Flavour teases fans with his nude photo

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Nigerian singer, Flavour, took to his social media page to give his fans a sneak peak of his body which he never fails to flaunt when he gets the opportunity.

Flavour teases fans with his nude photo lailasnews

The photo shared on his insta-story has long turned on the appetite of some of his fans who are screaming for more. Here is it below;

Flavour teases fans with his nude photo lailasnews

In a 2017, Flavour who was on The Beat 99.9 FM‘s “The Morning Rush”, discussed scores of important subjects that the free world was curious to hear.  Some the softballs they lobbed include:

On Social Media, Why are you called 2niteflavour?

2nite is my brand. From the east where I come from, they call me N’abania; the Igbo interpretation of 2nite. It was culled from my first single song N’abania.

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Tell us about your new album, Ijele – The Traveler

Ijele is the biggest masquerade in the eastern part of Nigeria. It is the Igbo tradition that whenever the ijele comes out, nothing else happens.  I traveled all the way from Lagos to Enugu in search of a name for my new album hence the name “traveler”. I got the title of the album ijele from Prof. John bull.

From your new album, what does Baby Na Yoka mean? Baby Na Yoka means a hot headed girl that loves to enjoy herself.

Why do you look the way you do? I hit the work out because I know I need it for my craft, to stay fit, look sexy for my female fans and to look strong as a man.

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Do you turn down shows? “I only go for shows that they pay me. If you don’t pay me. I’m not coming.

Do you consider yourself rich? I do not consider having cash and assets as being wealthy. I see being wealthy as how many lives you have impacted. I am here in this game, not just to enjoy myself or to make all the money, but to give back. I know that the greatest blessing is talent and the grace to live up to that talent, go through everything and stand tall. Now it is happening and the only thing I can do is to give back and be appreciative. It is not about making noise on social media. I want to impact lives differently and take away stress from people.

I can't go naked in a movie - Biola Adekunle

Other hard hitting queries:

Do you see yourself as a sex symbol? Flavour left the world to judge that. “Being sexy is not just forcing it on yourself. It is not even by going to the gym all the time. It is inside. It radiates from within; the inner part of the body. He added.

Are you in a relationship? “Nothing like that for now. I’m just focusing on my music. You need time for a relationship to work, and if you are not bringing in that time, you are deceiving yourself and your partner. Why would I wanna deceive someone like that? It is all about my music for now and I take care of my kids”.

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  1. I see you’re impacting lives differently and taking away stress with this pishur. Choiiiiiiiii

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