wants to expose them. The Police should try all their possible best to apprehend all the gang members and deal with them accordingly. The rate of robbery in this country is alarming.

  29. I hope fair justice will be made for the robbers, God said us time for them, that why nemesis caught with them

  30. Their day of reckoning has arrived, that is why feeling betrayed by his gang members he is cooperating with the police to fish out other gang members.

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