Flavour and Anna Banner loved up, weeks after welcoming son with wife

Flavour and Anna Banner were pictured in ‘loved up’ scenario, as they arrived Cameroon together yesterday December 31st for an event.

Flavour and Anna Banner loved up, weeks after welcoming a son with first babymama lailasnews

Anna Banner was Flavour’s guest at the event which he performed in alongside other Nigerian superstars like Peter Okoye and Chidinma. While this is coming few weeks after we reported that Flavour welcomed a son with his wife, Sandra Okagbue, however it should be noted that Anna Banner welcomed her daughter Sophia with Flavour in 2015 while the singer was still dating his first baby mama, Sandra who he went on to marry.

Here are photos from the pool party event in Cameroon below;


Flavour and Anna Banner loved up, weeks after welcoming a son with first babymama lailasnews 1

Flavour and Anna Banner loved up, weeks after welcoming a son with first babymama lailasnews 2

Flavour and Anna Banner loved up, weeks after welcoming a son with first babymama 6

Flavour and Anna Banner loved up, weeks after welcoming a son with first babymama lailasnews 3

Flavour and Anna Banner loved up, weeks after welcoming a son with first babymama lailasnews 5


  1. If he truly loves her then its not a crime hanging out with her. They are both cute and may probably fut each other..

  2. Everyone should live their lives how it please them…when you make money and you are famous you will have ladies around you

  3. Is Good to have fun especially with your loved ones. .. so enjoy Flavour with your love..we are hoping to hear the latest celebration

  4. Instead of Flavour to be taking pictures with Anna without marrying her. He should free her so that somebody else will approach her for marriage

  5. The guy is already marriage and still following baby mama God have mercy and deliver him but any way happy new year

  6. You are now married. Please stick to your wife and let go of others so they can get their own husbands too.

  7. Its still the same baby mama story….i am fed up with Nigerian musicians and their baby mama stories…i just need a break cos its killing …

  8. I really don’t understand this, if he is married then why would he spend time with Anna Banner in his event. It’s not proper.

  9. Its nice to see that flavour is settled and is looking happy. There is nothing much better than having the money and a lady you love by your side.

  10. Flavour and Anna are in love, it’s always good to be with the one that loves you. Love is indeed a beautiful thing. They have got nice pictures.

  11. thats was a nice one congrat to them and the union will remain blessed by God..love is a nice thing if only with the right person

  12. Congratulations to Flavor and Anna for their new born baby. Love is paramount in every relationship.

  13. I don’t think anything is wrong here, the are just there fornthe business and nothing more

  14. Flavour flavour when will you ever stop this your baby manufacturing company better receive christ in this 2019 oh and be reasonable with yourself

  15. He is enjoying his life.He can enjoy his life as much as he can.Moreso,they are both his baby mamas

  16. As sandra just put to bed, Mr flavour still has to be hitting up something you know.Ladies, be wise.Datz it

  17. That’s impressive and great idea love is one of the best thing that Increases the standard of living in life

  18. Mr Flavor there’s always a twist in your lifestyle. You’re now married to Sandra, accord her the respect she deserves as a wife. Meanwhile, keep your relationship with Anna Banner as cordial as possible since you also share a child with her.

  19. So he’s already married to Sandra and still loving up with Anna? Hmmmmm. Anna should better be wise

  20. Well
    Celebrities have made their lives so complex that they cannot have affair with just a single person
    Well its their business and life

  21. But why the baby mama’s everywhere with all these our celebrities? I don’t understand them

  22. The show must go on, no matter what happens you know what I mean. It’s a wonderful thing to settle down

  23. Two love birds flocking together… Enjoy yourselves and play save bro!…always remembere madam is at home

  24. Celebrities sha, one woman today another woman the next day. They fond of this act

  25. Nice shots flavour. Enjoy your new year in peace,love and above all understanding. Happy New year bro

  26. Nigerians like amebo too much…..there’s nothing going on between Anna & Flavour, It’s not as if they were caught kissing passionately in Public.

  27. I don’t knw what flavour is up to with these two women if they understand themselves no problems

  28. Enjoy yourself with your lovely family, congratulations love is sweet like honey with the right person.

  29. He is very free to do as he wants and pleases in as much as Anna and his wife are not complaining.

  30. I hope this is not more than friendship so that this won’t be the beginning of a long time feud between the two ladies in his life.

  31. Awwwn that’s so beautiful and romantic
    Love in the air.. Love is the ultimate..
    Continue to go higher.. Love birds

  32. Love in the air. Only love can make you smile from your heart especially when you are with someone you love

  33. Fantastic flavour, love is a good thing, especially when you are wthiwith the right person. Cheers

  34. Preparing for another year of musical explosion as the year 2018 rounds up. Wishing you what you wish yourself.

  35. Celebrities and their issues most of them are having baby mama nice one since you hook up again good for the baby.

  36. Putting his hands on her shoulder doesn’t mean they are loved up. Neither does it imply that je might be cheating on his wife

  37. Why marry if you know you have not had enough of the osho free out there? Abeg spare us all this shaming abeg.

  38. Happy celebration week, hope his love will not expire tomorrow, as it is the trend with this celebrities

  39. nothing is more cool and perfect than loving your spouse in marriage. more love and happiness i pray and wish for you

  40. Nice one, it pretty cool to surround yourselves with positive minded people,they paint atmosphere in laugh and laughter colour

  41. This guy is so irresponsible, just weeks after welcoming a baby boy with your wife, you are in a loved up with your baby mama. Irresponsible idiot.

  42. wow… But I thought he was with yemi alade…. All this celebrities don’t take relationships serious
    well congrats on safe delivery of your child

  43. This is good news,I hope flavor and Anna follow up,flavor should settle down,I don’t know why he too like woman,this is good news

  44. Enjoy your life and have a sweet day and a blessed year, it is beautiful to be with the one you love.

  45. Seriously I can’t see any loved up thing here… Haba because she is his baby mama so he cant wrap his hands across her shoulder again…. N oh gerians and news….plz this is 2019 …flavour choosed wisely… And I love him for that. Flavour Sandra forever.

  46. It’s so annoying when I see celebrities and baby mamas, even the ladies are so ridiculous, just because of money, it is well with them

  47. Congratulations Mr Flavour Nabania.. Good the things of life which are really important, matter to you as well

  48. Love is a thing of joy, it’s good to spend time with the one you love.
    Congratulations to you and your family.

  49. Celebrities have made their lives so complex that they cannot have affair with just a single person

  50. It is good to hang out with the ones you love but it should be to an extent since you already married.

  51. Loved ones around a man makes him happy, seems they still have the cute relationship, wish them the best of luck

  52. I envy my brother flavor oo. That lady is so beautiful and beautiful and beautiful. Congratulations to them and wish them More love in there married life amen.

  53. This is good news that you got married to your baby mama. I wish you a very happy and blissful married life.

  54. Ije awele flavour.. But I think its high time you celebrities should stop all this baby mama stuff and settle wit one woman tho the pictures are cute

  55. Congratulations to them. Thank God for the loved up. May they continue to enjoy their marriage. More grace and blessings.

  56. Please must all these artiste have baby mamas…. This to me is a bad trend… Hope it stops totally one day… As for Anna, does she want to marry flavour, because I think he has a wife named Sandra already.

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